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Dear Reader,

You probably think you take decent care of your skin, drink enough water, eat healthy, and use the best products for skin care. Great. Here’s some awful news for you though.

Your skin is ageing 2 times faster than you are. No, I'm not talking about the natural process of ageing. Your skin’s ageing process has accelerated by 2 times due to environmental aggressors and pollutants present everywhere.

Let me give you three reasons to take this very, very seriously.

You Can’t Escape Skin Damage – It’s All Around You!

Scars And Blemishes Need Your Care & Attention

You’re thinking your mother still looked pretty good at 30, 35, even 50? Wake up call. Good genes can do very little to help you.

Yes, what I’m saying is, it was way easier to have healthier skin in the 80s and 90s than it is now. If you’re reading this in 2017, living in a city or town in India, chances are, the following is true for you:

Your food is artificially enhanced, your water is polluted, microscopic specks of acid, smoke, soot and chemicals are released into the very air you breathe in from power plants, cars, construction sites, your usual environment.Your skin is having to put up a stronger fight against several destructible factors than anyone had to a decade ago!

The biggest damaging factor, however, actually hangs above our heads like impending doom for our skin – the sun. UV rays cause 90% of premature skin ageing , and if you don’t use sunscreen...phew. Good luck.

I’m not making things up; you don’t have to take my word for it. Science explains best!

The Science Behind Bad Skin

How Free Radicals Are Formed

The major culprit of premature ageing is the presence of free radicals (first proposed in 1956). In fact, free radicals in your skin are so damaging that they cause minute inflammations, photoageing, and even skin cancer! (Ermm). Not a claim, a fact.

What are free radicals and why should you even care about them?

A free radical is created when a simple molecule (stuff that everything is made of, even your skin) loses an electron. This loss leaves the molecule incomplete and turns it into a super wild free radical that bounces around your skin, trying to be complete again (aww).

While it does that, it causes severe damage to your cell membrane or even your DNA, just to fix the loss of an electron.

Bunch of science talk, I know. How does this actually affect your skin?

These free radicals might enter into a toxic relationship with organic substances like proteins in your skin and oxidize them i.e, ‘chemically burn’ them. Destroy them.

And the damage is what shows up right in time to ruin your morning.

Dark spots (also called sun spots), facial warts, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, fine lines, dullness, and the worst - loss of elasticity in your skin. There is also damage that isn’t visible to the naked eye.

So, now that you know what a free radical is, you would want to know what creates free radicals? Here’s the fun part.

Almost everything.

Anything that challenges the skin can create free radicals.

You get it – it’s a huge problem.

But don’t give up yet.

Ayurveda’s Best Kept Secret Revealed..

An effective anti- ageing solution from the prestigious science of natural healing, Ayurveda, is now being revealed to counter premature ageing and free radical damage! This secret formula created thousands of years ago by Ayurvedic healers using the most potent herbs from the lush valleys of the Himalayas is exceptional in its abilities to restore skin health and maintain a youthful glow that lasts.

Antioxidants Save The Day!

How Antioxidants Fight Free Radicals

Here’s where antioxidants come into play. Think of them as a superhero army that fight free radicals and stop them from harming your skin. And they do it in the most peaceful way ever.

Antioxidants have a free electron to donate, and hence, they neutralize the free radical and put an end to the damage.

Your body can actually produce antioxidants by itself to counteract the free radicals. However, this production decreases with age and is also slower. The resulting damage will hence be seen in loss of firmness, radiance, elasticity.

Remember, you are constantly being exposed to damage. And if you don’t do something about right away, you’ll regret it!

So, what exactly do you do?

Nothing. I Did All The Work, So You Could Have Perfect Skin Effortlessly For The Rest Of Your Life.

Dr.Manjusha Manneri, Ayurvedic Physician

Hi, I'm Manjusha Manneri, a practicing Ayurvedic Physician and skincare formulator.

I've spent 16 years of my adult life studying to be a practitioner and immersed in Ayurvedic skincare research.

But that's not what makes me different from the thousands of Ayurvedic physicians out there.

