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18 Weave Hairstyles That You Can Rock

18 Weave Hairstyles That You Can Rock February 19, 2019

Hair is one aspect of beauty that can be experimented on extensively. It’s easy to get back to your older look if you are not happy with new one ;) But this can be damaging in the long term, especially with latest hair colouring and dyes.

Latest Hair color trends involves bleaching hair which does maximum damage. Thus came into existence, the Hair weaves.

A hair weave is natural or artificial hair that is integrated into one’s natural hair. These can be incorporated into your daily curly hairstyles easily. Hair weaving plays an important role also in getting the desired hair length along with volume. It is somewhat similar to hair extensions.
Here I’ll list several weave hairstyles. Pick the ones that suit you the most ;)

1. Simple Jane:

Simple Jane Pinit

Image: Getty

Start with this if you are new to hair weaves. This looks natural and easy for the eyes.

2. Natural Mane:

Natural Mane Pinit

Image: Getty

This is for those of you that prefer remaining subtle. Part your hair mid ways to accentuate the weaves.

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3. Bob:

Bob Pinit

Image: Getty

For dramatic hair, go for a bob. A side parting helps you look effortlessly chic.

4. Long Locks:

Long Locks Pinit

Image: Getty

This looks fabulous if you want to have smooth and long hair. The hair extensions trends will make you look all the more glowy.

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5. Classy and Elegant:

Classy and Elegant Pinit

Image: Getty

Try this to frame your face. These waves provide a nice border and accentuate your best features.

6. Curly Weave:

Curly Weave Pinit

Image: Getty

Curly weave hairstyles are perfect for your ringlets. The extra curls will add volume and body to your hair.

7.  Blonde Weave:

Blonde Weave Pinit

Image: Getty

If you want to rock the blonde girl look, blonde weaves are your forte.

8. A Shock of Color:

A Shock of Color Pinit

Image: Getty

These colored weaves will look so distinct from the crowd and set you apart.

9. Quick Long Weave:

Quick Long Weave Pinit

Image: Getty

Use these weaves to make a subtle yet strong statement. They stand out but not in a bold way and help you slowly get into the much bolder ones.

10. Wave Weaves:

Wave Weaves Pinit

Image: Getty

This combines the best of both worlds – waves and weaves  add them to your hair to enhance texture and add glamour.

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11. Blast of Color:

Blast of Color Pinit

Image: Getty

This involves complete color weaves. Go for this only if you are sure of carrying the colors

12. Streaky Weaves:

Streaky Weaves Pinit

Image: Getty

These are like surprise weaves a dash of color here and there that peep out now and then make you look so gorgeous.

13. Asymmetric Bob:

Asymmetric Bob Pinit

Image: Getty

This is one of the best short weave hairstyles for the rock chics. Opt for asymmetric bob and kill them with your looks ;)

14. Bang Weaves:

Bang Weaves Pinit

Image: Getty

Bang weaves are great to cover up large foreheads and also uneven hair lines. Stay away from these if you suffer from major acne though.

15. Glitter Weaves:

Glitter Weaves Pinit

Image: Getty

These are for the experimental girls out there. Get on some more glitter in life by opting for glitter weaves.

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16. Hair Curtain:

Hair Curtain Pinit

Image: Getty

This results in a nice and thick layer of hair falling down the sides of your face like curtains. They give you a mysterious look.

17. Weave Highlights:

Weave Highlights Pinit

Image: Getty

These are also super versatile – just get weaves as your highlights. Choose a bold color and use them as streaks, or blend them in with soft colors.

18. Straight Weaves:

Straight Weaves Pinit

Image: Getty

If you want to have poker straight super smooth hair, then opt for straight weaves.
Let me know your favorite way of incorporating weaves girls.

These are some the best and quick weave hairstyles for you. There a lot more of hair weaves you could try too!! Let us know if we have missed some of those!!!

Stay gorgeous!

And oh, shoot comments ;)

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