The Spotlight – Queen B Neha November 11, 2012
A new week has come by and we have yet another Queen to announce! This week this space has been captured by Neha Mane with her enticing passion for Nail art and objective reviews.
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We can all agree with the fact that till date her by far, the most captivating post has been the review on Miss Claire’s Crackle Nail Polish! Did you miss it? Here is where you can find it! Click here. And we will not miss out on mentioning her valuable contributions on discussion like Lip treatment by Sophia and Cramps during periods by Anusha
Here are a few more of her posts you might find interesting…..


Blingy Floral Nail Art Tutorial

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Ever since I’ve found a new love in orange polish, I knew I HAD to do something spectacular with it. So to take it a step ahead, I decided to team it up with yellow and came up with this design. If yellow and orange are not your colors, feel free to substitute it with any colors of your choice. This design will look great on any length nails. Let’s begin :-
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My Blinged Up Clutch
My Blinged Up Clutch pin_image_share
Apart from blinging up my nails, another thing that I love to do is to give all my things a makeover. Something that’s unique to me. I’d seen a black clutch on a shopping trip and it was love at first sight. It was too simple for my taste yet I bought it. Because by the time I reached home, I already knew what I would do with it. I turned an absolutely plain black clutch into this 
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Blingy Pink and Purple Flower Nail Art Tutorial
Blingy Pink and Purple Flower Nail Art Tutorial pin_image_share
I love bling on my nails and the blingy floral design I had done a while back HERE did full justice to this obsession. However, I love doing the same designs repeatedly to check out how different colors change the original look. Check out the nail art I’ve done below to understand what I’m talking about. This works on any length nails and is really simple to do. There’s just a slight change from the original method.
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