What makes me different is that, Ayurveda vaidyam, the practice of this form of medicine is ,literally, the ONLY THING I'M GOOD AT. I can't fold a sheet right to match corners perfectly, I don't drive very well and I'm always late.

But the only thing that burns a fire inside me and fuels my drive is my unwavering admiration of this ancient system of medicine. And that's what gives me an advantage over every other practitioner, I believe Ayurveda is my best shot, so I spend, every day, 24 x 7, 365 days a year immersed in its practice.

In year 2010, I made a life changing decision to create a legacy. 6 years back, I created Royal Indulgence and got one step closer. The time I spent in research (in fact, all my time, ) led me to understand the true potency of Ayurvedic compositions when blended with precision. I tested the potency of different formulations while altering the compositions of the same. After 33 iterations to the blend of 3 antioxidant rich herbs, I created a unique blend, a new secret composition that can simply trigger skin renewal multiple times over and bring forth a blemish free, imperfection free glowing complexion effortlessly.

This is my legacy.

Keep reading to know how this new composition works and the herbs that make it so incomparably potent.

Counter Premature Ageing And Over 14 Recurring Skin Issues

Introducing Royal Indulgence Lodhradi, the most antioxidant rich skin repairing solution from the prestigious science of natural healing, Ayurveda, that counters free radical damage, the underlying cause of all skin issues!

This secret formula created thousands of years ago by Ayurvedic healers uses the most potent herbs from the valleys of the Himalayas and is exceptional in its abilities to treat the root cause of every skin issue i.e, free radical damage, in turn helping clear the most stubborn skin problems effectively!

This formula helps solve:

Tan, Acne, Acne Scars, Pigmentation, Dark Spots, Fine Lines, Dullness, Whiteheads, Blackheads, Rough Skin Texture, Dark Patches, Uneven Skin Tone, Loss Of Elasticity, Puffiness, Premature Wrinkles, et cetera.

To know why this works so well, you must first understand ‘How’ this herbal formula scavenges the damaging agents in your skin.

It does it in 3 simple steps:

Step 1 Supplies a powerful dose of antioxidants to deactivate free radicals.

Step 2 Herbal nutrients repair the existing damage and beautify skin with nourishment.

Step 3 Prevents further skin deterioration by continuing the cycle of clearing free radical damage, resulting in a drastic reduction in skin issues.

It does all this without using any chemical based substances, only a specific composition of three herbs that do the job effectively.


Infused With Three Potent Herbs That Can Help Fight Skin Damage Naturally

The Royal Indulgence Lodhradi formula uses a unique, combination of three potent herbs – Lodhra, Dhanyaka, and Vacha, each containing powerful properties that would give top cosmetic brands a run for their money. Highly effective and difficult to process and store, these antioxidant rich herbs are attentively cultivated in the lap of ancient Ayurveda science itself – the pristine forests of Himalayas, Uttarakhand and Kerala.

Transform Your Skin With Ayurvedic Skin Repair!

Within 15 applications your skin transforms, looking brighter and healthier, as a result of a nutrition packed skin care regime that this skin repairing pack offers. All you need to do is use it religiously, every alternate day for 30 days!


Lodhra Visibly Tightens Skin Taking Many Years Off Your Face

Lodhra, the herb that boosts collagen, is the operative herb behind the 'botox' effect that Lodhradi gives. It lifts skin around the mouth and at the sides of the face, gently fading fine lines and wrinkles. Lodhra simply makes up for the reduced supply of collagen (naturally tightening skin protein) and visibly takes many years off your face!


Dhanyaka Lightens Skin To Get Up To Two Shades Fairer Within The 4th Application

Dhanyaka, the vitamin C rich ingredient is a strong potency skin lightener that drastically inhibits the production of melanin(skin darkening pigment) and even exfoliates additional melanin from the surface of the skin, lightening your skin's complexion visibly. You will also notice that any uneven darkening, stubborn tan, neck tan also fades away within the 4th application.


