Top 15 Yoga Videos From YouTube July 28, 2016

Fitness centers, gyms, running on treadmills—all these are passé! The newest trend is to work out from the comforts of your home! How can you do that? Simple —follow an online yoga class! Sounds improbable?
With StyleCraze, it’s now possible. With the list here, you can get the best of the health benefits, without any extra cost. Now you no longer need to sweat hard at the gym to gain or lose weight! All you need is an hour’s practice of yoga every day.

Yoga for beginners videos can be tricky as there are numerous styles of yoga that serve different purposes. Yoga videos for beginners are perfect for young, athletic and mature individuals. Always start your yoga at a gentle, slow pace.

Yoga does not have any side effects. It acts as a stress buster for those who lead a stressed life. It even helps you to relax. It gives you all that is needed to lead a stress-free, healthy, and rejuvenated life.
But one can’t just learn yoga by reading about it. Yoga only works wonders if you practice it in the right way, with the right intensity and with the right kind of guidance. All of this can be learnt through the best YouTube yoga videos out there. These videos help you to see, understand and learn the right techniques to practice asanas/ poses.
So here we are with the top 15 yoga YouTube videos to help you get started. Watch these videos for a better understanding of yoga, its meaning, its asanas, the correct way to practice them and its benefits.

1. Yoga For Complete Beginners

This video gives you an insight on the basic/ beginner’s yoga asanas, which one can easily practice at home. This video has been perfectly designed by Yoga Vidya English. Learn the gentle yoga asanas to relax your mind, body and soul.

2. Wai Lana Yoga: Easy Series, Beginners’ Workout

Wai Lana is a popular, well-experienced yoga instructor. She hosts her own television show that is shown worldwide. She has a serene and peaceful approach towards yoga. This makes this DVD a good choice for newcomers. It starts with an introduction to yoga and asanas that can help you to loosen your joints, learn stretching, reduce stress, strengthen the abs and firm the buttocks. The videos in this DVD will inspire you to develop a routine to fit into your daily lives.

3. Kundalini Yoga for Beginners and Beyond by Ravi Singh and Ana Brett

Kundalini yoga is a perfect blend of physical and meditative discipline. This includes many techniques, poses, movements and breathing exercises to relax your body and mind. Kundalini yoga is also known as “yoga of awareness”. These yoga videos help its viewers to learn Kundalini yoga that strengthens and reshapes the body. It has two 25 minute sets. The first helps you to maintain a healthy back and re-energize yourself, while the second improves the suppleness and youthfulness of your skin. This DVD has meditation and relaxation exercises videos. Ravi Singh and Ana Brett are popular yoga instructors among celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Donna Karan, Madonna, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

4. Ashtanga Yoga Introductory Poses with Nicki Doane

Ashtanga is also known as “power yoga”. This has less of meditation and more of strength and stamina development techniques. Hence, the poses are difficult and mostly preferred by athletes. This yoga DVD has videos for beginners that can help you to learn Ashtanga yoga. The video starts with the unique Adho Mukha Svanasana and focuses on the moves of Surya Namaskara. It includes flowing postures that link your body, mind and breath.

5. Back Care Yoga for Beginners with Rodney Yee

Yoga can help to strengthen the muscles of your back and improve the body posture. This yoga DVD has videos that can help people with back pain. It has two 20-minute workouts that will reduce stress, improve your posture, strengthen your back muscles and enhance body flexibility. This starts with breathing exercises to relax tension, then goes on to strengthening exercises and concludes with deep relaxation techniques.

6. Yoga For Weight Loss

Is increasing weight concerning you? It’s time you stop worrying! Watch this unique YouTube yoga video which focuses on the asanas/ poses which help you in losing weight naturally. This video is designed by Adriene and focuses on asanas which help in reducing belly fat. The asanas are designed in such a way that even a beginner with yoga can easily practice them at home. The video has a clear explanation of the way the asanas should be practiced. Follow the simple rules, master the art of yoga, and say goodbye to the excessive fats in your body.

7. Yoga Video To Gain Height

This video is specially designed for the ones who want to gain height naturally. Practice these yoga postures suggested by Vimal Vyas and I am sure you will definitely feel rejuvenated and healthier than before.

8. Face Yoga

Face yoga, sounds strange, right? But it’s actually not as strange as it sounds. Face yoga is a unique aspect of yoga which helps in relaxing your facial muscles. One can perform these facial exercises/ face mudras for 10-15 minutes every day and get that rejuvenated look back! Check out this video by Ranjana Khan and work it out at home in few simple and easy steps.

9. Pilates Yoga

Have you ever heard or practiced or seen pilates yoga workout? If no, then this is the one for you! You must practice it. Watch this exclusive video especially crafted for beginners. This video will guide you on the dos and donts while practicing Pilates yoga.

10. Kripalu Yoga With Sudha Carolyn Lundeen

Kripalu yoga includes more of meditation and breathing techniques. This creates a link between your body, mind and energy. Kripalu Yoga Gentle DVD has videos that provide a gentle approach to Kripalu yoga, especially for beginners. This starts with an easy flow from pose-to-pose.

11. Larry Payne’s Prime of Life Yoga- Immune Booster And General Conditioning

This DVD by Larry Payne has videos that provide safe, user-friendly yoga routines. This is best for the aged, beginners or ill people. These videos will help you to gain strength, flexibility and vitality while relaxing your mind.

12. Yoga For Combating Stress

Leading a stressed life? Happens with many! It’s time you detach yourself from the stressed environment around you. Take a step closer towards a healthy lifestyle. Practice yoga asanas! This yoga video on YouTube designed by Mayo Clinic helps a person in learning the best easy-to-learn yoga asanas in few simpler steps.

13. Sitting Fit: Easy & Effective Chair Yoga By Susan Winter Ward

This DVD is headed by the famous certified Anusara Yoga Teacher, Susan Winter Ward. She guides you throughout the video with simple, yet effective seated exercises. This can be done with limited mobility or even at your desk. These are useful to relieve stress and tension, stimulate blood circulation in your body and calm your mind.
The DVD includes nine 3-5 minute videos that have:

  • Breathing asanas
  • Head, Neck and Shoulders yoga
  • Hands and Wrists yoga
  • Arms and Upper Back yoga
  • Hips and Lower Back asanas
  • Hamstrings and Forward Bends
  • Abdominal exercises
  • Feet exercises
  • Meditation

14. Power Yoga

This one is exclusively for those who live the rushed life. Practice intense power yoga asanas and build up your body’s mechanism two times faster. This yoga video on YouTube is presented by Gaiam Search. It demonstrates yoga asanas for reducing those excessive fats and makes you look slimmer. It includes asanas like Virabhadrasana, Padungusthasana, Urdhva Dhanurasana, and others.


15. Yoga For Advanced Practitioners

This yoga video is for those who have been practicing yoga for quite a few years. This video, designed by Tara Stiles, focuses on the intense yoga moves for advanced practitioners. It lays focus on the inversion yoga poses. Check out this video and take a step closer towards losing weight faster.

Give that unique yoga touch to your life and add to its beauty! Practice the simple and easy asanas listed and demonstrated in these yoga videos YouTube and you will definitely see a positive change in yourself. Look good, feel good.

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