Hello Lovely Readers,
Hope you all had fun weaving laces in your hair with the Lace Braid Pictorial. Today learn about the Waterfall braid pictorial and let your tresses flow.

Waterfall Braid hairstyle

This is also a sub dividion of the French Plait where you add more sections of hair on one side while on the other side you will drop the existing section and pick up a section from right behind the dropped section. Yes confusing right. No worries that’s why we have appended this pictorial to give you a visual.


Always start with detangled hair when waterfall braiding. Applying a good serum not only helps in detangling but also eliminates frizz and also adds shine to the hair. For the front section take a side or middle parting as per your choice and follow the pictorial.

how to make a waterfall braid 1. Pick up a section of hair from the side and start with a regular braid by dividing the hair into 3 sections: Top [T] , Middle [ M ] and Bottom [ B ]. Braid the hair normally for 2 cycles.
2. For the 3rd cycle pick up a section of hair from the parting and combine it with the T section and braid.
3. Now drop the B section.
4. Pick up a section from right behind the B section.
5. Combine the above picked section of hair into the braid
6. Continue the same process till you reach the ear.
7. From the ear braid normally till you reach the end and secure with elastic.
8. You can either leave the braid or pull it behind and secure with bobby pins forming a band.

You can actually continue the process round the head to get a wonderful band and a more prominent look of the waterfall sections. I haven’t mastered that yet but got excited to share the technique with you all so ended it with a braid and presented the pictorial. Hope you liked the pictorial and now I am eagerly waiting for your feedback and queries

  • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/chitraverma/ Chitra

    i have watched so many of this waterfall braid tutorial but this one is the easiest to understand vish thanks to you!! lol le’me try

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/vish/ Vish

      hello Chitra
      thanks a lot and i felt v happy to know that :)

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    hi vish!! how come you know all the haristyles and so good at it? its
    best waterfall braid tutorial ever!! helps so much and its super simple Thank you!!

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      hello Loukya :) <3
      thanks a lot dear for your lovely comment
      i love playing wid my hair and do spend some good amt of time trying to mend my stubborn hair :P

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    Loved this tutorial. I literally watched it like 10 time for I can learn. Ima slow learner ;) 3

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      thanks a lot Bansari
      v glad u liked it dear :) :)

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    easy and nice Waterfall Braid tutorial