How To Use Coconut Oil As Lip Balm? May 25, 2015

Are you irritated of chapped lips? Do your lips get dried rapidly with the onset of winter? Despite applying a variety of lip balms, does the problem still persist? Then the best thing you can do is use coconut oil, which is a tried and tested treatment that has been in use since ages.

Sit back and read this post to know the amazing properties of coconut oil that can keep your lips healthy!

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Coconut Oil – A Messy Lip Balm?

Though coconut oil is being used by our mothers and grandmothers for a long time, many find it quite messy. This is because it is not applied in a proper manner. Dabbing the oil generously over the lips may leave it dripping over the lips. This gooey experience may put you off from using it again. Instead of dabbing the coconut oil, it is better to use it in small amounts and rub it gently on the lips. This way, it will not drip and will continue to nourish your lips in the most effective way.

Odour Free Oil:

The smell of the oil is not pungent, and hence using it from time to time is a great idea. Since coconut oil is quite different from various other oil based products, it moisturizes the delicate skin of the lips without smothering it. The fat layer of the skin is reinforced with the help of the oil, thereby promoting hydration.

When To Use Coconut Oil As Lip Balm?

When the lips start looking dry and flaky, it is time to set up a moisturizing routine. There are many reasons why lips become chapped. Mostly it is due to weather changes or excessive licking of the lips. Instead of using store- bought fancy lip balms available in various flavours, follow a natural way in the form of coconut oil to hydrate your lips. This sweet oil contains a lot of minerals that help in adding moisture to make lips smooth and soft.

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Steps To Make The Best Use Of Coconut Oil:

How to make coconut oil lip balm? Check out here:

1. Slough Off Flaky And Dry Skin With The Help Of A High Quality Lip Scrub:

  1. This scrub can be made by mixing 1 tsp coconut oil with 1 tsp sea salt in a bowl.
  2. The mixture can be dabbed on the lips using a cotton ball.
  3. Massage fingers gently on the lips in circular motion for about a minute.
  4. After some time, you will find that your lips feel smoother and softer.
  5. Use washcloth to rinse the lips and pat them dry.

2. Use Coconut Oil Instead Of Everyday Lip Balm:

  1. Take just a few drops of oil in your palm and dip your finger in it.
  2. Apply just a little oil on the lips and massage them gently.
  3. It can be repeated any number of times in the day or whenever your lips feel dry.


3. A Homemade Lip Balm:

  1. Mix 1 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp coconut oil and ¾ tsp honey using a spoon.
  2. This mixture can also be stored in a jar with a lid.
  3. Throughout the day, this lip balm can be used whenever your lips need necessary hydration.

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Coconut oil has a mild flavour, thus if you are in a habit of licking your lips, it may make the problem of chapped lips more pronounced. Thus, refrain from this habit and enjoy the amazing advantages of homemade coconut oil lip balm. Believe it or not, you will be stunned by how well coconut oil works!

Have you ever used coconut oil as lip balm? How well did it work? Share with us in the comments section!

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