What To Do With Old Sarees – 20 Creative Things You Can DO

What To Do With Old Sarees – 20 Creative Things You Can DO January 23, 2018

What can you do with an old saree? A LOT! First off, it is environmentally friendly and secondly pocket-friendly too. And, you can transform these old sarees not just into ethnic wear, but also design some beautiful and chic looking fusion wear. Yes, fusion, contemporary or bohemian—whatever you call it, is so ‘in’ right now. Plus, when you can do it all with old sarees at home and save on the cost of the fabric why not? As far as I’m concerned I was sold on the idea of using my great-grandmother’s saree into a new saree with hardly anything and keeping those memories intact. With the kind of quality, they had back then, these last another few decades. So, if you also have exclusive sarees from the treasure trove of your grandmother or mother, don’t just put them away; I’m sure you won’t after you read this article. So, hang in there.

Also on a unique note, did you realize that they had an amazing taste in sarees and a badass collection? If only we were half as graceful as them! *cringes a little before moving on!

Let’s do these DIY projects, one outfit at a time.

What To Do With Old Sarees – 20 Creative Things You Can DO 

1. You Can Just Change An Old Saree Into A New Saree

If there is that one special saree with frayed pallu or slightly torn edges, you do not have to get rid of it. More often than not, the most damage for the old pattu and silk sarees is in the border. So, either at home or with the help of a tailor, rip off the pattu border and stitch it up with a new Kundan work, sequin, or zari based patch work border. Add some tassels or pom poms to the pallu. Recycling old sarees is no rocket science after all.

2. Get A Salwar Suit Made From Old Sarees

Old sarees make for some beautiful looking salwar suits. Even if the borders are damaged, you could use the body of the saree for the top, use contrast patchwork borders for the hemline, neckline and sleeves. For the bottom and dupatta, you could either use another old saree or mix and match it with what you have.

3. Or Maybe A Kurta Made From An Old Saree

If there is not enough for an entire dress, just get a kurta stitched and match it up with either a contemporary looking palazzo, simple leggings or dhoti pants depending on the kurta model. You have got yourself a brand new dress from an old saree.

4. Lehenga Or A Half Saree From Old Sarees Are A Great Option Too

4. Lehenga Or A Half Saree From Old Sarees Are A Great Option Too

Image: Instagram

Lehenga or half saree from an old silk saree is a great option. If you do not have enough for the entire outfit, use it in bits and pieces. Once you cut out enough for the lehenga, use the rest for the blouse. If it’s a half saree, you could keep it simple, for a lehenga beef it up with borders, sequin, zardozi, embroidery or lace of your choice. Follow the pattern for the blouse and dupatta as well. Viola! a lehenga out of an old saree.

5. A Summer Maxi Dress With Old Cotton Or Pattu Sarees

Because we can never get enough of maxi dresses right? Just pick up those old cotton sarees and give it a refreshing makeover this summer. Or, do the same with a pattu saree for an opulent one piece.

6. Turn Your Old Sarees Into Skirts

It’s such an easy yet interesting idea. Just a couple of these done and pair it up with a simple black, white or any plain T-shirt, tank top or even a shirt for a boho-chic look.

7. Turn Your Mother’s Chiffon Sarees Into A Kaftan Style Kurta

We can never get enough of kaftan, can we? They are oh-so-comfortable, elegant and airy. You can easily work with old chiffon or georgette sarees for this style.

8. Stitch Great Looking Dupattas With Old Sarees

A gorgeous and grand pattu or zari dupatta with a simple raw silk or jute Anarkali suit looks splendid. Also, why invest in an expensive dupatta, when you can make an expensive-looking one from an old patch saree with almost no cost at all. I’ve tried this look and loved my dupatta. Plus, you can mix and match these for more than just dress. Talk about value for money.

9. Anarkali Dresses With Old Sarees Are Amazing Options Too

Image: 1, 2

Now, instead of the dupatta, swap the fabric for an Anarkali dress. If you do not have enough for the bottom (which mostly will be the case), get a plain legging and a flowing dupatta. Keep everything else simple and let your top do the talking. Doll up in huge vintage chand-balis, big bindi, and a chignon updo to stay true to the vintage theme.

10. And, The Most Obvious Salwar Kameez

Yes, a simple salwar kameez is a most obvious choice, and one of the easiest old saree hacks to bring in old charm to your wardrobe. And, it works like magic on any old pattu or silk sarees.

11. Matching Dress With Your Kid

A legacy we all relate to. I remember my mother doing this for me, and I’m sure most of us have similar memories. But, get similar dresses stitched and get twinning with your daughter or nieces. Special ways of reusing old sarees.

12. Turn Your Old Saree Into A One Piece Gown

Yes, one piece ball gowns are so in right now. But why don’t we take a step backward and reuse an old saree to get a one piece gown stitched? If it’s not enough, by all means, use extra fabric that goes with the theme.

13. Get A Kurta With Palazzo Pants

Silk or cotton saree or any material that won’t tear up easily can be transformed into this contemporary palazzo pants designs. But, just be sure to use a suitable lining material for the Palazzo.

14. Capes, Over Coats and Jackets – Whatever You Prefer

Capes, over coats or half jackets, are all fun ways to blend your traditional old sarees even with your contemporary outfits like jeans, leggings or even shorts. Indie-fusion with old sarees.

15. An Old Saree Into A Shirt? Why Not?

If you are a sucker for shirts and dresses/kurtas are not your thing, you can still use an old saree to make a shirt or a short kurta to wear it above your jeans/shorts. I mean, why not? When it looks this good! A style I cannot wait to try.

Old Sarees For Home Decor

If you are still wondering what else you can do with old sarees, there’s more coming up. Home decor is your answer. And here’s how you can do it!

  • Doormat

Looking for inexpensive ways to adding grandeur to your household? All you need are a few old sarees. Door mats, place mats or even table runners are all fun ways of reusing old sarees and making something entirely new.

  • Curtains Or Wall Decor

Image: 1, 2

Curtains, wall decor or even for decking up your double cot beds. You just need an eye for detail and wait for it to transform the place.

  • Pillow Or Cushion Covers

Or get cozy cushion covers, add tassels or pom-poms to take it to the next level.

  • Tote Bags Or Wallets

Image: 1, 2

Tote-bags, large wallets or handbags with pattu border make for eclectic statement pieces and all of them by recycling your old sarees.

Now that you know what to do with old sarees, what are you waiting for? Go on, raid your mother’s wardrobe. You wish we told this earlier right? Better late than never. Recycling is your way to go, for more reasons than one. Unleash your creativity, and you will be surprised at how much you can do with everything that’s in the household. Take up this DIY project; it’s beyond fulfilling, I promise!

Do you know of any other ways on how to reuse old sarees? You are welcome :) Share your ideas with us by commenting below.

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