8 Unusual Tips To Get Rid Of Spectacle Marks Forever! January 27, 2017

Wearing spectacles never fails to make me look like a scholarly nerd. But when I saw all those models in eye-care ads, I realized spectacles can make you look beautiful and stylish too.

If you wear prescription eyewear regularly, you must’ve developed glasses marks on nose and under your eyes at some point. How about dealing with that promptly? Keep reading.

Your Window To The World:

Spectacles are your constant companion, considering you wear them all the time. They are your two little windows to the world. Are these windows too heavy?

  • Heavy glasses form impressions on the bridge of the nose
  • With long term usage, the marks deepen
  • Continued usage will cause pigmentation
  • This will lead to darkened skin
  • Tight eyewear also causes marks

Now the solution is obvious. As heavy glasses leave marks on nose wear lightweight ones, preferably with well fitting and soft eye frames (1), (2).

Erase Those Marks On Nose From Glasses:

Whenever possible, it is advisable to remove your spectacles to reduce the pressure on the areas around the eyes and nose. While they’re off, indulge in these home remedies to make you stop looking like a raccoon.

1. Gel Your Eyes With Aloe Vera:

The gel or juice from an Aloe Vera leaf is very soothing to the skin. Draw out a little gel from a freshly cut leaf and apply it over the darkened areas. Leave it on your skin until it dries and then wash off with cool water.

Aloe Vera gel is very effective on scars.

2. Peel Those Potatoes:

And not just for cooking. Once you finish peeling those potatoes, use a grated or sliced potato to make a paste. Apply this paste generously over the dark spots. Let it remain there for about 15 minutes before rinsing off.

When used regularly, the potato will slowly begin to reduce your marks until they completely fade away.

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3. Cucumber The Circles Around The Eyes:

Apply cucumber slices over the darkened areas; the slices will work on your scars while cooling your eyes. You can also squeeze cucumber juice and apply it on the indentations.

If it seems like a lot of work, simply rub a slice around the eyes. It should do the trick.

4. Ditto With Lemons:

Use the same process with lemons. Squeeze out the juice from a fresh lemon and dilute it with sufficient quantity of water. Apply this solution to the affected areas on your face using a cotton pad. Rinse after 15 minutes.

With regular application, the lemon juice will bleach the pigmentation right out of your skin.

5. Rose Water On Your Pretty Eyes:

Rose water is a natural skin toner. Use it to your advantage. Rub the affected areas with a soft cotton pad dipped in rose water. Rinse away after a while. Use it as you would use a toner as part of a regular skin regimen. In time, watch the dark marks vanish.

6. Pour Yourself Some Honey:

And be generous about it. Mix it with some milk and a little oat. What have you got yourself? A magic potion to get rid of spectacle marks.

Apply the potion over the darkened areas and wash it off after 15-20 minutes. You should notice changes very soon, as both milk and honey have many benefits.

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7. Color Me Orange:

Orange peels work well against under eye circles and spectacle marks. Grind the orange peel after it has dried. Mix a little milk into the powder to make a paste. Apply the paste over the dark areas, let it stay on for 15 minutes and then rinse. Your skin is now nourished and lightened.

8. How About A Massage?

A massage of the darkened areas with almond oil is very effective at lightening those stubborn marks on nose from glasses. Besides, the vitamin E content in the oil is good for your skin.

There you go, have fun with these home remedies. Do let me know if you found them useful. Leave me a comment below.

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