• What’s so amazing about working out? Well, if you want to look fab, you need to sweat it out! Toning and strengthening all the muscles of your body is important, but doing so for your core muscles has special significance. Your
  • Do you always need top notch exercise equipments to benefit from a workout? Ask most experts and the answer will be a big fat NO! A workout is no different from a planned physical activity that helps one stay fit
  • Beautiful, shapely legs – definitely on your wish list, right? But there’s another reason why you should aspire for healthy legs. Your knees are one of the first body parts to get affected as you grow older. Having strong legs
  • Whenever you hear the word ‘Cardio’, the image that pops into your mind is most probably one of people dripping in sweat and panting away to glory. While this isn’t far from the truth, it isn’t the entire picture. Many
  • Climbing up the stairs is a piece of cake, isn’t it? Well, not for those suffering with from knee pain! Generally a problem associated with the elderly, knee pain is increasingly becoming a young age disorder. Add to that the
  • Do you stand looking wistfully at that beautiful dress in the store, wishing you could just fit into it? Do you fret each time you try your old favorite jeans and cannot button up? It is very easy to put
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