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"When A Child Gives You A Compliment, You Can Be Sure It's Undoubtedly Sincere."

Madhushila Biswas, Kolkata

"Hi, I'm Madhushila, I am an English teacher at a reputed convent school in Kolkata.

Before I purchased this product... I questioned the quality, I questioned the brand, I was doubtful of its promises. I made several calls to the customer care and after much thought, I gave in. I was hoping that the product would provide some relief given its Ayurvedic origin and herbal ingredients.

Long story short, I used the pack mindlessly, every alternate day as recommended, and at the end of the week, it was one of my 5 yr old students who came up to me and told me I looked 'very bright and beautiful'. Not to be too dramatic, but I guess that was it. I knew the product was working.

It not only brightened my complexion but also got rid of forehead acne, whiteheads and uneven skin tone. It's been 3 months that I've started using Lodhradi and my skin only keeps getting better. I have sincerely recommended this pack to all my colleagues.

Wishing the best of successes for your brand."

What You Just Read Is Our Favorite Lodhradi Review So Far, But There Are Hundreds More. Here's A Glimpse.

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Vandana P.
I have started using it. It's awesome. I feel my skin has become soft and a tone lighter. Will start using the Facebook too
Sonam T.
It made my skin smooth and soft.
Mahe S.
I'm really very happy... It's working on my face...thank you Lodhradi....
Nivedita S.
It cleans the face really well.....n doesn't leave it dry!! It's like magic. Has an effect of facial.... Love it
Neelam A.
I am useing this product from last one month and this second month going,skin texture is improving but it will take time.useing it every alternative day with milk .
Preeti K.
I jst loved this side effcts at all...instant glow and fair complexion
Sapna S.
Skin Feels good and fresh. I don't know how effective it is on acne n pigmentation as it's not very long since I started using it. But definitely leaves your skin smooth n soft. I'm hoping and being positive that it will show results soon.
Savita G.
I think I got a complete package to all my skin problems. For a sensitive skin with red spots like mine, Lodhradhi is the best one. Thank god! I didn't get any reactions this time. Happy me :)
Sapna S.
Hi its just the second day of application and I already feel it's working. Hope I'm right? Skin feels fresh and smooth. I would share my experience after 15days when hopefully there's a visible difference. But so far so good. Thank you. Hope it works so that I can recommend the product to my friends and ask my daughter to use it as well.
Hema D.
Feels fresh and feels clean! One of the best!
Sonia O.
Vry nice product guys!!!it really give life to your face !! I like it☺️☺️
Leela R.
Definitely good
Payal H.
I am quiet happy with the results!!!!would like to continue in d future too.😊
Durga A.
I have been using this pack since the past two weeks. I do see an improvement. My pigmentation is visibly lighter, my skin feels soft and my forehead wrinkles are slightly less deep. I am waiting for the wrinkles at the eye corner to disappear. Looking forward to further improvement . Kudos to you Lodhradi🖒👌.Thanks.
Thara S.
Hi there , Mine is pimple prone ,very sensitive and oily skin. By this it is uneven skin tone. After using lodhradi firstly my size of pimple became small and skin tone is good .
Zeenat K.
5/29/2017 is best for every skin..
Chitra B.
I like your product.
Sunita A.
I absolutely like this product as it is all natural and see the effect after the use of mask every time... funny but smells like some Indian sweet!! Good experience would recommend to the most!! Thankyou for coming up with this beautiful product!
Reena G.
Wonder full experience 💕
Awesome product.. It cleanses skin very well. Reduces fine lines. Visible effect from 1st use and it not even let my skin dry.
Rajeshwari S.
Feeling good.
Krishnakumar M.
Excellent product. I am using it for the past 15 days and I see changes on my face. I had very deep pores and now it is reduced. It's working. Thanks to the product developers.
Kamia B.
Amazing product ,,I loved it.thankyou
Misha H.
It's amazing
Sandhya K.
It is a good product I loved it
Alvira K.
Tasneem M.
My skin feels soft n even
manjula r.
yeah definately i recommend all of my friends to use lodradhi and get benefited. i really saw a change in my skin i dont know how long it is going to be, its a coolent even it smells good and it really really works.
Kavita K.
Excellent product
Shahin K.
This is good product I feel good
Akhila L.
It's a wonderful product... I totally loved it.. I had uneven skin tone and oiliness , using this mask now it's been clear... my face looks fresh whole day..
Nibedita B.
I'm loving it. ..
Jaskaran S.
I think it worked wonder for my stubborn pigmentation on forehead which it removed over period of time with recommended use mixed with milk. What can be better thank nourishing your skin without damaging it. The best part is that it's is 100 percent natural.
Vandana S.