Vacha Brings A Natural Blush and A Healthy Glow To Tired & Grumpy Skin

Vacha, the anti-inflammatory agent will ensure any puffiness and swolleness is targeted and reduced. It boosts circulation to the surface of your skin giving you that faint, pinkish glow that makes your skin look softer and younger.

Flaunt Your Glowing & Problem Free Skin That Ages At A Snail's Pace...

The triple dosage of antioxidant supply from three antioxidant rich herbs ensure that fine lines and wrinkles form surprisingly slower. With regular usage, deep wrinkles and folds are highly unlikely to appear even when you're 60!

With continued usage of Lodhradi , over a period of 3 months and more, your skin will adapt to the skin repairing cycle that this unique herbal composition brings with it. With this skin repairing cycle, your skin will age much slower as the decreasing lack of collagen supply from your body is being regularly compensated for by Lodhra.

This is what makes Royal Indulgence Lodhradi more than just a regular face pack- it's an extremely effective anti-ageing and skin repairing solution that postpones ageing by working twice as harder to reverse the ageing process giving you ever glowing, youthful and problem free skin!

Get Effortlessly Glowing Skin At A Fraction Of The Price...

Contrary to the popular notion of using an elaborate skincare routine to get problem free, glowing skin, Royal Indulgence Lodhradi integrates an entire skincare routine in bottle, catering to all your skin’s needs with ONE multi tasking solution!

Think about it... Lodhradi is an Ayurvedic formulation that was created 2000 years ago, a time when minimalism was key and wastage was a sin above all else.

If there had to be a beauty formulation that survived that time and age, it had to be one that offered incomparable value - for time, for money and for effort.

Fast forward to this day, Royal Indulgence Lodhradi is a perfect fit. An even better one, I must say.

When energy is limited, it is a solution that involves least effort; especially at night (the ideal time for skin care), when all you can spare is 5 minutes or risk falling asleep at the sink!

Honestly, the last thing you want at 10.45 pm is to go through a grand ceremony of liquids and scrubs and the staggering dearth of cotton pads when you just want to get it over with and crash.

Here's when Lodhradi comes to a sweet rescue with its unique Ayurvedic formulation serving as a combination of the six most important skincare functions of a regular skincare routine:

Cleanser+ Toner+ Exfoliant+ Complexion Enhancer+ Anti- Ageing+ Anti-Comedogenic

What's better, exclusive of being a combination of all of the above, Lodhradi functions far more efficiently in each separate skincare function than the individual product itself.

Read on to know how Lodhradi is far more than the sum of its parts...

Lodhradi Combines 6 Skincare Functions Into One And Still Does A Better Job...

Lodhradi As A Cleanser

Cleansers only do half the job. A cleanser only removes dirt on the surface of your skin which plain lukewarm water does anyway. Unless your cleanser is a makeup remover, which you actually require to get waterproof makeup off, cleansers are pretty pointless. Did I also mention that they are an unnecessary step? Well, they are. Cleansers add moisture to your face, which you take off when you wash your face and put back on when you use a moisturizer after. Do you see what I'm seeing? They just add another step, one that you can definitely skip.

Lodhradi is a double duty cleanser. This herbal composition not only binds to the dust and dirt on your face but also penetrates skin and eliminates harmful toxins that are present within skin tissue. Cleansing by Lodhradi is purposeful and highly essential to avoid premature ageing signs like dullness, fine lines or wrinkles. It's a cleanser adhering to the true meaning of the word, for it truly eliminates damage causing toxins from embedded in your skin resulting in a clean and glowing complexion.

Lodhradi As A Toner

Toners have alcohol. Which you don't want on your face. Harmful, to say the least, toners were first introduced to give you an immediate matte look while stripping the oil off your face. Weightless and fresh feeling, it 's easy to see the appeal of toners but beware, alcohol is extremely harmful for your skin. It dehydrates your skin by taking ALL the moisture off your face. And a moisture ridden face is a playground for germs and acne causing bacteria, pigmentation and dullness. Another step you can skip.

