The Spotlight – Queen B Jasmine November 11, 2012
Another week has gone by and we have another Queen to be named again….this week is our very own Jasmine! She has left us with some very interesting reads for the week.
beaty tips with coconut oil
Her take on the natural benefits that coconut oil holds was a very interesting presentation! If you have missed it this where you can find it Uses & Benefits of Coconut Oil and we can definitely benefit from here valuable suggestions on priyanka’s discussion on Summer tan look here and Harshita’s discussion on Darkening of natural lip shade here.
Here are a few more of her posts you might find interesting…..


Avon Naturals Lip Balm With Orange & Peach Review & Swatch


Avon Naturals Lip Balm

My Experience With Avon Lip Balm: My love for these Avon lip balm specially the one in orange flavor made me write this post. Avon has stopped manufacturing these Avon Lip Balm in tubs, they are now available in stick form. But, my favrite flavor orange is not available
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Easy Tips to Lighten Dark Lips Naturally
Tips to Lighten Dark Lips Naturally
Lips are those soft movable body part on your face, serve as the opening for food and in the articulation of sound and speech. Beautiful pink lips adds more beauty to the femininity of a female. Lips are one of the most attractive areas of beauty on a woman. So, here is the factor which affects the beauty of a person is color of lips. 
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White Tone Face Powder With Soft Shade Formula Review & Swatch
White Tone Face Powder With Soft Shade
My Experience With White Tone Face Powder With Soft Shade Formula:I got attracted to buy White Tone Face Powder after seeing this Advertisement on TV by Surveen Chawla. So, I tried to get it as soon as possible but, couldn’t find it easily in my area as usual it happens with me. Any how I got it from a medical shop.
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