Top 10 Most Beautiful Asian Women

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After getting tremendous response for our compilation of most Beautiful women in India, here is another exciting list on most Beautiful Asian women. Please go through and let us know if you agree to this list?

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  • HirosFan

    How do you have a top 10 Asian list and have 7 of them South Asian? Like come on, seriously? An “Asian” fetish usually involves East Asian women. You haven’t even mentioned any Japanese or Koreans. I can name a dozen women just off the top of my head prettier than this list.

  • Haroon Javed

    Title should be top 10 most beautiful Indian women not Asian…… Indian girls mostly are make up beauties. I think you did not saw Asia. You just mentioned about those which you know. Any way good try.

  • Gurleen

    Very good compilation of beautiful women.

  • KeerthanaMalhotra

    Pretty gorgeous :)

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