Top 10 Weight Loss Diet Drops Available In India April 29, 2015

The thin, curvy silhouettes of celebrities tend to tempt overweight and obese people, especially women, to try any extreme method to shed the excess flab. No wonder there are countless diets and over-the-counter pills that promise to get you into those tempting shapes. The latest addition to this list of these supplements is weight loss drops. There are countless variants available across the world. While some of them are effective, certain are real freak outs, leaving you with utter disappointment.

Top 10 Weight Loss Drops To Help You Shed Flab:

Here are the 10 weight loss drops that really seem to deliver on their promises. Read on to know what those are:

1. Nutra Pure HCG Diet Drops:

Want to lose 2 lbs in a day without any diet or exercise? These diet drops could be your answer. These diet drops promise to deliver the following benefits:

  • Better basal metabolism
  • Significant difference on the weighing scale
  • Significant inch loss
  • Appetite control
  • Zero sugar cravings
  • Improved self-confidence levels
  • Controlled blood sugar, cholesterol, and pressure levels
  • Higher energy levels

The promises are really alluring, and many seem to have enjoyed the benefits.

Price: $50

2. Source Health Labs Raspberry Ketones Drops:

This seems to be the latest addition in the weight loss drops list, but it looks as if it is indeed delivering some good results. Along with helping you with a completely cleansed system, this product vouches to help you get rid of the fat in an effective and efficient way. Also, the weight loss is rumored to remain stable even after discontinuing the supplement.

Price: $40

3. Hollywood Diet Drops:

Lose weight and boost your energy and endurance levels with the Hollywood Diet Drops. This product claims to contain some of the most powerful and proven fat-burning ingredients to assist in keeping your appetite levels under control. Also, the fat burning process gets an overall boost, ensuring that you lose weight and that the loss is permanent.

Price: $40

4. Ultra 6 Diet Drops:

If you believe in real life experiences, then you are sure to try this out. People have vouched for its results. There are people who have lost about 14 lbs of fat and that too from the belly, within a span of 30 days. While there are certain negative reviews about the ingredients in the drops, positive reviews about the product overshadow the negative sides.

Price: $18.85

5. Creative Bioscience 1234 Diet Drops:

When combined with a healthy diet plan and a good exercise routine, 1234 Diet Drops, unarguably give some really good results. A dynamic diet supplement, it has been designed to aid dieters lose weight, even in the absence of exercise. It has been formulated with ingredients that promote weight loss and help you maintain the weight once you have lost the excess fat.

Price: $55

6. Transformation Drops:

This one comes with 20 different ingredients, each one working with the rest in a synergistic fashion, yielding the desired results. Of all the ingredients, the most effective, as the manufacturers claim is African Mango, the fat burning property of which is beyond words. Free of any hormones, this comes free of any undesirable side effects. People who have tried these weight loss supplements have lost about 20 lbs in 3 weeks, which sounds good!

Price: $50

7. Activ8 X Diet Drops:

Touted to be the most popular weight loss supplement in the UK, Activ8 X Drops claim to contain 10 proprietary ingredients that offer guaranteed results. For optimal results, one needs to use these drops in conjunction with the AVX Diet plan. It aids in:

  • Curbing hunger pangs
  • Restricting the carbohydrate absorption
  • Boosting basal metabolism
  • Better burning of fat

Price: $84

8. Garcinia Cambogia Liquid Drops:

Known as the Malabar tamarind or Vrikshamla, Garcinia Cambogis has currently grabbed the limelight due to its weight loss properties. Even though the capsules had been the rage, the drops seem to deliver similar benefits. Loaded with 60% HCA, the key fat-burning component, these drops are one of the safest and effective ways to lose weight. Combine it with a balanced diet and a good fitness routine to ensure that your loss remains stable.

Price: $48

9. Activa Naturals Green Coffee Bean Extract Drops:

Green tea, once upon a time, was touted to be essential for weight loss. Now, green coffee seems to be the fad. This one from Activa Naturals seems to a safe herbal weight loss supplement, with the base property being enhanced metabolism. There are quite a handful of positive reviews, but the effect varies drastically with the person using it.

Price: $40

10. Native Remedies EcoSlim Drops:

A 100% herbal weight loss diet drops, this one aids you in losing flab the healthy way. It helps in giving your metabolism levels a good boost so that your weight loss journey becomes a smooth one.

Price: $47

Effective weight loss can never be achieved overnight. It needs loads of patience along with a positive attitude. You can take the help of these weight loss drops, but just in the supplemental level. A good, balanced diet, along with an exercise plan and conscious efforts ─ these are the key pointers to weight loss. The supplements, in reality, can be used only to make your efforts more effective and efficient. Weight loss drops alone will not work wonders.

Have you used any weight loss supplements without a good diet and exercise regime, and still managed to lose flab? What was your experience? Share with us in the comments section below.


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