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Celes Medical Nutrition Therapy - Proven & Personalised Diet Guidance For You

celesMs. Divya before she signed up for Celes MNT

Dear Reader,

The diet sheet that you will receive is a great start!

But what if I told you that there is a better and a faster way to lose weight?

Introducing Celes Care's breakthrough Medical Nutrition Therapy. A scientific nutrition program designed by some of India's best women nutritionists. A wellness program that is personalised to suit your body type and your lifestyle. This is a sure-shot way to lose weight naturally.

Read on, and I hope you'll make the most of it. Like the thousands of modern Indian women who changed their lives and lifestyles with Celes MNT.

30 Mins One-to-One Voice Consultation

Get in touch with an expert nutritionist who is medically and scientifically trained to understand the needs of your body based on a one-on-one conversation with you. This helps the nutritionist understand your lifestyle and food habits better and design a custom plan for you.

Detailed Nutritional Assessment

This is one of the differentiators that Celes offers. You will be taken through a detailed, proven nutritional assessment that helps define your body type, the pros and cons of the same and how best you can build on the positives and tackle the negatives to develop a fitness goal that is suited to your body type.

Personalised Dietary Guidelines

Based on your nutritional assessment and the one-on-one call, the nutritionist comes up with personalised dietary guidelines.

Customised Weekly Menu

You will be given a 7-day unique and customised menu that includes proteins, nutrients and a sufficient number of carbs to help you achieve your diet goals.

Daily Recipes & Best Practices

This is another unique feature of MNT. We will not suggest expensive and hard to find foods and veggies or give you standard salad recipes with exotic vegetables and sauces just to make it sound cool.

We will sit with you, discuss your eating habits, the cuisine you like and the foods and veggies that are easily available in your local store and build a customised recipe menu + best cooking practices. This will help you maintain your diet without losing a sense of taste or spending on expensive ingredients that you do not relish.

90 Days Email Chat Support

Get in touch with your personalised nutritionist on a daily basis. Something that is not possible even with the nutritionist at your gym or in your locality. You can get in touch every single day – share the problems you have or ask for help with the recipes or new practices that will help build on the solid MNT plan that has been designed for you. This is to maximise the benefits you can achieve with the MNT program.

How Is MNT Different?

celesIndia's first Medical Nutrition Therapy for women, by women

Normal diet charts will only provide you basic data about the foods to eat or avoid and, at most, a one-day menu. Whereas with Celes MNT, the nutritionist considers your diet restrictions (veg, non-veg, lactose intolerant, etc.), culinary preferences (North Indian, etc.) and your fitness goals to come up with the best solution to help you. You will get a seven-day plan with enough variety and options so that you do not get bored while achieving your goal.

So here’s how the MNT Program actually works (Once You Book Your Session On This Page) :-

Step 1 - You will be redirected to secure payment gateway

Step 2 - You will need to enter your contact details for Celes Nutritionists to get in touch with you

Step 3 - You will be assigned an expert nutritionist who will call you based on your convenience and know your body type, lifestyle, eating habits and health conditions.

Step 4 - The nutritionist will design a diet regime based on the food preferences you have. She will also discuss with an expert chef who would design a set of recipes based on your preferences.

Step 5 - Celes will share your diet regime and the food recipes based on your preferences.

Step 6 - The nutritionist will be available on a 90-day email chat support to guide you through your transformation and will suggest new and better plans, diets and fitness hacks to help you reach specific health goals in just 90 days.


STYLECRAZE Endorses this nutrition program based on the many positive reviews it has received from its community of readers/users, and by the fact that this is a scientifically proven advisory program that is vetted by certified nutritionists.

Hear From Our In-House Experts


This program is truly innovative and the fact that we can be in touch, converse everyday and give suggestions based on their daily needs makes it a one-of-a-kind medical nutrition program in India.

- Dr. Lavanya Aribandi, Chief Medical Officer


This combines the best of modern nutrition therapy and healthy Indian food habits to give you a hybrid, medically proven diet plan that perfectly suits your body constitution. If there is a medically and scientifically proven therapy to be fit, that is easy and affordable - it is this program.

- Dr. Sandhya Puli, Medical Operations

Fit, Fab & Healthy – Happy MNT Followers


I had signed up for almost all the gyms in my area at some point in time. They looked nice, the trainers were good in some, but the weight loss was never sustainable. But one day, my gynecologist told me about Celes and how it is just very user-friendly. I signed up not believing in these online programs, but I was totally wrong. Celes is very good. The doctor actually helped plan my diet with veggies and dishes I eat every day. So, it wasn't bland food either, and it's been 8 ½ months now – I have been losing 2 kgs every month consistently with little walking every day.