Hi guyzzz.. I am very glad to find lodhradi for my skin starts glowing after using this pack.. I am using it from 2 months back... N it really works.. I tried so many products before using it n spent lots of money on it... Actually I want something that works on my skin.. My skin was damaged n had sunburn... My skin was patchy.. N I got malasma patches after pregnancy on my cheeks..m struggling from this since eight years... But now m satisfied with this product.. M using it from last two months.. My sunburn disappear.. N I feel that it also start working on my malasma marks...I m sure one day I ll get clear skin... Thanks to royal indulgence lodhradi..
shreya s.
Product is excellent.
Beena P.
I have used many a face pack in my life to get rid of my pigmentation problem but this pack has been the best so far, it has made my skin a lot more even and softer. It's been 3 months of regular use and I do see results..... I'm being realistic when I say consistency is the key and I do have a long way to go to get the skin I desire.
Geetika G.
The product genuinely describes what it is in reality. It cleans the skin leaving behind soft touch feel. The pigmentation, acne, uneven skin tone - all seems to be left far behind. I would recommend this product very strongly to all. Please try it once and experience your own experience. I am sure you will Love it !!
Madhav P.
I have been using this product since last 15 days I quiet happy becoze my face look better than earlier ...I hope I will get more benifit of this product it
Narinder K.
It's very effective
Parminder K.
This review is after 1 month of skin is definitely looking better.Tan is definitely gone but still waiting for my pigmentation to go...i would love to buy this product again. Definitely recommend it.
Deboshree M.
Its absolutly amazing .. i have purchased it and didnt told anything to my husband . After 2 weeks his remark was your skin is glowing and its radiant . So this was it to get proof that its really visible.. me too find out that its really working . A 5 star to it .
Alfred K.
Alfred K.
Good product
Sudarsan S.
Lordhadi facepack is good for modern women now days i use it just 1 week its controls my face oil production ,all the white heads and black heads starts disappered once i wear this facepack alternate days i can notice at my finger while wash my face once facepack dries and pigmentation at my chin starts fade i also notice that .
Archana S.
It's lighting my blemishes slowly slowly,using it alternate day. once it's finished, i'll order again
sharan k.
well i can say am convinced with results in terms of face complexion.but i have extremly dry skin and after using the pack i still feel.strech in my skin can u suggest what is to be applied after facepack .so tht i cn feel it hydrated.and also suggest is the pack really beneficial for extremly dry skin ..
Seema A.
Ya I have been using it consistently for last 2 weeks find some difference in my melasma patches hopes it continues to work and gives the desired result.
Swapna P.
I started using it 3days back. It shows effect on 1st use. How frequent i can use.
bhakti d.
Awsme product
Anu j.
I haven't yet seen any visible results though I am using it regularly every alternate day. Maybe my skin needs more applications. Let's see.
dominic m.
i had purchased this product for my 16 year old daughter. she applied for one week and has seen some changes. after one month skin feels fresh and smooth but pimples disappear slowly. But so far so good and Thank you. Hope it works so that I can recommend the product to my friends and relative.
Swati R.
I've just used it twice yet but there seems to be a renewed glow which was disappearing with ageing after 42
Ekta S.
I have used it for 1 month there's only 10% change in my skin ,its not working on small pimples .I hve ordered another pack with a hope that my skin will be nice like before because i think its a slow process
It is a very good product and In past I have some blemishes on my face now it's very light and I know it will disappear soon..its working very affectively......
Sharenya A.
I love this product..It makes my skin soft and brightens my face... It doesn't clear acne scars completely...But it has satisfying effect on them...
Shoba D.
Its an awesome refreshing mask that makes one get the inner glow lost over a period of time due to pollution and various other reasons, Request you to keep the product quality and quantity without making changes to it.
Purvi T.
It's feels very nice and my skin become less spots and it's look fair and healthy thanks a lot
Hetal S.
I have started on the very second day of receiving it.using it as per direction with Rose water but still can't see changes..what should I do.
Rushmi D.
It's really nice but I would really appreciate if you could help me with some under eye dark circles product as well
prabhjeet k.
it is really helpful to gain facial beauty.
Lekha C.
The effect stays only for a day. One has to use it every day. It has very short term benefits.
Shameem K.
Hii guys this product s amazing😉.its definitely helping my skin to regain its softness an also lightening pigmentation does give dryness after u wash but regain after u have good sleep👍🏼
Sherin E.
It makes my blemishes lighten
Minakshi N.
I m liking ths product though I started using it from 4-5 days bt I can cum d change in my skin skin is glowing n also I can c spots on my nose is getting lighter after the 2 - 3 times of big thnx to ths product
