Water Spots Nail Art Tutorial

block colour nail design

Water spots technique is becoming a rage among all nail art lovers. This is an easy technique where you use a bit of water marbling technique to get the desired result. You can do this nail art with water of any colors you like.

Water nail art designs:

I am using following things to create this design:

  • Black nail polish (Mayebelline Colorama black)
  • 2-3 neon nail polish(I am using neon polishes from colorbar)
  • White nail polish (OPI alpine snow)
  • Tweezers
  • Orange stick
  • Few pieces of sponge
  • A glass of water
  • Top coat and base coat.
  • A bottle of perfume/ deodrant / body mist: make sure it has alcohol in it.

Black nail polish


1. Paint your nails white after applying a good base coat.

white nail polish

2. Now take sponge and hold it with your tweezers and apply your first neon color nail paint on it.

neon color nail paint

3. Dab this sponge on your nails wherever you want and re [peat these steps with all your nails. So that you will get multicolored neon nails.

multicolored neon nails

4. Now take the glass of water and drop 5-6 drops of black nail paint similar to the way you drop for water marbling. (Don’t forget to apply either cello tape or Vaseline around your nails for easy clean up….. I am using vaseline).

black nail paint

5. Now spray some perfume over it. If you spray from far you, will get small spots and if you spray it from very near you will get big spots . I prefer spraying perfume from not so far or not so near position to get medium spots.

nail polish

6. Dip your nail in it and remove the excess using orange stick the same way as you do it for water marbling.

orange stick nail polish

7. Repeat all the steps for all fingers and you will get result like the following picture:

nail colour design

8.    Clean your cuticles using q-tips dipped in acetone.

9.    Apply topcoat and you are done.

block colour nail polish

block colour nail design

block colour nail design

How you like this technique? Do share your views on it.

If you try this share your pictures with us here on community.

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