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Dear reader,

Every person whether from Mumbai or Chennai, Agra or Agartala... has two things in common:

One, that they’re Indian.

Two, they have cracked feet.

The first one is something to be proud of, the second one… Not so much.

So let's do something about it.

An Unnecessary Menace
PediKlear 8/10 adult feet: A breeding ground for bacteria & fungus

About 80% of the adult population has cracks on their feet, the result of a number of factors:

  1. India is a pretty hot place, in most parts. The lack of oil glands in the heels means any dryness is going to lead to, you guessed it, cracks.
  2. India can be pretty cold, in some places. Cold air too dries out your skin (Notice your hands and arms in the winter? It’s the same for your feet)
  3. Even if you wear socks and shoes all the time, keeping feet crack-free is a question of proper hydration and constant care. So lose some electrolytes in a workout without regaining all of them… you’re fine, but your heels pay the price.
  4. Stand around a lot on the job? Say hello to cracks.
  5. Like wearing sandals, chappals or any footwear that exposes your feet to the elements? Say hello to roughness and cracks.
  6. Sit around in an a/c environment all day? Welcome serious dryness, and hence, cracks!

If you’re not sure of whether or not you have cracks, or are beginning to get them, do this simple test.

Take off your footwear and run your hands over the ball of your foot, ie, your heel. If you feel roughness, and can see jagged, discoloured skin, or even full blown cracks…

There’s your answer.

The problem?

Cracked Feet = Cracked Person (In The Public’s Mind)

Having cracks on your feet isn’t just a minor hindrance. It’s like having long and dirty nails, or food stuck to your teeth. Simply put, there is no situation in which it looks good. There is no situation where it is needed.

These days men can no longer get away without taking proper care of themselves - and luckily, in a professional setting, most of the times there is no problem thanks to socks and shoes.

But it is in the personal front where things get a little different. Because people judge you by your heels.

It’s the little things that make the most difference. Anyone can clean up well, have a trimmed beard, sharp suit and slick hairdo… but if someone were to catch a sight of your cracked heels, the only thought they would have is this: “He doesn’t even care about his own body, so how could he…”

There are many ways to finish that sentence, but none of them are good news for you.

No matter whether a professional or romantic setting, an evening with friends or a family reunion, there is no situation in which cracked feet are helping your confidence, your persona and your outcome.

The Solution

The answer to your (and literally every other person’s) problem is a tool so simple, even a 5 year old could use it!

But we don’t recommend this for 5 year olds.

We do, however, highly recommend it for anyone with cracked heels, who’s looking for the simplest, safest and quickest solution to the cracked heels problem.

Dear Indians, this one’s for you. Presenting:

PediKlearThe only thing you need for silky smooth feet.
The All New PediKlear Callus Remover.

It’s battery operated, it’s a piece of cake to use, and if it doesn’t clear up your heels like new, we’ll refund your money and send you a handwritten note of apology.

But let’s just compare the PediKlear to a common method of tackling cracked heels: pedicures and moisturizers.

PediKlear PediKlear - a simple and elegant solution.

Do pedicures work? Of course they do. If...

What about moisturizers? Do they work? Of course. But...

You see that really rough skin and cracks around the feet? Even the most effective and expensive moisturizer isn’t going to get through that skin and have a lasting effect. For moisturizers to be effective, you must first get rid of the cracks! Not the other way round.

Crack Free In Just 2 Mins: PediKlear’s Incredible Speed Destroys The Competition.

With PediKlear, every session literally takes 2 mins. That’s 120 seconds for the most beautiful feet you’ve ever had. How?

The Tech Behind The Magic.

PediKlear’s not-so-secret weapon comes in 2 parts:

1. An Ultra-Powerful Motor

PediKlear’s powerful motor is what you get when you combine battery efficiency with the ability to rotate at a head spinning rate of 40x per second. Pair this motor with the right roller, and the results are nothing short of astonishing! Speaking of rollers...