Sukhvinder K.
Improved my skin texture
It's very useful to remove dead skin and get glowing skin
Reshma S.
Just used this today but could see a significant glow in the skin. Simply loved it. Will let you know my experiance after 30 days.
Jesmin N.
I have pigmentation on my face since 2 years and i tried so many products but till its not working so i just started to use this pack and i think its working! I hope this pack can help to remove pigmentation on my face and solve my problem permanently
Nazmine A.
good product really work on pimple from ist use
Aarya Y.
It works on my skin . Letus know if you have good offer to buy more
26A Pratapaditya Road 2.
No change as of now .. today is my third day of usage if it works I will definitely share my experience
Pratima T.
I am using it since three days and i can already feel the glow returning. Thank you so much for this product its worth the price !
Kalpana N.
I had ordered 1piece.then when it got over I ordered 3 with which I got 2 free.I must say the 1st jar was more effective.I felt fresh n radiant which is missing in this second lot.
Sumathi K.
felt smooth feeling of the skin.confident that my skin will get good shine.wish for whole body polish with such herbal ayuvedic product.
Jaya R.
Hi! I have just used twice n so I cannot say anything now. But I feel it is a good product n will work....👍
Polamuri S.
I started using since 4 days on every alternte day. waiting for the results.
S M.
Fortunately, i didnt get any burning sensation on my skin. It felt good on the first application. Could see a glow. After that, have applied couple of more times but i find no such difference in the glow. Lets see how it goes after furthur applications.
Anisa A.
Its superb...i could see the difference from day 1
shivani g.
Very nice and effective pack
Yesha P.
Very good product
Shweta D.
i just used for 4 alternate days but till the time i didn't see any positive change on my skin.but waiting for some positive change after a month.
kanika gupta g.
vry nyc product
Mariam A.
Been using it every alternate day for 2 weeks now. Didn't find any changes ..
Jayashree s.
Nice Product but still i have not got any result.
Priya J.
I feel there is some change. But my skin feels dryer.
Sayali P.
I have not seen not so much difference ....1 have completed my I jar ....I thought it will take time to see difference so I order again pack of ...
Shruti D.
Product is gud But makes skin dry
product is good and really feel difference in my skin. Good quality- 1. clear skin tan 2. pimple reduce 3. damage remove 4. clear fine lines Bad Quality- 1. Not according to skin type. 2. Whether mix it with milk or rose water not clear. 3. recommended by your department of customer care for skin type use rose water but it create irritation and redness in my skin. 4. after using skin become very dry. Still I feel would like to but another one but only when you can make change few parameters in your product. 1. after use skin should not feel so dry. 2. I purchased it for open pores but still not repair. 3. Irritation while using rose water as I feel redness after using it with milk so now change into rose water. 4. it reduce lines but not that effective. Please make it in way so that it can work for small pimples as well. Hope you like my comment. Shipra
Parul B.
It is really gud product made by you...well done
Razia S.
Good product though the actions are not immediate but works well
laxmi r.
As I have sensitive skin,it has helped me and I love it. Would like to tell everyone here that they should try it for the experience.
Manisha S.
It's OK... Did not make any significant change in my skin
Rozeena S.
I find it not compatible for my skin. It makes my face dry to the core. Not really planning to go ahead with it in future.
Roma V.
Could not find much difference in my skin n wrikles.
Sonalika s.
It's ok I m nt fully satisfied bt yeah I like it a bit bcz it moisture my skin
Sri V.
It's really nice and after I using that product I look pretty. I am very much impressed. Thanks
Priya B.
M using this for more than 2 months, i ordered 1 bottle n used it religiously, in few days in noticed 10% improvment but after that it just stucks, my bottly get finished then i ordered 3 bottle set n i found that there is no ticklic n sensation on my face when i apply it, moreover i found that my face doesnt look fair after washing. Thn i contact sandhya n told about my peoblem then she come out with the solution that delivered the bottles which is for those people. Who face much burning sensation and i got new 3 bottles M still usi g it but ho estly it is dishearten to say my impeovement is still stuck M really upset becsuse this was the only product which suits me in my entire life. I had a huge expextations. With it specially after 1 month bt i realy somtimes think that took wrong decision by ordering it again as i really cnt notice any improvement I have. Fine lines, wrinkles, loose skin a bit acne. Dull and there scars but it didnot work on any single thing. I noticed 10% improvement as i think my complexion becomes fair a bit that time but as m already fair but now m back where i have started I can say its not harming my skin but it is not at Ll improving the skin
