10 Tooth Brushing Mistakes You Should Avoid January 30, 2017

Do you notice that your pearly whites are turning yellow? Are you also suffering from gum bleeding? Then it is time for you to give your oral hygiene a second thought.

If you think brushing twice a day is sufficient for healthier teeth, then you are mistaken. Because there are certain other mistakes which we tend to commit, and if they are avoided, we can have healthy teeth!

Let’s have a look at the 10 simple Tooth Brushing Techniques that let your teeth shine!

1. Select The Right Brush:

Select the right toothbrush for your mouth. “If you are straining to open wide enough to let the brush in, the brush is probably too big,” says Richard H. Price, DMD. Select the right fit for your mouth. It is probably the most important part of brushing.

Choose your bristles carefully. Usually, The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that you use a brush with soft bristles (1).

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2. Take Your Time:

According to experts, you should brush your teeth at least thrice a day. So, do not stick to the old ‘twice-a-day’ formula. Also, remember to brush for at least 2 minutes. The best method is to divide the mouth into four sections while brushing. Spend half a minute on each section. Electric toothbrushes usually have tracking patterns that can help you switch over to a new pattern. Engage in some activity while you are brushing (2).

3. Switch Places:

Do you usually brush in the same place? Usually, we tend to get bored while brushing and we tend to speed things up. Switching places or bathrooms may help you dedicate enough time to your dental care (3).

4. Refrain From Over Brushing:

Do not brush more than thrice in a day. Too much brushing can wear the enamel down and lead to gum injuries like bleeding gums (4). Although we commonly tend to brush our teeth hard, remember to use a light hand while brushing. Removing plaque does not require a lot of force.

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5. Pay Attention To The Technique:

Do you brush your teeth correctly? Long side strokes can result in scrapes along the gum line. The proper tooth brushing technique is to hold your brush at an angle of 45 degrees to your gums, and take up and down with short strokes (5).

Remember to brush the outer and inner surfaces of your teeth. Allowing the plaque in the mouth for too long can cause cavities and mouth odor.

6. Choose Wisely:

Always check the kind of toothpaste you are using. Usually, toothpastes that claim to make your teeth visibly white or control tartar are quite harsh on the mouth. “An increase in whitening particles can be harmful and can sand away tooth structure,” say experts. Plain old fluoride toothpaste is the safest bet. If you want to brighten your smile, you can switch to a whitening toothpaste for a short while (6).

7. Keep The Sourness To A Minimum:

As incredible as it may sound, sweets don’t damage the teeth any more than sour foods. So, you need to regulate your sour-fetish. Sour foods contain a lot of acids that can dent your tooth enamel (7).

8. Keep Your Brush Germ-Free:

Do you rinse your brush often? If you don’t, then you should start doing so as your brush is full of germs from your mouth and teeth. Use a disinfectant to clean your toothbrush. Rinse it and let it dry. Don’t store the toothbrush wet, as it will remain damp for longer (8).

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9. Avoid Storing Your Brush In The Bathroom:

Usually, we store our brushes in the bathroom, which is not the cleanest place in the house. Keep your brush clean by keeping it in a holder. Remember that other brush bristles should not touch each other even if you keep them together (9).

10. Replace That Old Toothbrush:

We tend to use the same old toothbrush until eternity. Experts usually suggest that replacing the toothbrush every three months is the best thing to do (10).

We hope these tooth brushing techniques will encourage you to brush better and smile wider. If you find this article interesting, write back to us. Comment in the box below!

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