Lodhradi is 100% natural, Oil balancing pack. Lodhradi uses only skin-repairing natural herbs to remove excess oil from your face without dehydrating it. It will leave your skin looking matte without the peril of dehydration which simply put, spells death for your skin! Instead of sucking all the moisture out of your skin, it sloughs of excess oil from the surface while retaining enough moisture to keep your skin feeling supple. Whatever your skin type, Lodhradi is designed to retain adequate moisture not eliminate it entirely!

Lodhradi As An Exfoliant

Regular scrubs cause minute tears and inflammation. The problem with most scrubs is texture. Walnut scrubs, Apricot scrubs or ground seed scrubs cause minute tears in your skin due to the sharp edges. Scrubs with Alpha Hydroxy acids (AHAs) can leave your skin inflamed and irritated. Moreover, the sharp edges on the scrubbing ingredients tend to scrub good cells away along with dead cells removing moisture from your skin and keep it in a constant state of chronic inflammation. Some scrubs even worsen acne by over stimulating healthy skin cells causing them to produce more sebum and creating an oil imbalance that is counterproductive to maintain good skin health. Although exfoliation in itself is good for skin, these exfoliants may end up harming your skin in creating more skin problems.

Lodhradi exfoliates 2x more gently and effectively. Ground to a perfect texture similar to that of a skin polishing exfoliant, Lodhradi's granular texture is mild and well rounded to function as a precision scrub that gently gathers dirt and dead cells and scrubs them away revealing soft, smoother and even textured skin. On application, the formula gently adheres to the dead cells bound to your skin's surface and breaks them away when you wash the pack off. Exfoliation with Lodhradi is safe and inflammation-free.

Lodhradi as a Complexion Enhancer

Bleaching is dangerous and counterproductive. There is no simpler way to put it, bleaching is dangerous. Every bleaching product contains two main chemicals, Hydroquinone and mercury and both are toxic. Hydroquinone is a chemical used for photo processing and hair dyes. Mercury is a carcinogen(causes cancer). It has been successfully proven that these two toxic chemicals react with ultraviolet rays and lead to more pigmentation and premature aging. Repeated use can lead to roughening of skin texture and uneven or patchy skin tone. These chemicals are also present in skin lightening creams and facewashes; it's safe to avoid them all!

Lodhradi lightens skin naturally. Lodhradi is packed with Vitamin C extracts, a 100% natural skin lightening agent that organically reduces melanin (skin darkening pigment ) by inhibiting the enzyme tyrosinase that is responsible for the production of melanin. By doing this, less melanin pigments are produced. This gives you impressive results while being harmless to your skin even in the long term as Vitamin C is a naturally occurring acid that is present in most citrus fruits. This is as harmful as having an orange a day for the rest of your life!

Lodhradi For Anti Ageing

Anti-wrinkle/Ageing creams seem to be missing the point. Studies show that liposomes a key component of anti-ageing creams really do nothing to your skin except sit there, literally. Most of the anti- ageing serums and moisturizers use fatty shells called liposomes to penetrate and deliver the wrinkle eliminating compounds under the skin, where they can fight the ageing process. However, under a spectroscopy test it was found that liposomes fail to actually penetrate skin. So the whole process is moot. Reconsider all that money you spent on anti-ageing- it doesn't work.

Lodhradi reverses ageing the smarter and quicker way . Lodhradi fights ageing the smarter way, it reduces the deterioration of cells and skin structure that leads to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. On the other hand it's skin repairing properties slowly build skin structure and iron out wrinkles and fine lines. Lodhra in Sanskrit means ‘that which makes the body firmer’ and it's essential property is called ‘Andgalavastatha’, that which retains shape. With Lodhradi you have an increasingly better chance of slowing and reversing ageing by improving the overall quality of skin.

Lodhradi as an Anti Comedogenic / Anti-acne agent

Acne creams and medication dehydrate your skin. It has been proven repeatedly that most acne preventing anti bacterial chemicals only dehydrate your skin by eliminating your skin's naturally occurring oil- sebum, the most efficient and skin type friendly moisturizer. Furthermore, dehydration in the body leads to most allergies and infections and the same goes for your skin. Having you skin peel off while using these creams is one thing, but the utter lack of moisture creating a favorable environment for infections is the last thing you want because it only means more acne is on its way.

