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55 Celebrity Hairstyles That You Should Definitely Try For Your Next Party

55 Celebrity Hairstyles That You Should Definitely Try For Your Next Party Hyderabd040-395603080 June 20, 2019

Who doesn’t want to look like a celebrity and get appreciated by others in a party? Everyone, right! But looking like a diva is not all about choosing the right makeup and applying it adeptly. The hairstyle is also an important part of spectacular celebrity looks. Let us guide you through it.

Check out the list of 55 incredible celebrity party hairstyles that were sported by our favorite celebrities:

1. Jessica Alba:

This gorgeous American beauty gathered all her medium-length layered hair at one side and left it loose. The soft golden blond highlights are looking amazing on her dark brown textured waves.

2. Eva Longoria:

Eva chose a high bouffant bun to keep her hairstyle in sync with her oval face. The side-swept bang, covering a certain part of her forehead and one eye, is making the look even more classic.

3. Ashley Greene:

This Ashley Greene braided hairstyle will give you an effortlessly beautiful look for any party. All you need to do is create a messy loose side braid with sexy bang and side sweeps.

4. Taylor Swift:

You can simply twist your hair by sweeping it over your forehead and make a low, messy bun at the nape of your neck in order to recreate this glam-doll look of Taylor. It’s outstanding!

5. Beyonce Knowles:

Long, voluptuous curls have their own ageless appeal. So, get these dazzling chocolate brown curls just like the American singing sensation Beyonce and be the head turner in your next party.

6. Scarlett Johansson:

We can’t help but love this delightful hairstyle of Scarlett. High bun, side bangs, small messy waves all over the head and gleaming accessories – aren’t these just perfect for a party look?

7. Angelina Jolie:

This Oscar-winning actress kept it simple by wearing a semi-high bun on her highlighted chocolate brown hair. An absolutely neat style to draw attention to your incredibly beautiful party outfit!

8. Cameron Diaz:

Cameron let her golden blond locks with slightly curled ends rest on one of her shoulders. Her outward feathered side-swept bangs have made the look highly feminine and ideal for a casual party.

9. Bella Thorne:

A twisted topknot looks really elegant in a party, if you can carry it off like the teen beauty Bella. Cover your forehead with fringes and let a few strands of hair cuddle your face.

10. Anne Hathaway:

A loose bun embracing the base of your neck and a few hair strands swinging freely around the edge of your face – these are all you need to make your hair look as gorgeous as that of Anne in a party.

11. Drew Barrymore:

This multi-talented beauty has got a ravishing part look by teasing her hair sufficiently at the top and twisting it into a semi-flat bun at the back. Do not forget to give it proper hold by using hairspray.

12. Katy Perry:

Katy has always surprised us with her great hairstyling sense. And this time, it is a twisted high bun with straight front fringes. Pair it with suitable dress and accessories and you are ready for the party!

13. Victoria Beckham:

Styling short hair for a party can be easy and effortless. Get some inspiration from supermodel Victoria and go for this short stacked bob with side bangs and messy textured finish. Cool and smart!

14. Emma Watson:

How to add some party effect to a simple twisted bun? Just position it at the crown of your head and adorn the hair underneath it with some crystal hair pins like Emma. A sexy way to wear a backless dress!

15. Demi Moore:

If you have smooth, lustrous and super long hair like Demi, you truly don’t need to opt for fussy styles. Just create a center part and let your layered locks cascade your shoulders. Utterly elegant!

16. Eva Mendes:

If worn properly, this turn-n-twist hairstyle of Eva can leave everyone awestruck in a party. However, ensure that you choose right attire to make the most of your effort.

17. Pamela Anderson:

When it comes to slowing off the highlights and lowlights on your golden blond hair, this Pamela Anderson-look will be the best. Flowy curls and side bangs are the secret of this stunning party look.

18. Amanda Bynes:

Want to look like a princess in your next party? Adopt this double braided hairstyle flaunted by the American actress Amanda. Your loose waves should flow down your shoulders in this look.

