Why Write for StyleCraze?

Have you always dreamt of getting your work published? StyleCraze is your perfect place to fulfill that goal. StyleCraze is India’s largest Beauty community which a reach of over 7,00,000 Monthly Visitors and growing at an exponential pace. Stylecraze has over 100 Authors who contribute high quality Articles and Stories and you can join this esteemed club too.

Read further to find out what awaits you:

  • Recognition:

Being the largest beauty network in India, we can assure you that anyone in the world of beauty stops by our site and making a name here can give you the Recognition you deserve.

  • Right Target Audience:

Here you will meet lovely people who love Makeup and Beauty just as much you do. So here you have direct access to the right set of readers. No hassles.

  • Authoritative Content:

We will guide you to create content that is not only searchable but make it authoritative. The reader will not feel the need to look for similar content elsewhere. Just following a certain set of guidelines will dramatically improve your writing skills and increase engagement with your Audience.

  • Right Traffic:

If you have a blog, expect a good boost in traffic to your site by writing interesting articles on StyleCraze. We have a few bloggers who routinely get 50% of their daily traffic from StyleCraze. This is a sure shot way of getting recognized in the every expanding Indian Beauty blogging community,

  • Monetary Benefit:

Whoever said, writing can’t be a career option. If you can hold the interest of the Audience, we will handsomely compensate you for your Efforts.

So, if you are interested, send us a mail at chetana@stylecraze.com to get you started.

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46 thoughts on “Why Write for StyleCraze?

      1. Avatar of Fayha MullajiFayha Mullaji

        You mentioned the Tier 1 and Tier 2. Supposing a member writes 5 articles in a month. How would they get rewarded? Is it in the form of being sent makeup samples or rewarded by points to their existing point structure? Or they could order any specific product they want?
        You mentioned a Rs. 100 per article so how would that amount be rewarded?
        Sorry, Im just trying to get the gist of it.

        1. Arpita

          Actually I have so far written more than 23 articles for stylecraze.Suppose you write 5 articles in a month and thus made Rs. 500 in that month, stylecraze will pay you the money at the end of the month in your bank account in form of MONEY. Thus you need to have a bank account for writing on stylecraze.

  1. Raminder Bhullar

    hi chetana i want to write on your website but problem is this first i have blog when i post on my blog my posts automatically publish on your website. Then i brought the domain and attached with my blog . Now all my topics disappear i don’t understand why !!hope i start writing again on your website thanks !!!!!

    1. StyleCraze

      Hi Raminder, the blogs section is currently undergoing maintenance and should be back by the 1st week of August….

      In the meantime, if you want to contribute articles to StyleCraze, just send me a mail at chetana@stylecraze.com

  2. muskan sharieff

    i tried all castor oils and all my hairs not at all growing and my scalp to be seen so plz suggest me something………….asap.please

  3. puja malhotra

    hi I am again interested in writing for you …..because of my bad health i have to stop writing but now i am fit and fine. interested in writing for u. hope to listen from you soon.

  4. Abanti Pramanik

    I am really interested in writing for you.Could you please tell how can I enroll myself as a part of your esteemed website?I have already dropped an email and eagerly wait for the reply.

  5. Deeksha Shukla


    Can you take me through the procedure of membership and getting posts published?
    Do let me know about the payment process too…