How Should You Use Aloe Vera To Treat Stretch Marks? June 24, 2016

Come on, confess—you have stretch marks, don’t you have? Most of us women worry about stretch marks. But there isn’t much you can do to prevent them. Or so you think!

Stretch mark, also known as striae, is a kind of scarring that occurs when your skin becomes too loose or stretched. It can happen because of pregnancy or excess weight loss or weight gain. Usually they are red in color and might appear inflamed if they are new. However, with time they tend to fade and become white, pretty close to your natural skin tone. Obviously, the best thing to do is avoid stretch marks in the first place. But, if you do get a few, your chances of getting rid of them diminish with time. So, if you get a stretch mark, act fast! The faster you are, the better it will for you.

One of the best ways to take care of stretch marks is by using the magical properties of aloe vera. It is effective and gives quick results too. Read to know more on how effective is aloe vera on stretch marks.

Why Should You Use Aloe Vera For Stretch Marks Elimination?

Aloe vera is full of skin benefits and is known as a wound healer across the globe. It contains mostly water, but one will also find a wide variety of nutrients that are good for our skin. It can surely help in the sustenance of the skin tissues and restore them to good health. However, there is something you have to keep in mind throughout. You have to apply the aloe vera mixture gel twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, to get the best results.

How Should You Use Aloe Vera To Treat Stretch Marks?

Aloe vera is a natural ingredient that not only prevents stretch marks but also eliminates them naturally. Aloe vera is known to heal a number of skin problems, including stretch marks. This plant is your skin’s best friend! If you apply aloe vera early enough, it can help those tiny rips heal faster. In case you have already started to see stretch marks on your skin, this will help fade them sooner than you can imagine.

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There are many ways in which you could use aloe vera for stretch marks. Get hold of a good gel or some aloe vera extract. If you don’t find them at your nearest market, don’t worry! You can prepare some at home. All you have to do for this purpose is mix some aloe vera gel with 4 table spoons of olive oil, liquid extracted from Vitamin E capsules and Vitamin A capsules. Once you have mixed all the ingredients together, apply it all over the stretch mark. Gently massage for a couple of minutes and let it stay for a while. This will prevent stretch marks and help fade the already existing ones. This is a gift from heaven for pregnant women!


You also have to remember that once you begin this regimen, it should become a part of your lifestyle. Your body is a living organism and it does change with time. If you want to keep it looking its best, you have to treat it continually.

Secondly, you need to start using the gel the moment you spot a stretch mark. Not only will it take care of stretch marks, but will also remove wrinkles and provide moisture to the skin.

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Despite confirmation from several experts, it still hasn’t been proven that aloe vera is the best solution for stretch marks. However, people who have used aloe vera gel for stretch marks across the world have always spoken about the great differences they have seen in their body after applying it. If you do it, you can see some changes too! So, say goodbye to those stretch marks, and embrace your new, smooth and clear skin!

Hope now you know how to get rid of stretch marks with aloe vera? Share your tips with us in the comments section below.

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