Top 5 Night Creams For Oily Skin March 8, 2017

People with oily skin can almost feel their skin getting oilier by the second! It’s next to impossible not to be extremely aware of your face when you have oily skin. Pillow puddles, unannounced breakouts, and greasy bangs are problems you are familiar with while tissue and blotting paper are your absolute best friends. Sometimes all you want to do is control the petroleum jelly look that your face always seems to have going on, and here are 5 night creams to help you do that.

Night Cream for Oily Skin – Best 10

1. VLCC Wheat Night Cream

Price Rs 235 for 50ml

This VLCC Night Cream has gotten some great reviews from oily skinned Beauties! This product works well for oily and combination skin types. With wheat germ as one of its main ingredients, it helps tighten the pores and keep your skin healthy. It is quickly absorbed and doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy. Don’t be surprised if you wake up with a glowing skin after using this night cream. In my opinion, this product is among the best for the oily and mature skin. It will leave your skin with a matte, non-greasy look in the morning.

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2. Vichy Normaderm Daily Care Night Chrono-Active Anti-Imperfection Care Night Cream

Price Rs 1350 for 50 ml

This is considered to be one of the best night creams for oily skin because it can help control acne and balance oil secretion. It efficiently works to shrink the pores as enlarged pores are often a big problem with the oily skin. It may be a little pricey, but worth every penny. It leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. It also helps even out your skin tone. This night cream can reduce the sensitive skin problems with regular usage. If you ask me, Vichy Normaderm Daily Care Night Chrono-Active Anti-Imperfection Care Night Cream is pricey, but it is also a miracle worker.

3. Optimals White Night Cream

Price 590Rs for 50ml

It is another wonderful Night cream for oily skin beauties with whitening properties. This night cream has got good reviews and it is a hot product at the moment. It leaves skin super soft and fair as it claims. This Night cream is effective for fading spots from the face. So many say it does what it claims. Oriflame Optimals range has a good collection for skin care. It has goodness of liquorice extract and is absorbed by skin easily and doesn’t leave our skin greasy.
My personal opinion about Optimals White Night Cream: if you use oriflame then you should use this cream for sure.

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4. Lotus Herbals Nutranite Night Cream

Price 345Rs for 50gm

This night cream is for oily skin that has no problems like greasiness, oiliness and breakouts. It has a very pleasant smell and absorbed very quickly by skin. I can say this is a budget buy product which is working well for oily skin that leaves skin smooth and soft helping in evening it out. This helps in skin repair. My personal opinion about Lotus Herbals Nutranite Night cream: I am using this night cream and it is very good for oily skin beauties to nourish their skin with balanced moisturising. It won’t make skin oily.

5. Avon Solutions Refined White Night Cream

Price 390 for 50gm

This is another best night cream for oily skin that clarifies the skin on a daily basis and makes you visibly fairer. It improves the skin texture and adds brightness to it. And is very easily available through avon. My Personal Opinion about Avon Solutions refined white Night Cream: This night cream is very good in brightening the skin and also in hydration.

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Now that you got an idea on the best night creams for oily skin, which one do you prefer to use? Or, have you been already using any of these? Feel free to share your feedback with us.

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  • Malika

    very nice information rads!! your such a cute grl ever :)

    • radha82

      Awww you made my dear Malika…. Thank youuuuu :)

  • vahini

    hey radha this really nice one thanks!! :) but do u suggest any other home remedies (natural) :( i kinda have problem with may oily skin

    • radha82

      Thank you Vahini…For Oily skin problem use Multhani mitti+Rose watre+few Drops of Lemon face pack :D

  • puja malhotra

    great post radha..:)

    • radha82

      Thank you Puja :D


    i have oily skin and use lotus nutranite…….will try others too

  • Adity

    Useful post… but these creams don’t clog pore? I am scared to use anything as most of the creams cause me breakout..

  • radha82

    Hi Adity Thanks…. If you choose a correct night cream according to your skin type….It won’t clog pores…. :D

  • http://Gmail Khushi

    Hi m khushi,my face oily pls suggest me wht i do

  • Heena

    Hi, can you please tell me if i can use these creams during summer too? i have issues with oily face and i dont wanna neglect by not following the routine of CMT

  • Kriti

    Nice post.. very useful these creams are.. i am an avid user of Vichy creams.. they are really helpful.. little expensive.. but very nice>.:) thankyou for updating about other brands too.. :)

  • Hamsa

    Very informative article.. it really makes you aware of the products and what exactly they do.. :) thnks for sharing this informative post.. :)

  • Willona

    Very informative post! well researched and educative article. Though mine is not oily skin, yet this article was very educative. Will surely pass on this information.

  • Abhi

    Radha didi mere bht pimples h or daag bhi ho gye

  • StyleCraze

    Hi Nasrin, some of the moisturizers for oily and sensitive skin are, Kaya Daily Use Sunscreen with Spf 15, Lacto Calamine Skin balance oil control Nourishing Cream, Neturogena Oil free moisture for combination skin, Lotus Herbals Alphamoist Alpha Hydroxy Skin Renewal Oil Free Moisturizer, Clean and Clear Skin Balancing Oil free Moisturizer and Cetaphil Moisturizing lotion. You can try any of them as they are water based moisturizers, hence light on the skin.