11 Types Of Nail Stickers

Get stunning nail makeovers at the snap of your fingers with these stick-on nail art.

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DIY manicures are a more affordable and hassle-free option than paying expensive visits to the nail salon now and then. There are different types of nail stickers available on the market that you can apply easily by following the right tips and tricks.

These pre-designed stickers look gorgeous, and you can get them in different colors, designs, prints, and patterns such as neon, ombre, gradient, pastel, animal print, geometric and holographic patterns, rhinestones, gemstones, and foil. All nail art lovers who can’t create free-hand designs will love these stickers. The stickers are self-adhesive, and you get them in various colors and patterns. Scroll down to get the perfect DIY manicured nails from the comfort of your home!

Different Types Of Nail Art Stickers

Different types of stickers are elaborated on below. Try them for maximum

Type 1: Plain Stickers With Adhesive Backing

These come in a variety of designs from flowers to cartoon nail art. Also, these self-adhesive stickers come in different finishes like metallic, matte, and chunky glitters. They are very easy to apply, just peel and stick. You just have to be creative and there is no limit to the beautiful manicures you can get. They are very wallet-friendly. I recently used angry bird stickers to create this blue angry bird nail art.

Type 2: Lace Nail Art Stickers

Lace nail art stickers are very similar to the above nail art stickers but the only difference is that they come in stripes. You have to cut the lace sticker according to your requirement and then stick it on your nails. They also come in many designs and colors. I used two different types of lace patterns to create this look. They really look gorgeous when you apply them.

Type 3: 3D Nail Stickers

They have a 3d effect on them. They too have an adhesive backing and they can be applied by just the peel-and-stick method. They come in many designs and look very beautiful! Especially the floral ones.

Type 4: Fimo Nail Stickers

These stickers are made up of polymer clay and they come in so many cute designs. These are available in the form of sticks or pre-cut shapes. For sticks, first you have to cut them as thinly as you can, then stick them to your nails. You can stick them using good clear nail paint or using nail glue.

Pre-cut fimo pieces are stored in wheels where you can see the variety of designs they come in. (this pic is of my personal fimo stash)

Fimo sticks

protip_icon Quick Tip
It is recommended to apply Fimo nail stickers on artificial nails instead of real nails, as the glue may damage the nails. .

Type 5: Metal Nail Art Stickers

As the name suggests they are made up of metal and they too come in many designs. They can be used for creating accent nails in your manicure. They are stuck using nail glue and are also known as metal decals.

These wheels contain many 3d nail stickers including metal, fimo and acrylic stickers.

I used a Hello Kitty metal nail art sticker to create this look.

Type 6: Acrylic Nail Art Stickers

Acrylic nail art stickers are the same as metal ones, the only difference is they are made of acrylics. They look very chic and beautiful.

I used an acrylic bow to create this nail design. It did not really consume much time. They are quite easy to do, once you get a knack of it.

I used an acrylic flower to create this one.

Type 7: 3D Silica Gel Stickers

They are made of silica gel and they are very soft and bendable, perfect for your holiday state of mind! All you need is a good clear polish or nail glue to stick them on your nails.

Type 8: Full Nail Stickers

These stickers are for covering your whole nail and though they are easy to apply, you still need some practice to get them right.

Type 9: Gel Full Nail Stickers

They have two layers and gel-like material is filled between these two layers. I have not used them yet but I have one set of these stickers.

Type 10: French Tip Sticker And French Tip Guides

French tip stickers cover the nail tips and they are used to create very beautiful nail art patterns. They come in many designs. French tips are also a form of stickers which serve as a guide to create French tips, they are removed after painting the tip.

French tip nail art stickers are applied using peel and stick method and they cover only the tips of your nail. You can adjust their size by filing the excess.

French tips guides in different shapes.

protip_icon Fun Fact
French nail tips were popularized by global celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, and Jessica Simpson in the early 2000s. It became a trend among teenagers worldwide.

Type 11: Water Slide Nail Stickers Or Water Decals

You have to dip them in water first to remove their back sheet and transfer them to your nails. They come in many designs for full nails too.

Water decals small designs and full nail ones. I created following nail arts try to using these nail art at home:

Here you can see I have used two types of stickers, hello kitty water slide stickers and fimo bow stickers. You can always use two or more types of stickers to create amazing nail arts.

You have to be creative and there is no limit to what you can create! Have fun and keep it stylish!!!

Nail stickers are a more hassle-free and affordable option than a visit to your salons. With the different types of nail stickers out there, you can easily do your own manicure at home. These stickers are self-adhesive and are convenient for all of us who are not pros at free-hand design. You can go for simple stickers with adhesive backing, lace nail art stickers, or stylish acrylic nail art stickers. What’s more, you can mix and match different types of stickers to create the look of your choice!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between nail wraps and nail stickers?

Nail polish wraps are the same as nail stickers. They come in strips of decals in various sizes so you can choose the right size for each of your nails.

Are nail stickers good for your nails?

Nail stickers are not bad for the nails if used and removed correctly.

How long do gel nail stickers last?

They last anywhere from 2-3 weeks.

How do you take nail stickers off?

You can take nail stickers off by dipping your nails in a bowl of acetone for about 10 minutes. You can then try to remove them off with an orange stick.

Can you put nail stickers on acrylic nails?

Yes, you can do it the same way as with natural nails.

How do you use vinyl nail stickers?

You should first be aware of your finger or toe nail size and choose a design accordingly. Then with the help of a squeezee or spatula you can gently transfer it on, removing the adhesive tape. Apply a layer of clear coat to seal it in place.

Key Takeaways

    • Nail stickers are a cheap and easy-to-use alternative to nail art.
    • Nail stickers are available in a variety of different features and types. They are commonly made of metal, acrylic, polymer clay, and silica gel, among other materials.
    • There are different ways of sticking them; the easiest is the peel and stick method.
    • Nail stickers can be self-adhesive or non-adhesive, depending on your preference.

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