Top 4 Essential Skin Care Tips For Every Woman

Who doesn’t want skin that is gorgeous and glowing?

No matter who you are and what you look like, your skin is the foremost physical trait you constantly worry about. Right from when you turn 13, trying to get through puberty blues, to when you are 25 and wondering why on earth is your skin still a victim of those vicious breakouts while all your friends look absolutely flawless at this peak age, to when you are 36, popped a kid or two out, having absolutely no time to deal with pigmentation or tan, to when you are 50, wondering if all this even matters anymore, you might just continue reading that comforting book you picked up a week ago, instead of worry about fine lines.

Listen to me, don’t give up. Skin care comes easy. Being able to spare 20 minutes a day for your skin is more than enough. I’m here to give you some helpful skin antidotes.

1. Less is more

You can start with chucking away most of your cosmetics. Keep it minimal. All your fairness creams and anti-aging potions are full of harmful chemicals. You aren’t gaining much when you cake your face with layers of makeup either. Stick to the basics- A sunblock that suits your needs, a good moisturizer, statement eyeliner and lipstick. Keep primer and concealer only for big occasions and not everyday use.

2. Au Naturale

Chemicals are out. Ayurveda is in. Why burn a hole in your pocket for greasy cosmetics full of chemicals that come with side-effects? Ayurveda doesn’t seek to transition your face from one form to another. Rather, it unearths your beauty from under layers of tan, rough and dry skin, acne, pigmentation, scars and fine lines. Ayurveda is not just a beauty trend, it’s a lifestyle. The result? Excellent physical and emotional health.

3. Your new makeup kit- The kitchen cabinet

Since I have already asked you to get rid of most of your skin care cosmetics, I’ll tell you what you can replace them with. Don’t grab your purse to run an errand now. Go to your kitchen and open the groceries cabinet, say hello to your new skin care buddies. Lemons, honey, yogurt, milk, olive oil, orange peels, apple cider vinegar, etc. The no of miraculous home remedies involving these products are countless!

4. Diet

What’s more important that what you treat your skin to on the outside? How you treat it from the inside. This is where your diet comes into picture. A hardcore skincare regime is of no use if you follow it up with a greasy burger and french fries tossed in oil that is enough to cook for an entire class of high schoolers. Cut down on the carbs, opt for fresh food rich in protein and vitamins. Replace alcoholic and sugary drinks with water. Drink a glass of water every hour.

Our creators, Dr Manjusha Maneri and Bindu Amrutham went through bad skin days just like the rest of us. Experimenting with all kinds of beauty products only resulted in bitter experiences.

Dr.Manjusha Manneri
Bindu Amrutham

Dr Manjusha Manneri is a certified Ayurvedic Physician who studied authentic Ayurvedic scriptures under a renowned guru. Bindu Amrutham took up a research in the field of organic cosmetic science and is now a certified organic cosmetics formulator. Both have launched brands with products whose aim is complete skin rejuvenation.

What do their products have in common?

Raw and organic ingredients. The brands, Royal Indulgence and Suganda, solely follow anti-aging and detoxification techniques, traditional medicinal and beauty formulations, and natural and organic skincare. Here are the highly successful skincare products launched by them under their organic personal care brands- Royal Indulgence and Suganda.


Royal Indulgence Lodhradi skin repair face mask

Lodhradi is a centuries old Ayurvedic solution that counters premature aging, acne, tan, scars and blemishes repairs damage, detoxifies and gives your skin a youthful glow. Made from Lodhra, Dhanyaka and Vacha- three potent herbs handpicked by our experts, you can undo skin damage in 30 days!

Rs.1,499 only

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Royal Indulgence Kumkumadi

Kumkumadi aims to uncover your natural light skin by getting rid of clusters of pigmentation accumulated in your skin over the years. With its skin lightening process, Kumkumadi makes the melanin leave your skin quickly through cell renewal. Made with Saffron, goat milk, and a base formula, it slows down the rate at which melanin is produced in your skin.

Rs.1,999 only

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Suganda Acne Neem Green Tea Face Pack and Suganda White Lotus Moisturizer

An organic face pack for those with acne prone skin. Suganda is made from neem extracts, green tea extracts and rice. These organic ingredients do not dehydrate your skin, do not cause side-effects, are anti inflammatory, remove free radicals and thus slow down the aging process.

Rs.1,499 only

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Follow up the pack with the white lotus moisturizer, a hydrating and acne healing product that lightens, hydrates and nourishes your skin. It is made from an oil-free gel, water lily extracts and Vitamin B3 that control oil, hydrate the skin, even the skin tone, reduce acne and signs of aging. Both these products are 98% organic and guarantee to rid your skin from dreadful acne.

Don’t believe me? We have our happy and satisfied clients sharing their feedback and stories after using the products. Say goodbye to skin problems, hello to flawless skin!