Zen Yoga – What Is It And What Are Its Benefits? June 13, 2016

Yoga is a blend of many beliefs and practices.  The world has slowly discovered the numerous health benefits of yoga for the mind, body and spirit. It can be quite a thrilling experience to start or practice yoga, but keep your safety in mind.

Zen yoga is all about the power of the postures, movement flow, the dynamic feeling, and the philosophy. This fulfils the rich history of yoga.

What is Zen yoga?

Zen yoga is a different form of traditional yoga. It is combined with different philosophies of traditions from eastern region. This accomplishes the old health and fitness traditions for good health.

The philosophy of Zen helps you to be mindfully aware in the present moment by improving your concentration.

Where did it come from?

Yoga originated in India and was practiced by Buddha. Zen yoga was founded by Aaron Hoopes to increase accessibility for the people who were less athletic and active. He wanted to control interference and learn concentration to control his spirit.

The principles of zen and yoga are a perfect combination of philosophies from qigong, shanti yoga, and tai-chi. This is useful to increase flexibility and breathing.

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What does Zen yoga include?

Zen flow yoga consists of simple breathing, movement and stretching exercises. This can be done by individuals of any of age, fitness levels, or health.  This also includes meditation that strengthens your mind, body, and spirit. This is completely safe, as it has gentle and simple exercises.

  • The exercises and movements in Zen yoga are inspired from tai chi, popular Chinese martial art. Zen yoga has slow and controlled movements.
  • The chi Kung or qigong breathing technique helps to stimulate and balance your body.
  • Qi is the important energy required for your body. Gong is to gain power and control that helps in achieving goal. This helps you gain more energy, flexibility, and concentration.
  • Shanti yoga techniques are also in the Zen yoga practice. This yoga has movements that work against the gravity. They are simple and slow movements, but very therapeutic and beneficial. This helps in good body functions, decrease pain, reduce illness, and lower stress levels. This can be best for people suffering from chronic pain.
  • Zen yoga uses meditation as a technique to relax the mind and soul. This helps in concentration and clears your mind thoughts. This can be useful to reduce stress and feel relaxed. Zen yoga is also helpful in controlling anger or negative reactions.

A few facts you should know about Zen yoga:

  • Zen yoga can be practiced by everyone.
  • Survey the practicing area properly. You can choose your own home, class or group environment.
  • You will need a mat to practice Zen yoga. Your mat should have non-slip grip. This gives you proper grip and good movement.
  • Always start with instructor’s expert advice if you are practicing yoga for the first time. This will help you perform your poses properly.
  • Know your body and ensure that mind and body are in sync while practicing yoga.
  • Do all the Zen yoga poses without stiffness.
  • Do the poses according to your ability and flexibility of the body.
  • Consult your doctor before practicing Zen yoga if you suffer from osteoporosis or back problems.
  • Always start with introductory classes for Zen yoga to enjoy all the health benefits.

So, when are you starting Zen yoga? Leave your comments below.

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