10-Year Anniversary Ideas And Unique Ways To Celebrate It

Take a cue from these amazing ideas and celebrate this important milestone with fanfare.

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Your 10th anniversary is a special occasion, and to make it all the more enjoyable and interesting, we have listed a dozen different 10th-anniversary ideas in this article. You can pick one of the ideas from the list to make the celebrations of this memorable day unique and special. This celebration is also known as the tin anniversary. Traditionally, partners gift each other something in aluminum or tin hue to mark the occasion. It is a big milestone you have achieved as a couple, and it can be celebrated in the most special way. Keep scrolling for some fun ideas!

Best 10 Year Anniversary Ideas

Below are some really great ideas for 10-year wedding anniversary ideas you can try:

10 Year Wedding Anniversary Ideas

  • Romantic Candlelit Dinner: This might sound a bit overrated, yet with proper arrangements, decor, and theme set in place, your spouse will be teary-eyed. With busy, hectic schedules and a family, you both might want some time off alone from everything to spend the evening with each other.
  • Vacation: A pleasant and romantic plan can be a vacation. Pack your bags and go for a vacation, just the two of you. It is a great way to revel in some leisure time together and a way to relax.
  • Timeless gifts: This category includes perfumes, beauty care products, tech gadgets, jewelry, or customized gifts specially made for your partner. This is a great way to treat each other.
  • A Get Together With Family And Friends: Although it sounds very basic, what can be much better than celebrating your anniversary with the ones close to you.
  • Dinner Cum Cocktail Party: Send DIY picture anniversary invites to your friends and acquaintances. You can order from your favorite restaurant or hire cooks and chefs to prepare the food. Set up a cocktail corner and enjoy the party together with good food and music.
  • A Couple Photoshoot: Plan a couple’s photoshoot to portray the unique journey you both have taken together. Choose locations that hold specific meaning to your lives. For example, the place where you first met, got engaged, or got married. You can choose casual and comfortable clothes that reflect the years you have spent together. You may also try to connect the places with a storyline, include your children, or recreate the old photos taken from these places.

10 Year Anniversary Trip Ideas

Couple enjoying a trip together
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A 10 year anniversary trip would require prior strategic planning. Allow this to be an excuse to explore a new part of the world. We have included 10 year anniversary weekend trip ideas as well.

  • Rent A Treehouse: A small setup for just the two of you, including dining under the stars that offers you complete privacy, sounds romantic, right?
  • A Vacation On A Beach: Beach vacations are enthralling and relaxing. If you and your partner want to have a good time by the water, soak yourselves in the sun and enjoy the evening by booking a private table to enjoy succulent seafood. Perfect for a weekend getaway!
  • A Getaway Trip To Italy: Book a trip to Italy and stay at a country villa. You can enjoy good Italian food by the lake and a magnificent view too.
  • A Week Trip To Maldives: If you are on a specific budget and your anniversary is during the off-season, you might plan a trip to the Maldives at a reasonable or cheap rate.
  • A Cruise Trip To Caribbean Waters: If you both are romantic and crave some luxury, there is nothing better than a cruise trip to the serene and turquoise Caribbean waters. Celebrate your love against the backdrop of one of the world’s most stunning destinations.
  • An Adventurous Trip To New Zealand: In case you plan a trip to New Zealand, you can get to seek thrill in adventurous activities like skydiving, hiking, and rock climbing. The perfect trip for a couple who possess an abundance of energy and adrenaline rush.

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Alternatively, you can also visit your honeymoon destination once more to reminisce about old romantic memories. Increase your budget to explore the rest of the exciting place.

10 Year Anniversary Party Ideas

10 Year Anniversary Party Ideas
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From food ideas to gaming, we have got it all sorted out for you.

Food Ideas: Some good food is all you need to keep your guests happy. Here are some party planning ideas to prepare for the occasion.

