5 Simple Ways To Prevent Hair Color From Staining Skin January 30, 2017

Do you love coloring your hair? But does the thought of hair color staining your skin bother you? Coloring one’s hair is definitely a style statement, but when the color bleeds onto your skin, the entire idea of beauty is destroyed.

So, are there any simple ways on how to keep hair color from staining skin? Well, this post deals with some beautiful tips that can help you out! Want to know them? Read on!

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Hair Colouring At Home – A Brief :

Coloring your hair at home is easy, but most of us do shy away from it for the fear of the hair dye bleeding into our skin’s pores and staining the skin. So, if you are planning to use a home hair coloring kit, then you can easily end up with hair color stains if you don’t take the right precautions.

How To Prevent Hair Color From Staining Skin:

Though hair color stains are not permanent, they still can prove to be a nuisance and last for several days. Hence, it’s always best to follow a few great tips to prevent hair color from staining your skin. And following are some of the best tips you can ever get!

1. Dye On The Day You Have Not Washed Your Hair:

Most of us love coloring our hair before we shampoo. But if you color your hair on the day you have not washed your hair, you will definitely love it! The natural oils in your hair, especially the scalp and your skin pores, act as great natural anti-stain agents. Yes, your body defends itself against stain! So, always try to color your hair at least 1 or 2 days after you had your last hair wash. It is the same with face cleansing. Try coloring hair after at least 2 to 3 hours after cleaning your skin.

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2. Vaseline:

Vaseline is a multi-benefit product. This tip is put to use by many hair salons and parlors. Protecting the perimeter of your forehead with Vaseline is a great way to prevent skin staining. This petroleum jelly contains great moisturizing properties, which break the hair color formula and prevent stains. You could also switch to a heavy moisturizing cream or even a very thick lotion to act as a protective wall against color bleeding. Apply a generous amount of the product outside your hairline, all on your forehead and the undersides of ears. You should also remember to be extremely careful not to get the Vaseline or cream in your hair.

3. Wrap Cotton:

You could even simply prevent hair color stain on skin with cotton. Take a thick layer of clean cotton and press it with some petroleum jelly around the perimeter of your hairline and ears. The cotton will soak up any hair color, which manages to seep out of your hairline and keep your skin clean.

4. Olive Oil:

If you like using something natural, then you can use olive oil. It has rich portions of natural emollients, which protect your skin from hair color staining. Use a flat face pack brush or a sponge. Dip it into some olive oil and apply it all over your hairline and ears.

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5. Baby Oil:

Baby oil is very gentle, but works effectively when it comes to preventing staining. The best part about using baby oil? It works great for people with sensitive skin too!

Coloring our hair is not just about hiding the grays! It is a style statement too! But there is no style when it comes to stained skin!

So, if you want perfectly colored hair, try out the tips mentioned above! They will not only help keep your skin stain free, but won’t cause any side effects either!

Do you like coloring your hair? Now that you know how to prevent hair color from staining skin, let us know if you’ll give it a try. Share with us by commenting in the box below!

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