2. PediKlear's Hardened Mineral Surface Roller

Precision engineered to destroy rough, callused skin and deep cracks, PediKlear’s Hardened Mineral Surface Roller features a rugged exterior that comes into contact with your feet, and removes the rough skin in seconds, right in front of your eyes. It is not only built to to last, and the safest way to get rid of cracks on your feet… the roller is simply the fastest way to beautiful, baby-soft and crack-free feet.

Combine the two elements together, and you have the PediKlear difference: Get & Maintain The Most Beautiful Feet In Just 10 Mins/Week.

Simply insert batteries into the device (as shown in the instruction manual). Push the blue power button to start the device, then apply the rotating roller head to affected areas of the foot that have cracks, calluses and rough skin.

PediKlear will produce a fine dust of skin, so make sure to use in a place where cleaning up is easy - PediKlear is waterproof, so using it in the bathroom is fine!

Weekly usage of PediKlear depends on the level of cracks in your feet. If the cracks are large, deep, and well formed, use PediKlear 3-4 times a week for the first 2 weeks, then continue using for 2 times a week as maintenance.

If your cracks are shallow, use PediKlear 2 times a week for the first 2 weeks, then once a week for maintenance.

How Else Is PediKlear Better?

Good question. We’ve got a great answer:

No pedicure can match PediKlear in 3 distinct ways:

Regularity: The PediKlear is a simple device that runs on batteries. You switch it on, you use it on your feet. You moisturize. You are done. No scheduling appointments or waiting at the salon. In fact, there's no salon! Use anywhere you like.

Money: PediKlear costs about the same as one expensive salon treatment. So what’s different? You buy it just once. It’s built like a rock and it's waterproof (more on that in a moment).

Safety: No blades, no razors, no scrubbing, no scraping. Pediklear’s hardened mineral roller simply makes external contact with your cracked heels.

Alright, That Sounds Pretty Great! How Does It Work?

It’s simple. And genius.

The hardened Mineral Surface Roller on the PediKlear tackles the most important problem keeping you from beautiful and soft feet - the cracks.

PediKlear Dimensions and components of PediKlear

When the device is switched on, The Mineral Surface Roller rotates at the speed of 40x per second - not too fast, not too slow. This rotating head whittles away the dead, dry and callused skin on your heels, and right before your eyes, it leaves your skin crack free and baby smooth.

No matter how deep or dark the cracks, the only way to recover smoothness and beautiful feet is to directly remove the dead, rough, hard, discolored skin. That’s what PediKlear does.

Waterproofing! The PediKlear Difference

PediKlear’s rollers will last 4-6 months of regular usage. If you have deep, well formed cracks and calluses, expect 3 months of use from the first roller.

Use the supplied cleaning brush to dust off the device and rollers. If required, wipe PediKlear with a damp cloth (There is no need to wipe the rollers).

We do not recommend you use PediKlear if you have diabetes.

PediKlear is 100% safe to use on the feet. The rollers make only external contact with your feet. PediKlear is also CE certified making it compliant for use in the European market.

PediKlear PediKlear - Waterproof and works on Wet Skin

One of the most convenient lifestyle features of PediKlear is the fact that it is waterproof. And this has two distinct meanings:

One: Use it in the bathroom, without any fear of getting the device wet.

Two: Use it ON WET FEET, and the effectiveness remains excellent. That is to say, it works perfectly. So use it after showering, use it right after soaking your feet, use it after you have moisturized and… use it, wipe your feet and use it again! The PediKlear will still deliver stunning results.

Our No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!

Our faith is PediKlear is unshakeable. That’s because we know it is the only thing you need for silky smooth feet.

If however, for any reasons the device doesn’t meet your expectations, we will, within 30 days of receiving your order, give you 100% of your money back. No Questions Asked. Simply get in touch with us at and 040-39560308. This contact information can also be found on the top and bottom of the page.

If you have other questions and clarifications, please call right now (as you're reading this!) and we'll clarify them for you.