19. Kate Winslet:

You can look as refreshing as Kate in a party by turning your medium-length hair into a high ponytail. In order to add a twist to your pony, just curl up its ends a little and puff up the top.

20. Demi Lovato:

This modified version of French twist is a sure hit for a party. Teased top, slightly angular twist and messy effect have made the hairstyle of Demi quite innovative.

21. Heidi Klum:

There are very few hairstyles which can beat this super classy party look of Heidi. The German beauty textured and curled her thick medium-length hair and added a side-sweep to it for looking awesome.

22. Natalie Portman:

Here is a messy loose up do sported by the charming beauty Natalie, which was created by twisting the hair at the back and teasing the top a bit. Isn’t it a pretty good choice for a casual party?

23. Halle Berry:

Take advantage of your short, super curly hair and grab the attention of people in a party. Pull all your hair at the crown and secure it there with a hair clip. Halle totally rocked this flowery up-do look! No?

24. Evan Rachel Wood:

Don’t know how to style your very short bob for the upcoming party? Learn it from Evan. Curl the ends of your layers and add a messy, textured finish. There must be a couple of bangs across your forehead.

25. Jennifer Lopez:

Loved this shiny, twisted bun flaunted by the ‘beauty with brain’ Jennifer? Trust me; it is extremely easy and amazingly beautiful at the same time. How about giving it a shot for your next party look?

26. Carey Mulligan:

This cute English actress is well-known for her love for buns and here, we can see her in a high twisted bun with a subtle puffy top. A tidy and precise party hairstyle! What say?

27. Jessica Simpson:

Take a look at this sophisticated loose side braid. If you want to recreate this Jessica Simpson hairstyle to glam up your party appearance, backcomb your front hair and texturize it perfectly before braiding up.

28. Paris Hilton:

This braided high bun can give you a party doll look instantly. Paris made it a perfect match with her dramatic blue eyes. Are you also ready to make it your style statement?

29. Selena Gomez:

Add texture to your thick wavy hair and make a loose side pony out of it. Add a subtly curled side bang to this style too. Voila! You are all set to look like Selena and jazz up the party.

30. Julia Roberts:

In this picture, Julia went for a curly up do with puffy crown and messy finish. The graduated side-swept bang with a slightly curved end made this hairstyle ideal for a mesmerizing party look.

31. Shakira:

Shakira, the ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ girl, got a true feminine flair by twisting her hair at the top, continuing it into a braid and placing it on the opposite shoulder. Well, did you miss out those thick, curly side bangs?

32. Miley Cyrus:

Sometimes, only a long straight ponytail is enough to reflect your beauty and personality. This American pop sensation chose a high pony wrapped with hair in order to look glamorous. Didn’t you like it?

33. Penelope Cruz:

If you want to add a zing to your short and simple ponytail for turning it into a lovely party hairstyle, just follow Penelope. Curly pony with flared ends and rounded fringes are all you need to get for this.

34. Elizabeth Hurley:

So loose hair is your signature party hairstyle, right? Elizabeth is here to show you how to take it to a new level. Keep the layered waves loose, while teasing the crown and adding wide side bangs to it.

35. Sharon Stone:

Got lustrous locks with striking highlights and lowlights? What can be better than this typical French twist worn by Sharon? Yes, going conventional never hurts, especially when it comes to party looks.

36. Jennifer Aniston:

Want to look like a girl-next-door even when partying hard? You will love Jennifer’s hairstyle a lot then. Create a side part, leave rest of the hair loose and twist the front section nicely. You are done.

37. Mila Kunis:

If party for you is all about class and sophistication, try this sleek side hairdo of Mila. Delicately puffed crown, soft bangs and curly ends are sure to impress you.

38. Lindsay Lohan:

This Lindsay Lohan look can easily turn you into the center of attraction in any party. Those super curly bangs and that messy, wet finish – do you really need anything more to look sexy?

