45 Victoria Beckham Hairstyles June 30, 2016

Victoria Beckham is a well known name in the fashion industry. The lady’s hairstyles are always a rage right from her edgy posh bobs. We list out 45 of her best style from which you can derive inspiration. Her hairdo and couture look ever sophisticated.

1. The Posh Bun:

The Posh Bun

Image: Getty

The posh bun is sleek and stylish. The hairdo tied up with a slight riffled tinge at the crown and it is a perfect updo for this fashion diva.

2. Side Waves:

Side Waves

Image: Getty

The brunette waves have an exquisite appeal and exude elegance which makes Victoria look class part.

3. L Shaped Edges:

L Shaped Edges

Image: Getty

Her signature hairdo with side waves has this unique L shape at the edges. The unique shape attaches a different look to the hairdo.

4. Banged Bun:

Banged Bun

Image: Getty

The hairdo features curvy bangs contouring the face from one side giving it a very edgy appeal. The subtle bouffant at the top is again a chic advantage for this hairstyle.

5. Ombre Simple Side Braid:

Ombre Simple Side Braid

Image: Getty

The simple braid is weaved in a messy fashion making it look fashionable and up to the minute. The attitude makes this ordinary hairdo classy and effortless.

6. Messy Side Waves:

Messy Side Waves

Image: Getty

The messy side waves are pretty and chic. The style is just eccentrically beautiful. The posh waves are made for an elite fashion outing.

7. Sleek Ponytail:

Sleek Ponytail

Image: Getty

The inspiration is taken from the rush hour style with loose bangs contouring the face in front and the sleekness indicating hustle and precision together.

8. Long Sleek Ponytail:

Long Sleek Ponytail

Image: Getty

This version has longer ponytail and longer bangs indicating the carefree and casual life at hand. The style is informal and super sexy.

9. Ombre Low Base Ponytail:

Ombre Low Base Ponytail

Image: Getty

The low ponytail is neatly tied up at a low base. The ponytail is simple but again is elegance personified.

10. Tousled Very Short Spice Bob:

Tousled Very Short Spice Bob

Image: Getty

The tousled bob is very chic and sexy. The wavy and curly edgy bangs give a voluminous look to the short bob. The long side ombre tinged bob again gives a very stylish and perky style to the bob.

11. Low Based Bun:

Low Based Bun

Image: Getty

The bun is stylish and tousled and gives a very sophisticated look to the hairdo. The style is simply modish and upscale.

12. Gelled Updo:

Gelled Updo

Image: Getty

The gelled updo has a very exotic essence to it. The hairdo has a smooth and sleeky finesse to it. The spikes like bun endings give a super stylish look. The style is unique and very posh.

13. Even Edged Bob:

Even Edged Bob

Image: Getty

The edgy bob is evenly trimmed for a very confident and flamboyant style. The bob resembles a concave bob with ombre layered bangs at the front.

14. Edgy Side Swept Bob:

Edgy Side Swept Bob

Image: Getty

The sleeky edgy bob is cut with uneven precision and style. The hairdo is perky and funky.

15. French Bun:

French Bun

Image: Getty

The French bun is elegant and ritzy. The bun is elegant with the net attached to it. The style is extremely chic and upscale.

16. The Edgy Bob:

The Edgy Bob

Image: Getty

The bob is tied combed and the hair is secured behind. The front look is neat with an edgy side part. The ruffled crown is extremely pretty. The style is very posh.

17. Ombre Bun:

Ombre Bun

Image: Getty

The wavy bun is extremely glamorous. The style if further enhanced with chic shades she is wearing. The bun and the shades combine to give a very sophisticated style.

18. Sleeky Edgy Bob:

 Sleeky Edgy Bob

Image: Getty

The long brown bob is very classy and sophisticated. The bob has a subtle classic tinge to it along with the fine modern twist which makes it contemporary.

19. Bouffant Edgy Bob:

Bouffant Edgy Bob

Image: Getty

The edgy bob is classy and stylish with a subtle bouffant featured. The sleek long side and the subtle bouffant is perky and edgy.

20. Blonde Bob:

Blonde Bob

Image: Getty

The blonde bob is again very attractive and smart. The blonde hue stands out and makes the bob striking with sophistication.

21. Fine Bangs Blonde Bob:

Fine Bangs Blonde Bob

Image: Getty

The blonde bob is cut with very fine bangs. The side swept bangs and the side part give a unique definition to the style.

22. The Edgy Blonde Bob:

The Edgy Blonde Bob

Image: Getty

The blonde bob has sides which look caved in and give a very inward curl to the whole bob. The hairdo is amazing with sheer elegance.

