10 WARNING Signs Which Show Your Hairfall Is About To Begin July 10, 2015

Your subject is fear of your hands or the comb; because each time they go into your hair, they don’t come out alone. There is a thick bundle of hair wrapped around them.

Did your heart rate just increase? You are not alone.

How would you know if what you have is a normal hair fall, or something that can lead to baldness?

Here are 10 warning signs, which, if taken seriously can save you from the painful situation of hair loss.

1. Thinning:

This is by far the most common form of hair fall. But the least noticeable. Touching your hair actually gives you a feel of your scalp.

2. Circular Patches Or Bald Spots:

You find circular patches that reveal your scalp; especially at the back of your head. In some cases the skin might become itchy or painful when the hair falls out.

Beware. This is a serious warning sign.

3. Sudden Loosening Of Hair:

There is hesitation when you think of combing your hair; because every time you do that, thick wisps of hair appear in your hand. Not just that, mere tugging of your tresses sends hair strands jumping off your head.

4. Receding Hairline:

This means your hair is working its way back your scalp. And this also means you do not really like to see yourself in the mirror. Those visuals of a balding head infuriate you.

Your hair is running away from your eyes and you seem to be running away from peace.

5. Losing Lots Of Hair In The Shower:

Everyone loses hair in the shower. Even I do too. It’s normal. Problem starts when this ‘normal’ turns to ‘lots’. If your hair clogs the bathroom drain disallowing the water to seep through, then it is high time you did something about your hair.

6. Losing Hair Due To Stress Or Illness:

Most of us would have fell at-least once in our lifetime. And we fall ill because of a weak resistance. Hair fall during that period is normal. But if hair fall persists even after you are completely fine, then that is something you should take notice of.

7. Habit Of Hair Pulling:

You are watching TV, reading a book or doing whatever; your hand is always on your head, meddling with your hair. And you don’t seem to know about it. By the time you know, hair strands are scattered all over you.

Rings a bell? If yes, this is a serious warning sign.

8. Hair Strands On Your Pillow:

You wake up in the morning only to be welcomed by the ghastly visual of your hair strands slithering over your pillow. This is when your early morning blues begin, soon to turn into perpetual loss of hair in case you don’t take care.

9. Loss Of Bodily Hair:

Just like hair loss from your head, hair fall from the body too is a natural and everyday phenomenon. Exceptions like certain illnesses and treatments like chemotherapy can be taken into consideration. But without all this, if your bodily hair is falling off, that too at alarming amounts, you MUST do something about it.

10. Hair Strands On Your Towel:

It is hair, and hair is all you find on your towel once you are out of the bathroom from a head bath. Well, that is slightly an exaggeration. But still, finding painful amounts of hair coiling around towel, that too often, is not something that can be neglected.

Now you know if what you are undergoing is just ordinary hair fall, or some super-serious phenomenon which has a bald head in store for you. God forbid, if it is the latter which is your case, then you might be wondering as to what you can do about it. And that is where we come in, as timely saviours, providing you with time tested tips that can banish your hair worries once and for all!

What Can I Do About It?

1. Have Mercy On Your Hair:

Seriously, your hair has been doing only good to you since you came to his planet. It has been protecting your scalp, and giving you that beautiful or pretty or ‘whatever’ look. Have some mercy. Don’t subject it to frequent heating or drying. And in case you find one or two grey hair strands, don’t rush to hair dyes. It’s a lot kinder to let your hair turn grey than to torture it with chemical filled dyes.

2. Don’t Over-stylize:

Style is fine. It can make heads turn towards you. But over-stylizing is not. That might be more harmful to your hair than you can think.

Whether it is tight ponytails, plaits, corn-rows or any other style which seems to be hurting your hair, you better bring it under control.

Of course, you don’t want to cut a sorry face, right?

3. Wash Your Hair:

Wash your hair regularly with a mild shampoo as it will help your hair stay clean and away from infections and dirt. And make sure you don’t rub your hair vigorously with a towel immediately after washing. Remember, wet hair is vulnerable.

4. Eat Healthy:

You have a cheese burger three times a day and a pizza five times a week, and then you expect your hair to be all strong and shiny? Ah nope, it’s not going to work out that way. That would be like pouring water into a car’s tank and expecting it to run. Minimize junk and maximize fresh fruits and veggies; that is the universally evergreen mantra for healthy hair.

5. Sleep Well:

Hit the bed by 10. Or 11. But not beyond that! Believe me, late night sleeping is addictive. Once used to it you might find it very difficult to return to your normal routine. Sleep restores good health and reduces stress. And you know very well how bad stress is for your hair.

6. Exercise Regularly:

Get out. Sweat out. In addition to reducing stress, regular exercise also improves blood circulation, which is very vital for optimum hair health.

7. Meditate:

Meditation is as important as physical exercise. It is one of the best known stress-reducing and health-promoting techniques known to man. Show me a yogic guru with bald head, I will quit my job.

8. Essential Oils + Good Massage = Healthy Hair:

Massage improves circulation. Circulation improves hair growth. And almond or coconut oil improves the entire experience.

9. Drink Water:

Adequate water intake also is known to improve blood circulation. It also helps in cleansing your body by clearing away the toxins which might be damaging your hair.

10. Stay Positive:

An idle mind is a devil’s workshop, and a negative mind is the devil himself. Negativity attracts all sorts of unwanted stuff, included stress, anger and frustration; things that have the potential to destroy your health. And your hair.

Hair fall is not inevitable. And now that you know what you should be doing, you agree with it, don’t you?