15 Wonderful Benefits Of Tulsi Tea June 9, 2017

The Holy Basil or ‘Tulsi’ as it is more popularly known in India and other South East Asian countries is termed to be the ‘Queen of Herbs’ due to its various qualities. The plant has a religious value in the cultures of these countries. The most important fact is that apart from its cultural and religious significance, holy basil has multiple therapeutic effects. The Asians have been using this herb for this purpose since centuries. However, now, with the advancement of technology, the western world has also come to know about this miracle herb and its usage.

One of the most popular concoctions for utilizing the benefits of tulsi herb is the tulsi tea. This is an herbal tea that is made by combining tulsi with mild tea leaves. The preparation of this tea could also utilize some other herbs and spices along with tulsi depending on the kind of ailment. However, tulsi acts as a wonder herb for most health issues.

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Let’s have a look at the various benefits of Tulsi Tea:

1. Boosts Immune System:

With amazing anti-biotic, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, tulsi boosts the immune system of the individual and keeps infections at bay. Consuming tulsi tea regularly can thus help one stay healthy and fit even in the worst weather conditions!

2. Treats Respiratory Issues:

Whether you are suffering from mild cold, cough or severe asthma or bronchitis, consume tulsi tea to get instant relief. The immunomodulatory qualities of tulsi boost an individual’s immune system. Its antitussive qualities suppress cough and its expectorant traits help in the expulsion of phlegm. Camphene, cineole and eugenol essential oils in tulsi help in relieving the symptoms of chest congestion. Overall, tulsi tea is one solution for all the symptoms of cold, cough and other respiratory issues.

3. Supports Heart:

Tulsi tea contains magnesium in good amounts. Magnesium is one mineral that has an active role in preventing heart diseases by ensuring the proper blood circulation in the vessels. Magnesium plays an effective role in preventing the cholesterol from depositing in the blood vessels and thus avoids any kind of atherosclerosis risks. This is one reason why those who consume tulsi tea regularly, tend to have lower blood cholesterol levels.

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4. Cures Fever:

In conditions where an individual has fevers (dengue, malaria etc), tulsi tea acts as a perfect anti-biotic that reduces the fevers and speeds up the recovery process. Being an antibiotic, tulsi tea acts on the microorganisms leading to fevers, thus eliminating the every root of it.

5. Stressbuster Agent:

The levels of the stress hormone, or cortisol in our body are maintained by consuming tulsi tea regularly. At the same time, tulsi tea’s properties ensure a healthy blood flow that helps one stay healthy and fresh.

6. Oral And Dental Health:

Tulsi contains antimicrobial properties with which it fights the germs and bacteria that act inside our mouth and on our teeth. It can also prevent troubles like ulcers and pyorrhea if consumed regularly. At the same time, tulsi tea acts as a mouth freshener and prevents bad breath. However, one should avoid chewing tulsi leaves directly as that could harm the tooth enamel. Having tulsi tea instead is a healthier alternative in this regard!

7. Benefits Skin And Hair:

The anti-oxidant properties of tulsi tea make it an excellent tonic for maintaining the health and beauty of the skin. It contains polyphenols that help fight the signs of aging like wrinkles and black spots. Tulsi also contains properties that reduces itchiness on the scalp, hence controls hair fall.

8. Good For Diabetics:

Those who are suffering from diabetes must consume tulsi tea on a regular basis as it helps in reducing the blood sugar levels. Tulsi has properties to boost the body metabolism and thus uses the excess sugars to transform them into energy. This therefore reduces the risk of high blood sugar levels.

9. Treats Arthritis:

Tulsi tea has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties with which it can be an effective solution for treating the symptoms of joint-related issues like arthritis. Consuming tulsi tea in such conditions, helps reduce the pain and the inflammation in joints. It makes the patients feel better in a natural manner!

10. Cures Headaches:

Headache is emerging as an ailment that is affecting the health of most people these days. The main reason of it is the busy schedules, odd timings of work, sleep deprivation, and eating disorders. However, consuming tulsi tea amid all this can help one get relief from fatigue and stress. Tulsi tea has an aroma that has been proven to cure migraines and eliminate other stress related issues.

11. Aids Weight Loss:

Tulsi tea acts on the metabolic rate of an individual, thus it leads to the burning of body fat. It is one of the most natural and effective methods of losing weight. Tulsi tea boosts the metabolic rate, thus causes weight loss in an easy manner.

12. Boosts Digestion:

Tulsi tea is highly helpful in ensuring proper digestion, assimilation and absorption of carbohydrates, proteins and lipids. Consuming tulsi tea regularly promotes easy digestion of food. This tea helps in maintaining healthy functioning of the liver, which is an important organ for the digestive process.

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13. Supports Renal Health:

One of the greatest tulsi tea benefits is that it is a wonderful detoxifier and diuretic. It helps to ensure the healthy functioning of the kidneys. Tulsi tea helps in avoiding the kidneys from producing excessive uric acid. It also helps in the breakage of kidney stones. Even for the patients who have kidney stones already, tulsi can help in reducing the pain.

14. Reduces Chances Of Cancer:

Since tulsi tea helps in the removal of toxic materials from the body, it prevents the formation of cancerous cells in it. It thus helps in reducing the chances of any kinds of cancer. Also the anti-carcinogenic properties of tulsi tea help in the treatment of breast and oral cancers.

15. Helps Quit Smoking:

With its stress busting qualities, tulsi tea helps those who would like to quit smoking. It has been found that stress is one of the prime reasons for smoking. Thus, tulsi tea helps in relieving this issue from the root itself!

These are the amazing benefits of tulsi tea for both the body and mind. Are you still in a dilemma whether to include it or not? But be aware is to consult your doctor when you are in any course of medications. Share your valuable feedback with us if you are already in this routine.

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