Jennifer D.
I have a dry and a damaged and a tanned skin on my face with big pores and uneven skin tone all over with wrinkles and dark circles around my eyes. In summers my skin gets oily, sticky, visible pores, dull and tanned skin with heat boils over face and neck and the skin around my eyes looks horrible. Have been using Lodhradi Detoxifying Mask for the past 2 weeks now and have seen just a slight change in my skin texture which helps my skin glow alil bit. But am still worried if it will help me get rid of my pores, wrinkles and uneven skin tone. Wonder if this mask will help my skin looks fresh during summers too.
Zuali R.
Its a good one, planning to order more. I have a very sensitive skin, it works well and good on my skin.
Priya D.
I have finished 1 bottle .skin become soft other than no changes .Let me try 2nd bottle:-)
Shylon D.
I've been using it for last one month on alternate days...there isn't showing much difference...basically am using this for light pigmentation on cheeks.Nothing has changed so's more then four weeks now.
Leena P.
It doesn't work exactly as described ...
yashika r.
Amruta B.
Initially I found it good on the skin. Later I didn't see any improvement in the skin. I have almost finished using the pack. Not so great and found it highly overpriced.
Reshma R.
It works , great result . I just love this.
Midhu P.
The product is really worth and very useful in clearing skin blemishes and acne.
Dr Kapil S.
Wud love to order again.
priti k.
it is beautiful pack with tightens the skin , hence visible lines of wrinkles flatten off.Lightens the skin removed tans add fairness ...however leaves the skin.
Zareena M.
1001-02, Melody, Kesar Harmony, sector-6,kharghar,navi mumbai U.
I have been using this since a month but still no improvement. After my first application i got more acne. So i have stopped using it as off now.
Ritu R.
I m using d face skin s luking better but undereye circles n scars r still there.....will they disappear after regular uses of this pack???
Thomas B.
Best mask I've ever seen I was vexed using many over the counter products, after some research I wanted a special mask which would give me good and long lasting results. That's how I found this Detoxifying mask from Stylecraze. Initially I was expecting magic results in a day or two, but after continuous usage I found that my skin started loving this product. A great product to rely on. A very awesome product. Thanks a lot Stylecraze. :)
The best skin care product till date i travel for almost two hours a day in the peak time that affects my skin and over these years, my skin looks nothing like it was before. the tan, acne, pimples, and dull looking skin had me try everything that i could lay my hands on but nothing worked. but two months of proper use of this product has reversed all the damage and i can see my skin all beautiful and clear again. it is a magical product.
Great anti agent At my 40's i really doubted every anti ageing cream i tried, because nothing seemed to be working. But Lodhradi has got me looking younger than ever. i no more feel like im in my 40's and my friends have been asking me about this magical product. Not only me, every one can see a difference in my skin. Thanks Lodhradi
Baby soft skin I have a very sensitive skin so it did burn a lot at first. But after I removed the pack my skin felt so soft! It was unbelievable! With regular application my skin has really cleared up. I'd totally recommend this product.
My skin looks gorgeous Thanks to this wonderful Ayurvedic product... I have glowing skin! Over the years my skin had become really dull and even the skin texture was horrible... and I had tried every skin product in the market with little or no result and then i chanced upon Lodhradi! And, it has changed my look completely... I look fresh, look younger, and feel oh so beautiful :)
2 months of Lodhradi and I look 2 YEARS YOUNGER! This is the best anti-ageing product I have come across! I have lost count of the compliments I have received in the last one month! I started using Lodhradi 2 months ago and I look 2 years younger! It is nothing less than a miracle for me :)
Worth a try i was very sceptical about this product at first because i read it burned on the skin and stuff, but i still gave it a shot. and i bet it's worth every penny. it has undone all the damage i had caused to my skin over all these years and i have beautiful and clear skin that i instantly fell in love with. I'm never giving up on this product.
Satisfactory results You cannot ask for a better product than this one for all your skin problems. From acne to blemishes and fine lines, it waves it's magic wand on everything and leaves you feeling great and younger. And the compliments you get, makes you thank Lodhradi every single time. It's the best beauty product i have used till date and my love over it is never going away.
Blushing Bridal Glow I'm getting married next month. I needed something to make me look oh so pretty on my d-day! With a lot of scepticism I ordered this face pack online. But I can't tell you how much difference it has made to my skin. In just a month of application, my 'holiday tan' is completely gone (I did my bachelorette party in Goa sun :P) And, I have this amazing natural blush as my skin is glowing like anything. Everyone is teasing me, and I can't stop blushing (literally)! I love Lodhradi!