With our guarantee clarified, there’s only one thing left to say:

PediKlear’s “Gorgeous Feet First” is very simple. Try the device for one month - if you don’t have gorgeous feet by the end of it, return the product for a full refund. No questions asked!

If you have any other questions, queries or concerns, please get in touch with our customer support team @040-39560308 or, and we’ll be happy to address them immediately.

If PediKlear leaves you feeling dissatisfied for any other reason at all, please get in touch with our customer support team, and if you would like to initiate a refund, whatever the reason, we will be happy to get you your money back ASAP.

You Are Worth It.
PediKlear PediKlear PediKlear
PediKlear Gorgeous heels that you've always wanted!

Because you deserve to be free, once and for all, of the frustration that comes with having rough, hard, and cracked feet.

Because you deserve the pleasure and confidence that comes from putting your smooth and luxurious new feet in your footwear.

And because, most of all, every person deserves beautiful feet!

PediKlear is designed to remove the toughest and deepest cracks, and the hardest calluses. If you have 2 minutes of time and use the product as instructed, no matter what your cracks and calluses look like now, you will have beautiful, soft, crack-free feet very soon!

Remember, you are also protected by our “Gorgeous Feet First” guarantee. If, for any reason, the product does not live up to your expectations, contact us up to 30 days from your purchase date, and we’ll refund all your money. No questions asked!

PediKlear uses 2xAA batteries. Each set of batteries last anywhere from 3-4 weeks depending on usage.

Ordering Your PediKlear!
PediKlear Order Your PediKlear & Get 2 Rollers FREE Worth Rs. 1,000/- [Valid Till ]

Upon clicking the order now button, we will ship to you a package that includes:

Your Very Own PediKlear Callus Remover - Better start getting used to the compliments!

2 Replacement Rollers - No worrying about getting replacements just when you’re loving your new, super soft feet!

Cleaning Brush - Dust off & keep PediKlear ready for its next use!

Safety Cap - Pop the safety cap when not using PediKlear!

PediKlear is only available through our exclusive online marketplaces. If you see any product in retail outlets, it is not PediKlear and does not carry the same assured quality, results and guarantee.

Yes, PediKlear is manufactured in China in the same quality-controlled factories used by major multinationals like Apple, OnePlus etc.

PediKlear’s rugged ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) thermoplastic polymer provides usable durability for years to come. PediKlear also features a powerful 3v, 1 Amp motor that produces 50% more power than similar motors - ensuring 3x the results in less time than other foot callus removers.

The Hardened Mineral Surface Roller is made from composite micro-alumina crystals that make it the ideal destroyer of cracks and calluses! Combine all of the above with PediKlear’s waterproofing, and you get a durable, portable, and ultra-efficient machine that gives the smoothest feet ever, in less time than it takes to brush your teeth!

6 Reasons Why Your Feet Need PediKlear Right Away!
PediKlear PediKlear - A New Year, A New You!


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Frequently Asked Questions

The PediKlear Callus Remover is 100% safe to use. It features a mineral surface roller that is gentle, yet highly effective in removing the dead, rough and callused skin that leads to cracks. The device is CE certified which means that it is compliant with use in the European market. It is a much better alternative to dangerous tools such as scrapers, shavers, files, and even pumice stones.

We use SSL certified and secure online payment gateways that are compatible with all banks/cards. If you are not comfortable making an online payment, you can choose cash on delivery. However, in light of the recent government mandate, we will not be able to accept the old currency notes of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 denominations.

The product will reach you within 3 working days, wherever you are in India. We ship immediately upon receiving your order.

The only effect with PediKlear is the gorgeous feet you’re going to have very soon!

We deliver across India.

PediKlear comes with FREE shipping!

Use the supplied brush to dust away any particles when you are done. A gentle wipe with a wet/dry cloth may also be occasionally used.

The roller will last 4 months of regular use.



PediKlear PediKlear PediKlear