17 Wonderful Benefits Of Shanti Yoga For Leading A Healthy Life January 31, 2017

‘Peace in Every Breath’— this is what Shanti Yoga promises to all of us. A yoga style developed by Shanti Gowans, Shanti yoga is gentle, easy and focuses on holistic healing of the being. While researching about Shanti yoga, I found numerous examples of how Shanti Gowans’ yoga sessions help in healing not only physical pain, but also emotional issues. It is because Shanti yoga is different from other yoga styles. It is a more holisti and offers a complete approach towards a person’s wellbeing.

What Is Shanti Yoga?

Shanti yoga is not just about doing some yoga postures. It involves alignment of breath, concentration, gentle movement, consciousness of one’s body, healing and finally meditation. Gowans accompanies her yoga lessons with Ayurvedic lessons too — so you can expect a complete program for your well being.

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The Process:

The process of Shanti yoga is threefold, such as the Outer yoga, the Inner yoga and the Integral yoga. Let’s know more about these steps:

  • The first step is the Outer yoga. This step revolves around the physical aspect. Yoga postures strengthen the body, open up the core, improve flexibility, and make you limber and more agile. These postures make the outer layer of your being, which is your external body or the yang tissues in your body, stronger so that it protect and support the yin tissues.
  • The second step in the Inner yoga. It involves healing and strengthening of your internal organs or your yin tissues by releasing, spreading and regulating the flow of Prana throughout your body. This is done by regular Pranayama.
  • The third step of the process is Integral yoga. The aim of this step is to harmonize and balance the psyche, and find the connection between your mind and body. Your mind and body merge into your spirit or soul. This spirit is in turn a part of the larger universal spirit. So this integral yoga aims towards merging your mind and body with the primordial cosmic energy, connecting your spirit to the universal spirit. The three U’s that Shanti Yoga talks about are – Unstiffen, Unchatter and Unfreeze.

Yoga Sessions:

Shanti yoga cleanses, relaxes and restores your entire being. It is a more gentle and easy when compared to Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga. The postures are the same, but in Shanti yoga, there is no pressure to get through the pain. The poses can be done even if you are not very flexible. A typical Shanti yoga session involves:

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  • Stretching exercises.
  • Strengthening and toning postures.
  • Postures for joint lubrication and strengthening.
  • Poses for improving balance.
  • Partner yoga (stretching and toning) – optional.
  • Core strengthening.
  • Pranayama.
  • Meditation with special focus on improving concentration and relaxation.
  • Peace of mind training.

These are done step by step, from the outer to inner to integral. These yoga sessions often stretch up to 2 hours, very much like Yin yoga but Shanti yoga is more inclusive and holistic. Breath regulation and flow play a very important role in Shanti Yoga. Shanti Gowans believes that all you need to do is ‘just breathe’ and you’ll be able to face all the life’s challenges.

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Benefits Of Shanti Yoga:

Practicing Shanti yoga offers various benefits to the human body as well as to the mind. Let’s have a look at the many benefits of Shanti yoga.

  1. Shanti yoga is suitable for all levels and ages.
  2. It provides holistic healing.
  3. It helps in the unification of mind, body and spirit.
  4. It helps in spiritual growth.
  5. It diminishes blockages in the flow of Prana and helps in spreading Prana to every centre, every nerve ending and every fiber of our being.
  6. Shanti yoga enhances immunity.
  7. It improves sleep patterns and lets you sleep better.
  8. It provides mental calmness.
  9. It helps in recovery from a surgery or chemotherapy.
  10. It relieves musculoskeletal pain.
  11. It improves flexibility of the body and reduces stiffness.
  12. It heals psychosomatic disorders.
  13. It is offers effective solution for weight loss and obesity.
  14. It can cure and prevent fibromyalgia.
  15. It reduces high blood pressure level.
  16. It helps in joint problems, arthritis and rehabilitation.
  17. Shanti yoga re-energizes the body and takes away fatigue.

Have you ever heard of Shanti yoga? Have you tried it earlier? What was your experience with Shanti yoga and fitness? Share with us in the comments section below.

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