39. Britney Spears:

‘Messy’ is the next ‘elegant.’ How? Just look at this unique up do with puffy crown, long side bang and optimum messy effect. Isn’t Britney looking like a perfect party-goer?

40. Julianne Moore:

A high flowery bun can be the best way to show off your sculpted neck and shoulders. However, don’t skip the puff and those long side sweeps, which can turn the hairstyle of Julianne into a party hit.

41. Kylie Minogue:

Do you know that a simple headband can help you achieve an alluring party look? Middle part your medium-length waves, add texture to them and then, wear the headband. Kylie nailed the look totally!

42. Megan Fox:

Who will not wish to get this red hot sizzling look for a party? Get a huge puff at the crown and turn your waves into a messy high ponytail. You are all set to burn the party floor like sensual Megan.

43. Madonna:

Here is another compelling party hairstyle flaunted by the ’Queen of Pop’ Madonna. We just loved those outward feathers on her intensely layered locks and subtly curved bangs swinging over her forehead.

44. Kristen Stewart:

Be the flawless beauty in your forthcoming party just like the ‘Twilight’ girl Kristen. A low braided bun and soft loose hair strands around the edge of your face will help you achieve the look easily.

45. Kim Kardashian:

Not only face contouring, but we can also learn some interesting party hairstyles from Kim. Puff up your top hair and secure it at the crown with bobby pins. Let rest of your layers flow down your shoulders.

46. Nicole Kidman:

Curls can give you lots of volume and make you look fabulous in each and every event. So, make the most of your hair curler and rock the hairstyle just like the Aussie beauty Nicole.

47. Sarah Jessica Parker:

Balance off the extra length of your face with this cute hairstyle. Create a high ponytail and turn it into a loop hairdo by folding neatly and carefully. Quite innovative for a party, right!

48. Keira Knightley:

Start with a center part and create a low bun after adding volume to your crown. Wait, you are not done yet! Get wavy bangs and add messy flair to look exactly like Keira and outshine others in the party.

49. Olivia Munn:

Is it a simple high bun flaunting by Olivia? Not at all! It is a segmented high ponytail that is turned into a bun in order to look exceptional. So, are you planning to adopt this polished look for the next party?

50. Viva Bianca:

You can also look bright and beautiful like Viva and sizzle the party. Just gather all your hair at one side at the back of the head and create a flowery hairdo. Now, take a thin section of hair from the front, twist it up and secure into the ‘do.

51. Taylor Swift:


When it comes to the latest celebrity hairstyles in 2012, Bangs again ruled the year irrespective of whether you have wavy, curly or poker straight hair. They just looked fabulous whether they are side swept or straight. Selena’s front straight bangs looks stunning and so does Taylor Swift’s but doesn’t mean that the side swept looked any less mesmerizing!

52. Emma Watson:

Men might love the long and luscious locks! However, this year there were so many celebrities going for shorter hairstyles which gave them a cleaner and edgier look. Emma Watson would be the first that comes to our mind when we think of latest celebrity short hairstyles in 2012.

53. Rihanna:

No matter how much in fashion poker straight hair may be at that moment but the wavy and sexy curls will not go out of fashion. They are comparatively the easiest of all the hairstyles and yet look beautiful. Loose and effortless curls are perfect for any casual day time affair. However, Rihanna rocks with her red tight curls too.

54. Erin Richards:

Braids are back in fashion. They give us this old school classic effect and they look gorgeous. In the year 2012 braided hairstyles were back in full swing. Apparently they became a hot favorite among the celebs this summer, which not only gave them a chic look but also make them look more glamorous and laid back plus they are so much comfier when it is hot!

55. Cameron Diaz:

New celebrity hairstyles 2012 will not be completed if we do not talk about the different variations of Bob hairstyles that celebrities sported this year. Cameron Diaz looked amazing in her bob haircut. A line bob was seen on Keira Knightley as well as Katie Holmes.

Which one of these stunning celebrity party hairstyles are you going to try? Do let us know by commenting below.

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