Thomas B.
greeaattt face pack for beautiful face! i like lodhradi a lot.. it is safe product i am saying after using it for 2 months... it is must should for working women like us who go out and get tan and other polutiions on our face
krutikakshi rao
Like it i like it
Usha K.
Its a face pack i like the lodhadri. it is good
Great for Oily skin Lodhradi is great for skin that is prone to pimples and acne, like mine. thanks to this wonderful product, i now have clear and blemish free skin that i always wanted.
Tan free skin! Lodhradi does wonders to your skin even if you have a tan that's stubborn and age old. I can see my skin glowing and there is no sign of tan. It's worth giving a try!
After just 2 applications my complexion became 2 shades lighter!! I had pigmentation from sun exposure. When I applied Lodhradi, the affected portions of my skin did experience the so called 'beauty burn' but it did resolve my skin issue. It made my skin supple. After just 2 applications my complexion became 2 shades lighter!! It was unbelievable. I now include it in my skincare regime without a fail. I love the product and I have already bulk ordered!
It improved my complexion! Lodhradi is a very refreshing mask. I love how it has cleared up my skin and improved my complexion. It does burn a little when applied, but the result is nothing less than a miracle.
Suneet B.
Baby like skin in days Though it burns a little, it's worth all the pain. it has taken away all the dead skin and dullness and the natural texture and softness has come back. I'm really surprised with the results as i had tried every other Ayurvedic product and nothing seemed to be working.
Jasmeet Kaur
It is valuable it is very effective and valuable for me... i had spots due to tan as i use my moped to travel to office which is in whitefield and my house is in hebbal, bangalore... so i really got effective results after using it for 25 days.. so im positive about it... the doctor who talked to me from the company said use it with rose water. that even helped more. so i suggestes rose water or milk for better results.. thanks to royal indulgence i have better skin with lesser tan
It's a wonderful product..really amazing My skin is very sensitive ..burns a little..but face became clear and smooth..
Thomas B.
wonderful.. expensive but worth the money - especially when there is such a good customer support to guide you with skin care! it worked for me... i was apprehensive when i bought this. i liked the way the mask cleared the dead skin, but it burnt for sure i was worried. I called the company and the doctor who answered actually heard me out before asking me to try it with milk... she even said she would waive off and give a refund if it didnt work. i thought it was a bet worth taking and continued its use for the next one month. it has given me good results now. as i have my niece's wedding coming up i thought it is worth buyin another pack to continue having good glow and soft skin with lodhradi than going for profesisonal makeup etc which would cost a bomb. it is actually a good deal if u buy the combo packs they have..2+1 is the best, i did the mistake of buyin one at a time and spent more... happy with the service and customer care guys - rarely an ayurvedic doctor answers ur calls and guides you... so happy
Amazing I just threw out all my beauty creams. This pack is amazing though I'm into fifties I bought this product online my age spots are disappearing ( I can say fading away) I thought it was my bad eyes but I'm getting more convinced it's real. I'm putting it arround my eyes too and while it may be too early to know for certain ( it's just three days I started using this product)
sonika Its quite good face pack for all type skin. My skin is sensitive but this product really good . after using this product my skin so soft .I use this product alternative after using 2tym my improvement on face .I wait for when my fine lines goes out. But product is quite good.
Good product I have been using this product since last 1week but since first 3 use I felt my skin became soft and even. I totally trust natural product as it gives a long lasting effect hopefuly it gives d same result as claimed by seller will definitely give my review after 1month will few more good points hopefuly. As of now thumbs up to lodhradi
Neela R.
Love it I just love this productb&.it is good for any type skin..also sensitive skin
Bhanu N.
Removes tan alot Vry gud but burns a lot...use with milk, removes tan very easily
Neeta Varghese
Very good in skin lightening and getting rid of small pimples that come on forehead
Mona Bhattacharjee
I love it Before when i applied foundation skin looked very uneven, now that problem is not there anymore, i love it, must have
good product Mild results for pigmentation but I did nt use it regularly
very nice Really lik this..good product..thumbs up!
Very good Burns a lot fr sensitve skin ...slow chnges bt results will b seen in a week or 15 days..
Mustaq A.
Very Good for removing sun tan Glow is there after 1 use..makes skin smooth and tan goes after some days..

