Rangolis are something each of us can easily relate to as they signify two important things – Colours, which we Indians love and Festivities, which we Indians enjoy with our families. Be it any occasion, a family function or a festival, a Rangoli can lift the mood of everyone and can fetch you some quick compliments. It’s a great way to add colour to the otherwise gloomy monochrome life by adding some glamour to your houses. During festivals it is considered a tradition to make Rangoli throughout India. But just as we Indians are so different in our ways, the styles and techniques of doing Rangoli are different in various cultures.

Rangoli is an art, and it takes time and practice to become an expert in any art. And if you want to participate in Rangoli competitions, we have some unique Rangoli designs for you to choose from. Designs for Rangolis vary with festive type and occasion and you can choose for your competition accordingly.

Traditionally we have seen Rangolis being made with special Rangoli colours but these days we are also seeing flower petals as the ingredients for Rangolis too. Also in designs, there has been a vast change with people becoming more aware of this beautiful traditional art, indulging and creating various types of designs which people thought were not possible before.

Here we are presenting some current ideas and latest Rangoli designs for competitions happening in 2013. All of these designs are theme based, i.e they are meant for certain occasions and we believe you will find these very useful to prepare yourself for the competition.  These are unique, bold and will definitely attract much appreciation and will surely get you 1st prize in the competition.

25 Rangoli Designs For Competitions:

rangoli designs for competition

1. The festivals based on Lord Ganesh have been really popular in India as we Indians believe he brings prosperity and good luck. So we start with this lovely Rangoli of lord Ganesh in the center surrounded by a flurry of colours. The colours used are vibrant, making this a great choice for your home or for any occasion regarding festivity. And yes, this one is quiet a prefect choice of all the rangoli designs for competitions with themes to earn that 1st prize too.

pongal festival

2. Our national Bird ‘Peacock’ finds a special place in our lives. The diverse colours present in the Peacock feathers have been a source of inspiration as well as joy for many. In this Rangoli, we see the same beauty of the peacock being presented through this beautiful art. The vibrant colours are also a great reason for its uniqueness. This is another design that will win you the spot light in that rangoli competition.

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rangoli designs for diwali

3. This one is simple and will be helpful for those with less expertise in this art. There are only three colours used for this design – purple, green and white. The diyas used here make this quite homely and simple. You may adjust the size of this design as per your preference. We love how the design is super easy to do but still looks unique and homely.

peacock rangoli designs

4. Here’s a new style of doing Rangoli. Here we see the use of colours as well as flowers. Peacock is done using colours and the flowers used here are real flower petals. This quite a new and unique approach to the art of Rangoli. The use of flowers like Marigold and daisies are also seen here.

rangoli designs for diwali latest

5. Uniqueness is what all of us want in everything we do. So why not try a different type of Rangoli this time with this simple and small rangoli design. The main feature of this Rangoli is the beads and stones used to highlight the design. The golden beads used to outline the designs also deserve a special mention.

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