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Top 10 Tips To Make Your Baby’s Skin Fair

Top 10 Tips To Make Your Baby’s Skin Fair September 6, 2017

Motherhood is the most magical and joyous phase in a woman’s life. Once you become a mother, your priorities change. The little one’s welfare becomes your goal in life. One of the things most mothers wish for is fair skin for their babies. Wondering how to make baby skin fair naturally? There are many ways by which you can bless your baby with glowing and fair skin for a lifetime. All you need to do is follow some basic steps to ensure that your baby’s sensitive skin remains healthy and glowing.

Let’s have a look at few tips on how to improve baby’s skin color.

10 Tips To Get Fair Skin For Baby

1. Hot Oil Massage

Massaging the new baby with hot oil is something most mothers know about. I am sure your grandmother mentioned several times the benefits of an oil massage. But did she tell you that the benefits extend much beyond stronger bones and relaxed muscles? Maybe she did not. Yes, it is a fact that baby skin needs such pampering on a daily basis. A hot oil massage adds an extra layer of moisturization to the sensitive skin of the baby and ensures proper maintenance of oils in the skin. With regular hot oil massage, your baby’s skin will glow, blossom and take on a mild pinkish tint. This is unlikely to happen if your baby’s skin is dry and tends to peel. So, make sure to give your baby the leisure of a perfect hot oil massage each day.

2. Optimum Bathing Temperature

Just as it is essential for adults not to expose their skin to excessively hot or cold water, it is likewise essential for the little baby’s skin too. Dryness can induce dullness and darkness in your baby’s skin. So, pamper your little angel with the lukewarm water bath. Unregulated water temperature spruces out life from the delicate skin of the baby.

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3. Baby Scrub

Do I sound over ambitious when I say baby scrubbing? If you think yes, let me take you through the basics of baby care. Babies have hair all over their body, including face and back. These hairs have weaker roots and may look unnatural too. A fine mixture of chickpea (besan), rose water, milk, baby oil and evenly grounded gram pulse makes a baby scrubber. Upon application this mixture scrubs away all the impurities and unwanted hair from the baby’s skin. It increases the radiance and improves the complexion of your child’s skin by increasing blood circulation.

4. Mild Body Pack

Baby skin is ten times more sensitive than the skin of the adults. Environmental factors are totally new to the young ones after their warm nine months stay in the womb. Nurturing the super soft baby skin with a mild body pack once a week is a healthy way of blessing your baby with a rich sheen and evenly fair skin tone forever. Make a paste of sandalwood, turmeric, saffron and milk and apply it on your baby’s body. Leave it to dry for 10 minutes. This will make your child fairer and will also protect him/her against skin infections.

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5. Moisturization

This is an inevitable step in the chain of perfect baby skin care. Use the best brands to avoid any kind of irritation. Apply every 4 hours for best results. This will keep the baby’s complexion intact. It will also keep dryness at bay.

6. No To Soap

Never use soap on your baby’s skin. Soap might peel out the skin, making it dull, dry, and dark. Instead use milk and rosewater. You can use glycerin baby bars and milk cream-rich toddler’s wash.

7. Regulated Sunbath

It is essential for you to expose your child to the sun once in a while, but this should be a regulated affair. Leaving your little ones for too long in the sun can darken their skin beyond repair. You can also use a pram to save your child from direct sunlight.

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8. The Magic Syrup

Oh yes ladies, there is a magic syrup that is a sure-shot way to make your baby’s skin fairer—it is water! Never dehydrate your little one, it not only leads to a number of health issues, but also dehydrates the skin too.

9. Fruit Juice

This is a magic mantra for babies above 3 months. Feeding your child with the goodness of grape juice will increase the sheen of the epidermis. Other fruits like apples and oranges are also good for improving the baby’s skin health from inside.

10. Baby Wipes

Lastly, brushing and scrubbing your baby all the time can cause rashes and skin dryness. It is always advisable to use baby wipes rich in glycerin and milk cream. It is a better option to use such wipes for cleaning the mouth of your baby as well.

At the end of the day, it is all about a little more love and a little more care. A goodbye tip: never overdo, and shower your baby with love, no matter what her/his complexion is!

Hope you find these baby skin color improvement tips useful! Do you know of any other tips to get fair skin for baby? Share them with us in the comments section below.

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