TOP 10 BAD HAIR HABITS!!! April 7, 2015

There are several styling techniques that we follow for our hair.For extra added bounce, volume, making flat hair curly, curly hair sleek straight, using hair gels products can all cause big time damage to our hair.So let’s bring out all this out to the forefront one by one.

1. Teasing :

Teasing does give you the height but did u know that every time you tease your hair in the opposite direction you are actually also combing the hair’s cuticle (its outer covering) in the opposite direction? It’s the hair‘s protective layer and the which has the habit of staying at the direction of hair growth ,not in the opposite direction. So the next time you comb your hair to get the tease off, you are actually ripping the protective layer from your hair.

2. Curling :

You are born with sleek straight hair and so you wanna experiment and get those lovely curls on to your hair ? Time to think again. Heat from the curlers cause the moisture in your hair to boil, forming steam bubbles that burst and rupture the strands. Eventually your hair breaks off at or near each bubble leaving you with split ends or worse. The curling irons also soften keratin, the building block of your locks.

3. Flat Ironing :

Curly frizzy hair and you want the sleek straight look , we always want the opposite of the things we have been granted . That’s human nature but flat ironing it leaves the hair dry , rough and breakable.

4. Parmanent Straightening :

Heat treatments along with keratin treatments can save you from again and again going for flat ironing for straight hair but the keratin treatments (also known as Brazilian straightening) usually contain the cancer-causing chemical formaldehyde). And high heat causes hair damage not to mention , rips off the hair’s natural moisture , making it more vulnerable to breakage.

5. Hair coloring :

Hair coloring does give ur the required trend of the season and make us look awesomely fashionable but it at the same time does a lot of damage to the hair. The peroxide content of hair colors, ammonia, causes damage to hair shaft and also to the cuticle layer. While we have black hairs, we like going in for lighter shades like golden , light brown , red, burgundy , these colors , oxidize the outer cuticle layers to make the hair take in that color. This also makes hair more vulnerable to UVA AND UVB Damage.

6. Towel drying :

Hair strands are very delicate. We want to get the hair dry asap after a bath so that we don’t catch cold and rub and squeeze and squash the hair in any way we want into towels. It’s not healthy for your hair. Rather one should take time and press and release the towel on to hair gently to soak up the excess water.

7. Wet hair combing :

As you have already been hearing this a lot in the sunsilk ad these days “don’t comb wet hair, it’s weak. If you comb it, they will break” needless to say, most of us already knew of this fact. And this is a proven one. Since hair strands soak up water and become swollen, they are weaker at that time, so if comb them while wet, there is a larger chance to rip hairs off their strands. If you really want to detangle hair, and it’s urgent, try using a wide toothed, preferably a shampoo comb.

8. Going hat less-Never:

you should go out without a hat on windy days , since winds between your hairs cause damage , and also on sunny days , to protect hair from UVA AND UVB rays. If your head sweats , then wear hat with perforations, like bamboo stick hats , they are stylish and at the same time protects your lovely delicate hair.

9. Over use of styling products :

Over use to sprays, gels, mousses,and freeze ease products, causes hair buildup. You should use a deep cleansing clarifying shampoo to get rid of this occasionally.

10. Tight Hair Style :

Give your follicles a rest. It’s said that tight pony tail or braids can save your hair from wind,dirt,damage, but at the same time if your keep tying your hair in the same way , parting it in the same sections and directions, and tying your hair real tight, then with time , the strands will start taking that shape and the sections of your part will become wider. So keep your hair open for some time , give it some relaxation.