Use Olive Oil To Get Rid Of Stubborn Stretch Marks June 24, 2016

Stretch marks are something you would never want to see on your skin. Unfortunately, we can hardly avoid these ugly marks at times, especially when you gain or reduce weight. During pregnancy, many women develop stretch marks in spite of using several anti marks cream. Moreover, these marks are stubborn and do not fade easily. If you are in search of an effective remedy to reduce stretch marks, olive oil could be the best choice.

An Overview:

Known for its manifold utilities, olive oil happens to be one of the best stretch marks remedies. Eliminating these lines from skin is not possible overnight, but you would surely find the difference within a week or two.

Applying olive oil regularly lightens the scars effectively if not removing the same from within. Which is what makes olive oil the perfect solution for pregnancy stretch marks or as a matter of fact any stretch marks.

A Note on Stretch Marks:

Before we discuss how olive oil removes stretch marks, it is important to know why stretch marks appear on skin.

  • Strange but true, women tend to develop more stretch marks than men. Girls at different time of age such as during puberty and pregnancy often develop stretch marks.
  • These scars primarily target female group as their skin is soft and flexible. However, men also get stretch marks due to excessive weight gain or lose within a short timeframe.
  • The ornamental name of stretch mark in dermatology is striae. These lines tend to appear most when upper surface of the skin expands beyond its ability.
  • Specific body parts that witness these lines most are upper arms and under arms, abdomen, thigh, buttocks, and breasts.
  • It is highly believed by the experts that stretch marks appear only at the areas of skin where supply of vitamins is scarce.
  • Stretching or shrinking of skin during various phases of life, especially during puberty and pregnancy, gives birth to these lines.
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Why Olive Oil For Stretch Marks?

You may ask why we particularly choose olive oil for erasing stretch marks. Well, this natural oil happens to be a rich source of vitamin E, which is extremely important for a healthy skin.

  • Olive oil, with its rich content of vitamin E is perfect to apply on areas wherever the lines are prominent. You would get a better outcome if you start applying the oil from an early stage.
  • Besides being rich in vitamin E, olives are also very good source of antioxidants. Supply of oxygen over the scars makes skin soft and supple. In due course of time, the marks start disappearing naturally.

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Facts and myths about effects of olive oil on stretch marks

  • Most stretch marks appear beneath the uppermost surface of the skin. Application of olive oil is thoroughly external. It is important to know that olive oil cannot diminish lines from within, but can lighten the scars from outside.
  • Regular use of olive can reduce the lines from skin and it does not look uglier.
  • Human skin is flexible, but does not have the capacity to expand beyond a certain limit. Skin growth becomes rapid during pregnancy when skin can no longer hold its tightness.
  • Olive oil also works like a lubricant that helps skin expanding without breaking apart. Use of olive makes the skin softer so that it does not become painful for you while expanding.
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How to massage olive oil on stretch marks?

Olive oil for stretch marks during pregnancy is one the best solutions you can ever find. Use luke warm olive oil for massaging the affected areas. This would help in speeding up the blood circulation over the area to a large extent. Leave the oil on skin for an hour so that the skin absorbs the vitamins of the oil properly. Follow this process regularly for an effective difference within a week.

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