  • Devilled Eggs: This delicacy has been proven to be drooling to almost all people from all generations.
  • Parmesan Crisps: Parmesan Crisps are one of the best snacks to devour at a party.
  • Roasted Chicken Or Steak: Don’t forget to include this simple and delicious dish for dinner.
  • Shrimps And Lobsters: Especially for seafood lovers, prepare dishes that include these two items as the main item.
  • Desserts: What is a party without some sweet dish? From cakes to brownies and tarts, you gotta choose a few.
  • Game Ideas: Here are some of the celebratory games and activities that everyone would enjoy.
  • Trivia Quiz: Prepare a multiple-choice questionnaire about the couple and hand it over to the guests. The ones who can score the highest wins the game.
  • Find Your Spouse: If all the men are standing in a line, blindfold the spouse and let them recognize their partner by touch.
  • Couple’s Karaoke: Keep in mind to set a playlist that includes almost every genre. Let all the couples perform together. The best-performing couple wins the show.
  • Party Favors: A few party favors to show your gratefulness to the guests for coming to your party and making it a blast is necessary.
  • Engraved Pens: Customized pens with the guests’ initials will make the guests remember the eventful day.
  • Champagne Bottles: A mini Champagne bottle can be bought for the guests as well. This is literally a fancy gift for guests.
  • Keychains: Since it is a Ten year anniversary, gifting silver keychains engraved with the first letter of the guests’ name will look unique.

10 Year Anniversary Decoration Ideas

Couple enjoying the anniversary decoration
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Here are a few 10 year wedding anniversary decoration ideas.

  • Balloons: These are essential to add a vibrant vibe to the party. Try using color coordinates and also number balloons. Moreover, pay heed to the fact that you might need balloon weights to keep them in place.
  • Streamers And Hanging Decor: Whether you hang them from walls or drape them around something, a flair is created. Colorful streamers can be hung from ceilings and doorways.
  • Anniversary Banners: Setting up a big banner to let your guests feel welcomed enough to come to the party is one of the best things. A big visual impact is what it tries to create in the minds of guests.
  • Centerpieces: Center table centerpieces look better if arranged and presented in a color-coordinated way or with matching colors. You can keep functional centerpieces there, too, and not just the ones that seem to be bought for showing off.
  • Flowers: Decorating the entrance with flowers and cutouts can enhance the vibe of the party. Don’t forget to bring flowers that match the theme.
  • Cutlery, Plates, and Glassware: Arrange these accordingly to match the theme. For a 10 year anniversary party, you might need cups and plates that resonate with the silver color.
  • Confetti: Add some confetti to the balloons and sprinkle some on the tables too.
  • LED Lights: Hang LED lights on the walls and even the entrance to make it seem inviting and appealing.
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Alternatively, you can also hang polaroid pictures with the LED lights to bring back memories for you and the guests as well. Pictures can cover the entire 10 year journey of married life.

10 Year Anniversary Theme Ideas

10 Year Anniversary Theme Ideas
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Preparing a themed 10 year anniversary party will help you to throw an organized party.

  • A Costumed Celebration: A party that includes masquerade or cosplay around a theme will look alluring to the guests’ eyes. You can even keep a prize for the couple who does the best styling and dress-up.
  • Silver And Gold theme: Although the Gold theme is characterized to commemorate the 50th Anniversary, silver and tin symbolize the 10 year wedding anniversary. Put up decor, food, and everything in a way that matches the color theme.
  • Luau: This is a widely celebrated theme all across the world. Prepare for some fringe placemats, Hawaiian garlands, floral leis, tropical costumes, food, and drinks. Install a photo booth to capture amazing photos and frame them as memories in your photo album.
  • Glam And Elegance: This is probably one of the best themes while hosting an evening anniversary party. Tell your guests to come all glammed up and chic. For celebrating a milestone birthday, this is a way to outshine in terms of theme compared to the other themes.

10 Year Anniversary Ideas For Couple

  • Attending A Concert Together: If you enjoy musical concerts, book tickets for both of you in advance and head for the show. Have a good time there singing and dancing with each other.
  • What About A Day-Cation?: A day-cation is about getting all adventurous and visiting as many places as you want to in a day, but going somewhere closer to where you live. This will ensure quality time to be spent with your partner.
  • Go For A Boat Ride: If your spouse loves water, go for a boat ride or ferry ride. Some boats offer food and drinks as well. You get to experience sightseeing as well as having a good time together.
  • Surprise Your Spouse With A Meal For Two: Get some privacy for yourselves and cook an unexpected yet delicious meal for your partner. Set the table with candles and flowers to make it romantic. And enjoy your special dinner with some wine. Then, you can watch a movie together to reminisce about the old times when you both were dating.