Why Does Your Skin Need Royal Indulgence Lodhradi?

Free radical damage is an inescapable phenomenon affecting our skin (and bodies, in general) that occurs due to sun exposure and pollutants in our air, water, food and our environment in general. This is what causes or triggers most skin issues, but in particular premature ageing, i.e visible fine line, loss of collagen(tightness of skin) and wrinkles.

The only factor that can counter free radical damage is antioxidants, something missing in most of our cosmetics or added in insignificant amounts.

Royal Indulgence Lodhradi Works Best For You If:

Royal Indulgence Lodhradi Skin Repair


Royal Indulgence Lodhradi can be used by all within the age group of 15 and above. It safeguards and avoids side effects on even the most sensitive of skin types. The face pack can also be mixed with milk, honey or other to treat specific skin issues like acne, pigmentation, etc. Call us right now to talk to our skin experts at 040-39561410 or mail us at to find out the right application method for your skin issue.

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If you’re unhappy with the results mail or call us at ( & 040-39561410) to claim your money back.

It's that simple. At the end of 30 days, if you use the pack as directed and still don’t see results, let us know and we'll wire the money back to you- NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Note: This only applies if you’ve used the pack every alternate day for 30 days (15 uses), do that meticulously, now we have no way of knowing that for sure, but we are willing to take your word for it.

So follow the instructions right to see the miraculous results this product can offer!If you’re still skeptical about this, call us right now at 040-39561410 (I mean right now, while you’re reading this) to clarify this and be sure of the guarantee before you make your purchase.


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In September 2016, Lodhradi saw a huge success with a 99% positive response right in the first month of its sale online. Eventually, the demand grew so much out of reach we had to end sales to cater to the overwhelming numbers! Our inbox was flooded and our phones rang off the hook as thank you emails from our customers poured in. In December 2016, the Royal Indulgence Lodhradi production unit was tripled in numbers, we expanded our Ayurvedic expert team for consultation and had production per day scaled up to meet the growing number of orders.

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How do I know this product is safe to use?

This is a 100% natural product and has been clinically tested on various skin types with absolutely no side effects. However, test the product on the inside of your elbow before you use it to check for any allergic reactions.

Does this product have any side effects?

This product has NO side effects.

How long will it take for the product to be delivered?

You will receive the product within 3-5 Business days from the date of purchase.

How long do you take to dispatch an order?

We dispatch your order within 24 hours of purchase.

Is a Cash On Delivery (COD) option available?

Yes. If you’re not comfortable making an online payment, you can pay with the Cash on Delivery option where you pay in cash at the time of actual delivery of the product at your doorstep, without requiring you to make any advance payment online.

What is the ‘Your Money Back Guarantee’?

At the end of 30 days (15 uses) if you do not see visible results, you are entitled to a full refund of your purchase amount. To clarify/claim please call 040-39561410 or mail us at

Do you ship to all locations in India?

Yes we ship to all locations within India.

What are the shipping charges on this product?

There are NO shipping charges. We offer FREE SHIPPING to any location within India.

Is this product certified by a regulatory authority?

Yes, Royal Indulgence Lodhradi has been rigorously tested and certified by Ministry of AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy), Government of India.

Can Royal Indulgence Lodhradi be used by all age groups?

Yes, Royal Indulgence Lodhradi can be used for men and women of all age groups above 15 yrs.

Disclaimer: Royal Indulgence Lodhradi is not a cosmetic formulation that promises unbelievable results. It is a traditional Ayurvedic proprietary remedy which will help maintain your skin in good health and rejuvenate it naturally. Results after using Lodhradi may vary depending on the skin, health and climatic conditions.

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