Lodhradi is a non -dehydrating anti bacterial cleanser . Lodhradi removes acne causing bacteria without stripping your skin of the essential moisture it needs to look healthy and stimulate cell renewal. Additionally, Lodhradi, a potent anti bacterial cleanser, mixed with hydrating and skin friendly media during application (rose water,aloe vera juice, milk ), ensures that any moisture lost during the skin repairing process is compensated for by the medium that the pack is used with. Lodhradi's flexibility to work on on the most sensitive skin types and moisture retentive property is what makes it a safe acne solution that reduces acne without dehydrating skin.

Think About How Inexpensive And Easy Having Great Skin Can Really Be...

While everyone around you spends atrocious amounts of money dabbling with serums, creams, lotions or magic potions, you get to flaunt your naturally glowing skin using just ONE product while saving precious Time, Effort and Money!

Within the second month of using Lodhradi, there will be a moment of liberation, when you finally see the evidently increasing signs of improvement in your will realize, that all you need for great skin is just two things, a wholesome skin care solution like Royal Indulgence Lodhradi and your favorite moisturizer(the one you don’t think twice about before you buy each time)!

What Comes With Each Gram Of Lodhradi...

When you first receive your bottle of Lodhradi, you will notice that the product is filled to the brim. Now be careful not to spill any when you lift the fiber cap, for each gram of the Lodhradi powder is precious...

Let the sweet smell of the Lodhra bark remind you of its journey all the way from the lush valleys of Uttarakhand. The rich green pastel shade comes from blend of Dhanyaka and Vacha, both sourced from premium variety, organic farms in Himachal Pradesh to ensure unadulterated and pure herb concentrate reaches you...

Ever so gently, hold a tiny pinch of the product and feel it between your fingers, the texture feels perfect for a skin polishing micro exfoliant, not too gritty, not too fine, just right- to polish a layer of melanin and dead cells off your important detail that the crew works twice as hard for, because it is this very attention to texture that brings you the full satisfaction of seeing an instant radiance, right after the first application!

But that’s not what makes this solution precious, each gram holds within it 2000 years of healing wisdom that manifests in power packed antioxidants in every pinch.

For 10 years, this ancient composition was studied and tested to achieve the right blend that works on every skin type. After 33 iterations, the product is now at its most potent state, concentrated to suit the most sensitive of skin types and trigger skin renewal to transform the way your skin looks and feels...

That’s what you’re holding right now, a product of innovative research and 2000 years of ancient healing science.

If It Burns, It's Working!

We call it the beauty burn.

The first time you use the pack you will notice a mild to moderate burning sensation on your skin while the herbs deep cleanse clogged pores and remove impurities. Do not be alarmed by this! It is a regular and completely natural reaction to the intense detoxifying action that this Ayurvedic formula causes. It is also responsible for invigorating lackluster skin, and giving it instant radiance. This burning sensation will reduce and stop after your first few uses.


How To Use Royal Indulgence Lodhradi

Each pack contains 50 gms of product that will last you for 15 applications.

The pack needs to be used every alternate day for 3 months for it to complete its detoxifying and health replenishing cycle.

How to Apply:

An Ayurvedic Solution For Flawless Complexion
  1. Mix a good quantity of Royal Indulgence Lodhradi with milk adding enough to get a thick pasty consistency.
  2. On a freshly cleansed face, apply the paste in even strokes from the center of the face going outwards.
  3. After 80% of the pack has dried, wash with cold water and pat dry.

To see visible results, one must use Royal Indulgence Lodhradi every alternate day for a period of 3 months. Additionally, use the pack for the 4th and 5th month to maintain skin health for a longer time.

Results may vary -

* In case one is suffering from chronic/severe acne or an underlying medical condition like Thyroid dysfunction, PCOS(Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), Hormonal Imbalance or any other ailment leading to skin damage. Please speak to our customer support/ skincare advisor for a more detailed analysis of your skin concerns.

