12 Nail Art Ideas For Your Toes

Written by Jyotsana Rao

Nail Art seems to now be ruling the beauty and fashion world. From the models on the ramp to international movie stars to even school going girls, everybody loves to sport nail art. Thanks to the endless styles you can flaunt and the various methods that make this task easy.

Nail art on toes look very pretty and chic, like the way they do on finger nails. The procedure of doing designs of nail art on toes is almost the same as you do it on your finger nails. With little practice you can master the technique of nail art on toes.

There are a plethora of easy designs that you can create yourself. So to make your upcoming event or a boring Sunday afternoon cheerful and exciting, here we present to you a fine collection of 12 nail art for toes!

Nail Art For Toes – Top 12 Ideas:

Nail art designs sync perfectly with any trend and from our collection you can draw inspiration for your next pedicure session. You can choose nail art patterns to match your personality or mood and add flair to your look.

Moreover if you love glitzy-glam nail art, then you will definitely try these below mentioned nail art designs for toes. These combine the power of glistening nail art accessories and glitter with the pretty powerful mood changing properties of high pigmented nail lacquers.

Check out these 12 easy nail art ideas for toes which will make your foot look lovely…

1. Polka Dot Toe Nail Art:

Creating simple polka dots on toes look cool and very pretty. This gives vintage look. To create this look, you just need to paint your nails in any color and add contrasting dots using a dotting tool or tooth pick. When the design dries up, add a top coat.

This simple Polka Dot design will surely grab eyes.

2. Half Moon Toe Nail Art:

Opt for a stylish ombre nail art style! Spice up the look of a monochrome nail polishwith a contrasting glitter applied asymmetrically over the nails. You can also try stylish rhinestones that can easily be applied over wet nail polish.

Creating half moon on thumb of your feet and alternating the colors on other toe nails look very chic and quite easy to do. Your feet will not go unnoticed!

3. Stamping On Toe Nails:

One of the modern trends that are in peak is Nail Stamping Art. It is easy, quick and effective. You just need to apply or stamp the pre-designed images on your toes. Since other nails are very small to stamp, you can stamp on your thumb and use it as an accent nail.

This not only looks beautiful on your toes, but it gives gorgeous effect to it.

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4. Floral Pattern On Toe Nails:

Floral toe nail art paint is the prettiest.You can paint the toe with a base color of your choice and then draw a flower on it.

If you are very good with free hand painting then it would be very easy to draw them on the toes, similar to one in the picture. Isn’t this looking beautiful?

5. Multicolored Thumb:

You can paint multiple colors on your thumb and keep other toes simple. You can choose these colors that match your dress.

This nail art will look very elegant. This can also made funky by using glitters.

6. Five Dot Flowers On Toe Nails:

Creating five dot pattern flowers on the thumbs of your feet is very easy. You can also match your toenail art with the footwear and the dress you are wearing.

Look at the picture, isn’t it looking spectacular? If yes, then why not give a try!

7. Lady Bug Toes:

Creating lady bug pattern on toes looks very cute and summerish! Lady Bug is also considered as good luck symbol.

You can then paint lady bug on your thumb using red and black colors. Red being the base color and on that you can draw black bug (dots) as shown in the image. Isn’t this a versatile way to accentuate your feet!

8. Sticker On Toes:

Decorating your toes with sweet little stickers in fashion now a days. These stickers are easily available in the market. Choose whichever you like as per your mood or party theme!

Apply stickers or water decals on toes and give yourself a pretty look. It is easy and not time consuming at all.

9. Leopard Print On Toes:

Animal prints on feet look phenomenal! One such animal design is Leopard print. All you need is golden and black color nail paints. Color your toe nails with gold color and on that make black curves, as shown in the picture.

This is quite easy to do using nail art pens. You can also make it more interesting with pink hearts on it. You can also choose color of your choice to give it more innovative look.

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10. Star Toe Nails:

Stars are easy to draw and adding these star patterns makes your toe look cute. You can also add glitter on nails and make it look very beautiful.

Apply some star shaped stickers to a glittery silver base to get the look just like this picture. Now you’re all set for night parties!

11. Bindis Or Rhinestones Toe Nail Art:

If you are in a hurry and want to do nail art in few minutes, then you can create this look by sticking bindis on your toe nails. Apply a top coat and you are good to go!

A simple base color which matches your dress and on that the design which you like using bindis will look wow.

12. Stripes Toe Nail Art:

You can draw stripes on toe nail to make them look spectacular. You can choose the color according to the dress you wear and match it with footwear to make this look pretty. We have used here shades of blue, black and white.

A nice combination will make your toes look beautiful. They are very easy to do, Isn’t it!

Did you try any of these nail art designs? There is also a free nail art app that will give you a huge collection of images for inspiration. Share your views and let us know your favourite toe nail art by commenting below.

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