Susan Dalzell, a writer, editor, and blogger, shares her sweet memory of celebrating her 10th wedding anniversary on her blog. She mentions that she does not get a lot of time with her husband, so this small staycation was special: “While a special night out in Tokyo doesn’t necessarily make up for all the time we must spend apart, there are perks to the international nature of his job. We do our best to embrace the many good things this life brings to us (i).”

Infographic: Romantic Getaways For Your Anniversary

There are several ways to celebrate an anniversary, but a couple’s vacation is hands-down the trump card if you have the budget. A break from professional duties, social and familial pressure, and busybody friends, would work wonders for your relationship. A romantic getaway will give you so much time with each other to rebuild understanding and communication while also enjoying the wonders of a new place. So, we have put together a small list of romantic anniversary vacations in different parts of the globe for you in the infographic below. Check it out!

romantic getaways for your anniversary (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Like your wedding, you can also celebrate your anniversaries with much pomp and gaiety. No, you do not have to go all out like in weddings and throw a gigantic party; make sure that you and your folks are making merry as they did on your D-day.

According to Nathalie Maggio, LMFT, “Reaching 10 years of marriage is a significant achievement and a great reason to celebrate in a way that is special to both partners. Use this day to look back on all the good times together and possibly share with your partner which of their traits or gestures you valued over the years. You may even look back at your wedding vows or use this celebration to make fun new memories that you can cherish forever. Remembering positive past experiences together and creating new traditions and memories can be a great way to foster a healthy and happy marriage.”

So, do not hold yourself back. Instead, take inspiration from these 10-year anniversary ideas and radiate love!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I surprise my partner on our 10th wedding anniversary?

You can surprise your partner by taking them on an anniversary trip, a candlelit dinner with a carriage ride, a spa day, or having a party with close friends and family.

What is a traditional 10-year anniversary gift?

A gift made of or containing tin, aluminum, diamond, or silver is a traditional 10-year anniversary gift that symbolizes resilience and strength in a marriage.

What is 10 years of marriage called?

A 10th anniversary is called a tin anniversary.

Is a 10-year wedding anniversary a big deal?

Celebrating 10 years together with a partner is a big deal. You both have grown since the first year of marriage. You both know what the other likes and dislikes. You know the ins and outs of each other. And you have made special memories together that should be celebrated.

What do you get your wife for a 10-year anniversary?

The easiest gift to give your wife is silver or diamond jewelry as those are the gifts that represent a 10-year anniversary. But, if you want to give more personalized gifts, think of what she loves and give her something based on that. The sentimental gifts will help you communicate those intense feelings that words could never.

How do you wish a 10th anniversary to Uncle and Aunty?

Congratulate them on the 10 years they have spent together and the memories they have made. Is there something about their relationship you really admire? Mention that as well. End the note by wishing them many more prosperous and happy years together.

How do you celebrate your 10th anniversary at home?

You both can cook a meal together and have a candlelight dinner at home. You can host a simple backyard dinner for close friends. If you have kids, you can include them by building a fort together and having a meal or camping out in the backyard. Doing a private renewal of vows is great for celebrating the shared past and welcoming the hopeful welcome.

Key Takeaways

  • The 10th anniversary, also known as the tin anniversary, is a special occasion where partners gift each other something made of tin or aluminum.
  • You can always opt for a romantic candlelight dinner or a get-together with family and friends to celebrate this milestone.
  • For something more adventurous, you can plan a nice trip abroad or travel somewhere closer to home.
  • You can also throw a party and organize some fun games such as trivia or couple’s karaoke to celebrate the occasion.
10 year anniversary ideas

Image: Dall·E/StyleCraze Design Team

Celebrate the 10 years of your successful marriage with some fantastic gift-sharing. If you are confused about what to get for them, check out this video!

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