Top 10 Vegetarian Cosmetic Brands August 14, 2015

The debate on the ingredient lists of the cosmetics is never ending. Starting from the toxins they contain to the pollution they result in, chemicals in cosmetics are always hated. We are always on the lookout for better products with healthier content. Natural cosmetics have become a rage in the global cosmetic world. We are likely to witness a huge jump in this genre of products following the reports of how toxic ingredients present in makeup we use daily can harm us. Cancer, skin allergies, rashes and more, there is no end to the fear of chemicals on skin. While we go gung-ho about the natural cosmetics, do we really know what they are?

Simply put, natural cosmetics are made from extracts of natural ingredients i.e. plant or plant extracts. These products claim to give you the same results as regular products minus the exposure to chemicals and possible toxins. They are known to take more time than the chemical ladens, obviously because of lack of chemicals that give instant results. But when health is in danger, we prefer to wait a little longer than settle for instant yet disastrous results, don’t we?

Here we have compiled a list of well-known brands that produce natural cosmetics in India. If you are looking for natural harmless products, then you might like to try these. These are easily available all over the country.

Vegetarian cosmetics brands that you must try

1. The Body Shop:

The Body Shop is one of the most popular global cosmetic brands that offer natural ingredient based makeup products. The products offered by the brand are also free of animal testing.

2. Lotus Herbals:

Lotus Herbals is a very well-known brand in India. It is known to offer natural herbal products and is easily available in both online and offline stores across most Asian and European countries.

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3. Biotique:

Biotique is also a very well-known beauty care brand in the world. It was founded by 6 doctors amongst whom, 4 were Indian. These products can also be found very easily in both online and offline stores. However, these products are mostly suitable for dry and combination skin due to their moisturizing formula.

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4. Aroma Magic:

Aroma Magic is also a well-known brand that offers a natural products range. The brands products are known to use natural aroma ingredients.

5. Shahnaz Herbals:

6. Himalaya Herbals:

The Shahnaz Husain Group offers beauty products made using natural ingredients. It is a well-known brand in the field of natural beauty care and treatment. Products offered by this brand are purely Ayurvedic, specially designed to treat skin problems. And it is for this purpose that they even produce their own herbs.

Himalaya Herbals is another well-known natural products brand using rare herbs from Himalayas. These products are completely safe to use with no side effects and are available easily across the country.

7. Ayur Herbals:

Ayur Herbals is one of the most commonly found herbal brands in India. This brands product range is completely based on Ayurveda and is claimed to be safe for use with zero side effects.

8. Lass Naturals:

Lass Cosmetics also provides natural products, whose ingredients are derived from plant sources. The products claim to be free of chemicals, mineral oils and even preservatives. The products can be easily found online.

9. Dabur:

Dabur is very well known brand in India. It offers a variety of products that range from category of food to beauty care. Their range is also completely based on Ayurveda and does not cause harm.

10. Emami:

Bengal-based Emami is very well-known to offer pocket friendly natural beauty care products.

What are the natural products you depend on? Shoot a comment and let us know!

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