Ulcerative Colitis Diet – 5 Effective Natural Ways To Heal Ulcerative Colitis February 1, 2017

If a person is suffering from ulcerative colitis then there is a special diet that he must adhere to. This special ulcerative colitis diet plan will help in lessening the intensity of the disease and its symptoms. People suffering from ulcerative colitis feel a burning sensation in the rectum or the colon area. There are times when an inflammation also results in ulceration. If there are ulcers around that area, then there are certain foods that irritate the ulcers and worsen the condition of the digestive tract. If you want to it to heal naturally then you must follow the ulcerative colitis diet chart given below.

Ulcerative Colitis Diet Plan

1. Eliminate Dairy From Your Diet:

Many people have found that the inflammation subsides when they exclude dairy products from their daily diet. Many develop lactose intolerance which contributes to ulcerative colitis. If you are suffering from this disease then you can always try and eliminate dairy from your usual diet for a month. This experiment will help you to learn if you are allergic to dairy and if that is the underlying cause of ulcerative colitis. There are a lot of alternatives to dairy products like soy milk, coconut milk, rice, tofu etc. If it becomes certain that you are allergic to lactose, then make it a point to eat other calcium and potassium rich foods.

2. Eat Fiber Laden Food:

If you include fiber in your daily diet plan then it will help you to flush out toxins from your body completely. Fiber gives a lasting source of fuel to the body and it also helps in softening the bowel movement. A human body takes a long time to break down fiber and create glucose in the body. Therefore, it helps in checking the sugar fluctuations of the body. Green leafy vegetables, broccoli, brown rice, wheat toast, sprouts, rice cakes and lentils are a great source of fiber for the human body. There are a lot of people who might complain about the pain and gas associated with these food products. To treat the gas build up in the body you can always take anti-gas medications.

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3. High Protein Diet:

The most recommended diet for ulcerative colitis is a protein rich one. This diet plan must be essentially low in carbohydrates and fat because they exaggerate the pain and diarrhoea related with this disease. The diet must be rich in vegetable proteins. You can always enjoy eating food that contain omega 3 fatty acids and fish oil. If the ulcerative colitis is recurring then a lot of doctors recommend the patients to go on a vegetarian diet. They must also eliminate eating red meat completely.

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As most doctors will tell you, no two ulcerative colitis cases are the same. Therefore, the diet should be tailored according to the needs of the patient. If you want to avoid confusion and find out the real cause behind the pain, inflammation and ulcers, then start eating small meals and include only basic items in your diet. This will make it easy for you to identify the trigger food for the disease.

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4. Drink Plenty Of Water: 

Drinking water is a good habit and it helps in flushing out most of the toxins from the human body. A person suffering from ulcerative colitis must drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily.

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5. Eat Vegetables:

It is very important to change your diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle. You must include fresh and raw vegetables in your diet daily. Celery, beets, zucchini, cucumber etc are some fresh food items that you must eat regularly.

If you want to lead a healthy life it is important to take a look at your lifestyle. Often we complain about various ailments and pop pills to cure them. Isn’t it better to first make lifestyle changes and help our body heal itself? When it comes to ulcerative colitis, simple changes in your eating habits will go a long way in helping you live a wholesome life.

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