23. Trimmed Blonde Bob:

Trimmed Blonde Bob

Image: Getty

The bob features long side bangs on one side complete with layers behind the bob. The edgy shades and the bob make for a sophisticated statement.

24. Ruffled Spice Bob:

Ruffled Spice Bob

Image: Getty

The hairdo is ruffled and oozed high end style. The street style bob is cut for an adventurous unconventional look. The style with edgy long thick side bangs gives a unique definition to the hairdo.

25. Trimmed Blonde Bob:

Trimmed Blonde Bob

Image: Getty

The trimmed blonde bob is extremely chic and perky. The layered long thin bangs on one side give a sleek definition to the hairdo.

26. Burnt Blonde Bob:

Burnt Blonde Bob

Image: Getty

The burnt blonde bob hues bob has a very attractive appeal. The style is again a very unusual given the color of the bob and long layers at the top and even longer bangs at one side. The hairdo seems to be a blend of bob and pixie.

27. Simple Concave Bob:

Simple Concave Bob

Image: Getty

The simple concave bob is extremely chic and stylish. The hairdo is simple with a volume bulge behind instead of layers. The brunette hue enhances the simplicity and gives the bob and understated but edgy appeal.

28. Tousled Ombre Bob:

Tousled Ombre Bob

Image: Getty

The hairdo is extremely chic and stylish. The tousled long hair gives a casual impression but the style is effortless and glamorous.

29. Shiny Tousled Waves:

Shiny Tousled Waves

Image: Getty

The shiny tousled wavy hair is extremely pretty and modish. The long curly tresses are dressed up for a pretty visual treat.

30. Chestnut Brown Waves:

Chestnut Brown Waves

Image: Getty

The chestnut brown wave gives a very bouncy and chic effect. The hairdo is again has short bangs curved in and contouring the face, the soft curls exude a happy and cheery feel to it.

31. Sleek Ombre Layers:

Sleek Ombre Layers

Image: Getty

The ombre sleek layers dance and spread out elegantly giving a pretty and sophisticated feel to the hairdo.

32. The Layered Bob:

The Layered Bob

Image: Getty

The layered bob is done with uneven bangs on the front and layers at the back. The ombre bangs at the front give a very different feel to the hairdo.

33. Tousled Side Bangs:

Tousled Side Bangs

Image: Getty

The tousled side hairdo consists of side swept wavy tresses and bangs which gives a very edgy and stylish appeal. The hairdo is classy with a neat messy essence.

34. The Black Pixie:

The Black Pixie

Image: Getty

The pixie is trimmed very short and is full of precision. The style is elegant and classy.

35. The Bouffant Bun:

The Bouffant Bun

Image: Getty

The bouffant bun is elegant and stylish. The hairdo is classy with a puffy bun at the crown and sleek top, complete with smooth finesse.

36. The Curly Half Up:

The Curly Half Up

Image: Getty

The curly half up consists of very tender and soft curls contouring the face and giving a very younger appeal to the face. The style is elegant and stylish.

37. Sleek Side Swept:

Sleek Side Swept

Image: Getty

The sleek hairdo gives a very defined and precise style to the hairdo. The style is done with a side part and gives a very edgy feel to the hairdo.

38. Spiral Curled Side Swept:

Spiral Curled Side Swept

Image: Getty

The side swept hairdo is pretty and curly. The hairdo resembles a loosely done braid which is left unsecured, though it’s not a braid really. The style has a very tousled essence to it, with a very stylish air.

39. Spiral Curls:

Spiral Curls

Image: Getty

The side swept version is different with spiral curled edges and a mid part. The style is dressed with a posh style

40. Serene Elegance:

Serene Elegance

Image: Getty

The waves are secured in an orderly fashion here. The hairdo is worn with a very serene and classy attitude.

41. Windy Flare:

Windy Flare

Image: Getty

The windy wavy hair with golden caramel highlights gives a very posh effect during her stage performance. The hairdo is complements her off shoulder dress and onstage vibe.

42. Bouffant Ponytail:

Bouffant Ponytail

Image: Getty

The sleek bouffant ponytail is smart and upscale. The ponytail has precision and the bouffant gives the required oomph to the simple hairdo.

43. Mid Part Straight:

Mid Part Straight

Image: Getty

The mid part straight sleek hairdo is a change from her usual side swept style. The hairdo is again elegance personified and sits neatly pretty.

44. Tender Curls:

Tender Curls

Image: Getty

The curls in the front with wavy bangs on the face give tenderness to her firm face.

45. Pulled Back Bun:

Pulled Back Bun

Image: Getty

This pulled back bun is done with bangs tied back giving a very neat effect to the face. The style is elegant and classy.

We have listed out the 45 best variations. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to write to us. We value reader feedback so do not forget to leave your comments below.

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