Which Hair Conditioner Suits Your Hair The Best? April 8, 2015

With increase in pollution, we are often prone to excessive skin damage and hair fall issues. Hair fall being a serious issue for most of us should be taken seriously. Conditioning the hair regularly keeps the hair hydrated and moist without drying up and making it frizzy.

People with dry hair commonly use creamy conditioners after shampooing but what about those with oily hair? Do people with oily hair completely avoid conditioners? How important are these? Answer is pretty simple, even oily hair people need to use a conditioner regularly to keep their hair healthy. What type of conditioners do they really need to use is the key here. In short what matters is “choosing a right conditioner and using it in a proper way”.

Shampooing isn’t enough for our hair. Any shampoo is good enough to clean our hair properly but along with it, they also make our hair dry. So, conditioning is a must after shampooing at least twice a week.

Choosing the right conditioner:

Ingredients: According to me, the most important thing to look for in a conditioner is the ingredients list. Ingredients in a shampoo/conditioner may be best suitable for your own siblings but may show adverse results on your hair. So, find an ideal product for yourself and stick to it. Let’s find more about hair types.

Hair type and conditioners:

Coarse and curly hair:

Use creamy and moisturizing shampoos with Shea butter, germ oil and nut oil to prevent dry curly hair.

Coarse and curly hair Pinit

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Fine and oily hair:

Finding the right product matters a lot for people with oily hair. You need to find a conditioner which can keep your hair hydrated with less oiliness (e.g. with jojoba oil). That means mild conditioning is enough. There are products in the market which can reduce the oiliness by treating the scalp. Rosemary helps in normalizing the scalp by reducing oil production as well as increases the blood circulation which helps in the growth of new hair follicles.

Products with panthenol are best suited for oily hair. And simply avoid creamy shampoos and conditioners as your scalp is already oily enough. After shampooing your hair mild conditioning is ok, but don’t over-do it.

Dry and damaged hair:

Dry and damaged hair Pinit

Try a super creamy and a powerful conditioner to moisturize your hair and I’m sure you will never stop using it again. And never ever use clearing shampoos.

Processed hair:
Processed hair needs a lot of attention from you. If you have a short hair try, growing it a little bit because maintaining is little easy this way. Moisturize only the ends which are dry and cleanse the scalp every day.

Types of Conditioners:

1. Moisturizers:

As the name states, these moisturize your hair and are best suited for dry and damaged hair.

2. Conditioning oils:

The main reason for dry hair is the lack of essential oils and this is what the conditioning oils provide.

3. Glossers:

These are cosmetic products which use oil extracts of silicon to reflect light and make the hair shine. Plus they also reduce the frizziness of the hair.

4. Acidifiers:

In my opinion, people with fine hair need to give these a try because they close the cuticles of the hair by placing acid which results in flexible-shiny hair.

5. Reconstructing conditioners:

These are protein rich conditioners which are best suited for damaged and dead hair. These also help in strengthening hair to avoid breakages.

6. Leave-in conditioners:

After shampooing your hair, simply apply these conditioners and leave it without rinsing to add a shiny look to your hair.

7. Thermal protectors:

These are heat protecting conditioners mainly used before hair ironing or blowing hair with dryers.

Some Tips you may find useful:

No matter what type of hair you possess, you always need a conditioner after your shampoo session. For people with dry hair, conditioning is a must on a daily basis .If your hair is damaged, don’t forget to use a protein rich conditioner. And finally for oily haired people use conditioner only on the hair ends.


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