- Sugandha Shetty, Bangalore


Celes is for modern working people as well as housewives. My mother-in-law and I both tried this plan. She stays at home, and I go to office – both of us have lost weight. We built a better, healthier bond too – making our diets together and chatting while cooking new recipes every day. Celes will work, it is fun also. I suggest every woman who is putting on weight due to varied issues to try their MNT program. It is simple and life-changing at the same time.

- Dolly Singh, Hyderabad

Value You Will Love

The Celes MNT program is so valuable and life changing that it is actually priceless.For a second, let's talk about the money we've all spent on random things.

A day at the beauty parlour is Rs.1500

A movie at your fav multiplex over the weekend is Rs.1500

Two-way taxi charge to office on a busy weekend is Rs.1500

A meal for two at Pizza Hut is Rs.1500

A visit to that fancy grocery store is Rs.1500

A decent hair fall shampoo that rarely works is also Rs.1500

And Celes Medical Nutrition Therapy with a one-on-one consultation with a nutritionist, exclusive 7 days a week diet plan with 4 recipes customised to your needs and 90 days of everyday support is also just Rs.1500!

Now just imagine pleasure of your partner being proud of your transformation, the pride in knowing that you are now the person you’ve always wanted to be.The joy of fitting into your old favourite dress, the thrill of knowing that people are overawed by your phenomenal change and the fact that you are healthier, fitter and happier than ever before is truly priceless.

But these aren’t dreamy ideas, there are real and actual possibilities with Celes MNT. Thousands of young, working and modern women like you have taken up this challenge and have sailed through like stars!


Here’s Why Medical Nutritional Plan Is What You Need Right Now

JunoMs. Divya After 90 days of Celes MNT Program

Now Get The Medical Nutrition Plan With 90 Days Support Worth Rs.1499/- @ Just Rs.999 Only (Limited Period Offer) It isn’t just a diet plan or a food chart, but a life enhancing experience as our expert nutritionist will be in touch with you everyday - for the next 90 days to guide you with your, diet, weight and healthy eating to achieve your fitness goals!


100% Satisfaction Guarantee & Money Back Policy

Celes is truly different. We really want you to see a positive change and would like to take that promise a step further by offering a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are unhappy with the service that you've received you can get in touch with us and claim a full refund of your consultation fee.

Life Goes On... But Here's A Chance To Make It Better - Don't Waste It

My decision to signup for the MNT program was truly life changing. Personally, I became a confident person who is happy with my body. But I could imagine how it would've been without MNT.

- I would've been that self-conscious, self-depreciating person I did not like

- I would've still been wearing those over-sized chudidhars and dupattas over t-shirts

- I would've been binge eating to find happiness

- I would've been far less healthier

- I wouldn't be happy

And most importantly, I wouldn't have been confident and proud of how I looked and who I am. You've a chance and I really hope you make the most of it. This is not a diet chart you find on the net, or guidance from a local gym trainer, this is 90-day wellness program with an expert nutritionist guiding you on a path to health, fitness and happiness.

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Confidence Of Having The Body You Like Is Priceless..

celes"I'm now healthy, happy & fit" - Ms. Divya

Have you ever imagined what it must feel like to have the perfect body?

To be calm and reassured when you walk into a crowd, knowing that there is nothing to hide, nothing to feel overly uncomfortable with or feel less confident about..What must it feel like to not hesitate to wear a dress you always liked because you love the way you have the best body you’ve ever known, and flaunt it with ease..

Can you imagine the feeling of being utterly liberated from having to think about how much of your tummy is showing or if a certain attire would be too tight?

To not care about weight-loss trends or home remedies, to know that you have a beautiful, healthy and fit body that needs no concealers, no loose dresses or dark colours that you always hated…

Suddenly everything you thought impossible for yourself becomes a reality, your best friend’s honest compliment, the second glances , the admiring glances from strangers, the voice in your head approving of your new look and just knowing that there’s nothing to complain about.

You see, when the perfect body becomes your reality...

THAT is Priceless.


Frequently Asked Questions

We have experienced, medically certified nutritionists with years of consulting experience. They are tech-savvy, know the diet plans that suit your body and have helped thousands of young modern women like you with their weight management.

Any diet counselling​ begins with your therapist understanding you better and gaining perspective about your personality preferences, needs, and the difficulties you are facing. The results are generally seen in a month and by the end of the program which would be 3 months - you will be able to see a visible difference.

Definitely! We use an advance payment gateway, which uses multiple encryption keys methods to process the payment.


*Disclaimer: Medical Nutrition Therapy from Celes Care is an expert assisted medical program that helps in weight & nutrition management through scientific processes. This is not a miracle weight loss program that promises magical results. This program will help you optimize your diet & nutrition requirements to reach your fitness goals.