Twisted Side Pony With Bobby Pins Tutorial – With Detailed Steps & Pictures February 2, 2017

Pony with a twist!

A pony tail evokes a lot of childhood memories in me. As a kid, my sister’s pony tail always helped me win our fights. It was easy to grab and easier to pull ;) Pony tails and pig tails were the only hairstyles that rocked our school life. Personally for me, I can say I grew up in pony tail and I admit – it made me look adorable.

Later with time, it took a very functional role. Pony tail stopped being fun once I got out of school. It had become so monotonous and boring by then.

Later in my teens, pony tail came back with a bang. A pony tail was (and still is) the simplest and most casual kind of hairstyle. It could transform my look within minutes. Plus it looks uber cool.

Pony tails have been rocking the ramp. But today, they are back with a twist. So, if you’re thinking of surprising your date with something unusual, go try a ‘Twisted side pony with bobby pins’. It can work for curly, wavy hair and even straight hair. All you need to rock this look are some 4-5 bobby pins.

Step-by-Step Method of Twisted Side Pony with Bobby Pins:

Step 1:

Prepare your hair right. A hairstyle on tangled hair will never come out right. Always brush your hair well before you begin.

Now proceed by curling your hair at the ends. You can use medium-sized rollers overnight to get the curls. Avoid using heat curls or a hot curler for instant curls. If you have naturally defined and wavy or curly hair, then go ahead with your natural hair.

Step 2:

Make a clear side partition. Use the correct parting comb to get the parting right and clear.

Step 3:

Pull up all hair of one section with the help of a comb. Right comb will help you grab a section easier.

Step 4:

Tease your hair of that section a little. Tease it in a way that the hair above your hair gets a little volume.

Step 5:

Now smooth the teasing a little from the above and start twisting your hair as shown below in the picture.

Step 6:


Use a black-coloured bobby pin and secure the twist at the back with its help.

Observe the slight volume created at the side due to teasing in picture below. This is how your twist should look after securing it with bobby pins.

Step 7:


Now repeat the entire process on the other side.

Step 8:


Once you’ve created the twist, gather all your loose hair together and get it to one side.

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Step 9:

Now grab a thick section (almost 1/3rd of your hair) from the opposite side. See the picture for better understanding.

Step 10:

Now using one section of hair, wrap the other section. Wrap the section fully around the remaining hair and secure with bobby pins. I used 2 bobby pins for my hair.

And you’re done!

Final Look:

Although this hairstyle is unusual in its own way, you can still add more drama to it. Use nice hair accessories to go with it. And you’re ready to surprise your date.

Twisted side ponytail styles give a very simple look and yet it adds a glamorous style. So why don’t you go ahead and try this twisted side pony with bobby pins? It hardly requires any help and can be done within matter of 15 minutes. People with long and even medium-sized hair can sport this easy style.

Tell us would you try this pony tail? Do you have any more suggestions of sporting this look differently? Post your pictures after trying this hairstyle. We always love hearing from you. So leave us your comments below to tell us how you liked this article.

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