France is the most acknowledged nations for its superiority in invention of fragrances. The perfumes from France were a craze in Victorian era and eventoday they have not lost their charm and demand!When it comes to blend in the most bizzare of aroma’s that simply drives us crazy, they still lead the world market.

Here are the top 10 French perfume brands that you are bound to fall in love with if you already aren’t a fan!

1. Nina Ricci:

Maria “Nina” Ricci and her son Henry M. Robert support the style house Nina Ricci. Nina Ricci is a well known French perfumes brand that was launched in France in the year 1949! They have come up different fragrances and there are very few that haven’t been the fancy of the masses.

2. Givenchy very Irresistible:

Givenchy very Irresistible is a fragrance that was created from associate degree exclusive association of five roses that is that the queen of flowers. It has been introduced within the year 2003. Givenchy is one of the a well known from the many French Perfumes Brands.

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3. Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne:

The Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne fragrance is an ancient product. The creator of this fragrance is Yves Saint Laurent in 1964. It is made to be the right pick for women who portray strength and class.

4. PacoRabanne lady Million:

PacoRabanne lady Million is one among the foremost loved perfumes that was introduced in the year 2010. It’s the fragrance for ladies that found out once men’s edition and also the musky girl irresistable In conclusion, lady million was made to be their true love. Itwas created by chicken Ropion, Anne Flipo, Bruno Jovanovic and piquet card game.

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5. GuerlainIdylle:

Guerlain is one among the French houses of perfumes that is the oldest perfumes in the world. It hasan unbelievably oversized fan following. GuerlainIdylle is one among perfumes of this list that have driven the consumers crazy and was introduced within the year 2010.

6. Thierry Mugler Alien:

Thierry Mugleris a creator of perfumes and also a French tailor. In the year 2005, Thierry Mugler created a fragrance named Alien. Andsince then it has beenthe second most loved Thierry Mugler fragrance.

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7. Chantal ThomassOsez-Moi:

OsezMoi is the fragrance by the house of Chantal Thomass that was launched in April 2009. It enclosed the mixture of aromas of bush, vanilla, rose, vetiver, peony, musk and Anthemisnobilis. It’s a truly female and sensual fragrance. The fragrance unfolds the treasures of concupiscence.

8. LancomeTresor:

Lancome is a part of Luxury merchandise that is owned by L’Oreal since 1964. It’s a lavish cosmetic house that deals out their merchandise globally. The fragrance LancomeTresor was introduced in 1990.  This fragrance was created by Sophia Grojsman.

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9. lolitaLempicka Si Lolita:

Lolita Lempicka is the name of a French tailor and a fragrance creator who offered a brand new fragrance called Si young girl in the year 2009. Si young girl is a fragrance of delight and elixir of affection, bit and tranquility. This fragrance was created by Christine Nagel and Benoit Lapouza.

10. Chanel coco Mademoiselle:

A women’s fragrance within the Chanel assortment was coco Bairdiellachrysoura. It was introduced in the year 2001 for the younger fans of Chanel. This fragrance was created by Jacques Polge

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Anamika M

  • sravaniiyar

    Chanel perfumes are available in india.. but their price is not affordable … :(

    • Anamika M

      though price are bit high, but the quality is fab and worth it. :)

  • Deepakshi

    Im so well versed with fragrances.. my love!!! i know all brands.. and these are of top notch !! they really offer good taste fragrances.. Good update overall.. :)

    • Anamika M

      thank u :)

  • Chitra

    All my fav brands!! very nicely put forward Anamika.. :).. Nina Ricci is my fav of all the brands!!.. Really Nice update.. :) Thnks for sharing.

    • Anamika M

      thanks & most welcome :)

  • Hamsini

    Nina Ricci’s red apple.. and love in paris are my fav fragrances.. and i also like ghost!! i dont know from which brand it is.. even anis anais is one of my fav.. :)

  • Prakshi

    Chanel Coco and Givenchy tops my list! Even though they’ll burn a hole in my pocket, they are worth splurging on. Thanks for sharing the list with us, Anamika. Enjoyed reading the post. Keep sharing more such amazing lists :)