** Premature ageing signs like wrinkles & fine lines caused due to prolonged exposure to sun and pollutants.

Important: In case of any known/diagnosed medical condition which has resulted in skin damage, we advise you to undergo medical treatment for the same.Lodhradi heals/repairs skin only externally. Proper diagnosis and medication is required to cure the underlying medical condition or cause for a permanent and long term solution to your concern. Please call customer support for any further inquiries. (040-39561410,


Don't Take My Word For It - 2265 Testimonials Prove It Right!

This facepack was around long before its first batch was introduced to the market. Over 6 years, 2265 patients of Dr. Manjusha, the creator of this Ayurvedic formula, have tried this pack to get absolutely marvelous results. From film stars to ordinary people, everyone who used this remedy vouched for its efficacy and brilliance.Of course, we couldn’t get endorsements from the bigger stars for free. But here are some of our favorite client stories:

"It works! It reduced my tan and darkness around my mouth. My skin looks more radiant now even though I travel a lot on my bike."


"I love it....It burns a little but the results show up within a week."


"It worked very well on blemishes and pigmentation on the sides of my face. It actually works."



* Testimonials are personal experiences shared by happy customers after using Lodhradi. Results may vary from person to person.

Lodhradi Is Safe & Organic For All Skin Types!

At this point you’re probably reminded of all the expensive beauty solutions you have already tried that turned out to be bogus. Do not be mistaken, Royal Indulgence Lodhradi is in a league of its own, incomparable to your everyday cosmetic products. The product advanced through 33 iterations over a period of 10 years to finally achieve a perfect formulation that guaranteed results with no side effects.

It is formulated through a secret composition of the three herbs Lodhra, Dhanyaka and Vacha handpicked from the Himalayan forest range. The product comes from a unique recipe that was passed down for centuries as privileged information among traditional Ayurvedic practitioners of the Kerala Ashta Vaidyan lineage.

These ingredients can irritate skin if not formulated properly hence the process is handled by experts to ensure that the treatment is safe for even the most sensitive skin types. The herbs are combined using a unique blending technique in a controlled environment to ensure best quality and efficacy that is unparalleled across the cosmetics industry. This product is cruelty- free and 100% vegan.

35000+ Bottles Sold, Lodhradi Is Loved Across India!

In September 2016, everything changed.

Lodhradi was a huge success with a 99% positive response right in the first month of its sale online. In fact the demand grew so much out of reach, we had to pause sales to cater to the overwhelming numbers! Our inbox was flooded and our phones rang off the hook as thank you emails from our customers poured in. In December 2016, the Royal Indulgence Lodhradi production unit was tripled in numbers, we expanded our Ayurvedic expert team for consultation and had production per day scaled up to meet the growing number of orders.

Guess what hasn’t changed though?

Despite all this, we still sell out. Therefore, I’m letting you know beforehand, buy now! Or you might miss out entirely!


About The Creator Of Royal Indulgence Lodhradi:

Dr.Manjusha Manneri, Ayurvedic Physician

Dr.Manjusha S. Manneri, an Ayurvedic physician, formulator, Marma Healer & Yoga expert chose Ayurvedic medicine by passion.

Born and brought up in Hyderabad, she always had a deep connection with Ancient Sastras, Art & Literature. After her Bachelors in Ayurveda from NTR University of Health Sciences, she was sent to Kerala to learn Authentic Ayurveda in its true form from Guru Sri.V.Vasudevan, one of the famous gurus in the field of Ayurveda, Marma Chikitsa and Yoga, who hails from the lineage of Kerala Ashta Vaidyan families.

With more than 880 yrs lineage of holding the science of Ayurveda, she is blessed to be selected by Sri.V.Vasudevan as his Sishya. She did Gurukula Sishyarikam under her guru's guidance for more than 4 yrs and gathered immense knowledge in Ayurveda, The Science of Life, Unique Anti-ageing and Detoxification Techniques, Traditional Rare Medicinal and Beauty Formulations, Rejuvenation Techniques and Marma Chikits.

