PediKlear Callus Remover Electronic Foot File

PediKlear The only thing you need for silky smooth feet.

PediKlear offers 5X value*. It is specially designed for Indian conditions and works on wet/dry feet. Truly, there is nothing like PediKlear in India right now. It beats the competition on features, price and reliability.


Ergonomic Design

German design with 360 degrees of rotation and wide angle contact head means always getting to the tough to reach spots.


Easy To Use

Designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, so just switch it on and apply to your cracks, calluses and rough skin, and watch them disappear.


Effortless Operation

PediKlear’s battery operation means all you do is care for your feet, minus the sore arms and pain from scrubbing.


Hardened Mineral Surface Head

The fastest, most effective and efficient pedicure ever, done at 40x per second. No foot files, scrapers, pumice stones, just gorgeous feet.


Tested For Safety

The PediKlear doesn’t compromise on safety, it ensures it. Meaning no injuries, no cuts, no abrasions. Just beautiful, soft heels.


Handy & Practical

No expensive salon treatments, just luxurious, gorgeous feet at the push of a button. Fits your schedule and goes wherever you go.


Powerful With Wet/Dry Feet

Use before showering? No problem. Use right after showering/soaking? Go right ahead. Either way, you can depend on PediKlear.

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PediKlear PediKlear PediKlear

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is PediKlear Callus Remover Safe To Use?

The PediKlear Callus Remover is safe to use. It features a mineral surface roller that is gentle, yet highly effective in removing the dead, rough and callused skin that leads to cracks. The device is CE certified which means that it is compliant with use in the European market. It is a much better alternative to dangerous tools such as scrapers, shavers, files, and even pumice stones.

Can We Pay Through Cash On Delivery?

We use SSL certified and secure online payment gateways that are compatible with all banks/cards. If you are not comfortable making an online payment, you can choose cash on delivery. However, in light of the recent government mandate, we will not be able to accept the old currency notes of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 denominations.

How Long Will The Product Take To Ship?

The product will reach you within 3 working days, wherever you are in India. We ship immediately upon receiving your order.

Are There Any Side Effects To PediKlear Callus Remover?

The only effect with PediKlear is the gorgeous feet you’re going to have very soon!

Do You Deliver To My State/Locality/Area?

We deliver across India.

How Much Do You Charge For Shipping?

PediKlear comes with FREE shipping!

How Can I Maintain My PediKlear?

Use the supplied brush to dust away any particles when you are done. A gentle wipe with a wet/dry cloth may also be occasionally used.



PediKlear PediKlear PediKlear


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*Disclaimer:Pediklear is a personal health & hygiene tool. Results after using it may vary from person to person depending on the skin, health and climatic conditions. It is advisable to consult your doctor before using Pediklear, if you are suffering from any kind of skin issues.