She is one of the very few healers all over the globe to be trained in the Ancient Marma Healing Techniques.

Make A 100% Risk Free Purchase With Lodhradi's
'Flawless Skin Guarantee'

This product is so truly effective and amazing, it comes with an equally amazing 'Flawless Skin Guarantee'

Go ahead and order the pack

Meticulously apply it every alternate day for 30 Days (15 uses)

If you’re unhappy with the results mail or call us at ( & 040-39561410) to claim your money back.

It's that simple. At the end of 30 days, if you use the pack as directed and still don’t see results, let us know and we'll wire the money back to you- NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Note: This only applies if you’ve used the pack every alternate day for 30 days (15 uses), do that meticulously, now we have no way of knowing that for sure, but we are willing to take your word for it.

So follow the instructions right to see the miraculous results this product can offer!If you’re still skeptical about this, call us right now at 040-39561410 (I mean right now, while you’re reading this) to clarify this and be sure of the guarantee before you make your purchase.


6 Reasons Why Lodhradi Can Work For You!

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P.P.S - Our 2+1 offers and 3+ 2 offers are introductory, we will soon stop these offers and sell single units only due to GST issues, do take advantage of this high value-for-money offers before they are gone.

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The Confidence Of Having Perfect Skin Is Priceless...

Have you ever imagined what it must feel like to have perfect skin?

To be calm and reassured when you walk out in your beautiful skin, knowing that there is nothing to hide, nothing to feel overly uncomfortable with or feel less confident about..

What must it feel like to not hesitate to wear a bright color because you have pigmentation to cover or acne to have the best skin you’ve ever known, and flaunt it with ease..

Can you imagine the feeling of being utterly liberated from having to think about how much you’re touching your face or what you must do to make it better, or what you must not, to make it worse?

To not care about cosmetic trends or home remedies, to know that you have beautiful, glowing skin, that’s radiant even when it’s bare with no makeup, layers of talcum or foundation…

Suddenly everything you thought impossible for yourself becomes a reality, your best friend’s honest compliment, the second glances , the admiring glances from strangers, the voice in your head approving of your new skin and just knowing that there’s nothing to complain about.

You see, when perfect skin becomes your reality...

THAT is priceless.



How do I know this product is safe to use?

This is a 100% natural product and has been clinically tested on various skin types with absolutely no side effects. However, test the product on the inside of your elbow before you use it to check for any allergic reactions.

Does this product have any side effects?

This product has NO side effects.

How long will it take for the product to be delivered?

You will receive the product within 3-5 Business days from the date of purchase.

How long do you take to dispatch an order?

We dispatch your order within 24 hours of purchase.

Is a Cash On Delivery (COD) option available?

Yes. If you’re not comfortable making an online payment, you can pay with the Cash on Delivery option where you pay in cash at the time of actual delivery of the product at your doorstep, without requiring you to make any advance payment online.

What is the ‘Your Money Back Guarantee’?

At the end of 30 days (15 uses) if you do not see visible results, you are entitled to a full refund of your purchase amount. To clarify/claim please call 040-39561410 or mail us at

Do you ship to all locations in India?

Yes we ship to all locations within India.

What are the shipping charges on this product?

There are NO shipping charges. We offer FREE SHIPPING to any location within India.

Is this product certified by a regulatory authority?

Yes, Royal Indulgence Lodhradi has been rigorously tested and certified by Ministry of AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy), Government of India.

Can Royal Indulgence Lodhradi be used by all age groups?

Yes, Royal Indulgence Lodhradi can be used for men and women of all age groups above 15 yrs.

*Disclaimer: Royal Indulgence Lodhradi is not a cosmetic formulation that promises unbelievable results. It is a traditional Ayurvedic proprietary remedy which will help maintain your skin in good health and rejuvenate it naturally. Results after using Lodhradi may vary depending on the skin, health and climatic conditions.

Some names and identifying details in our ads have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals quoted.