Everything You Need To Know About 2B Hair Care

From the right care tips to the styles and products to use, learn how to tame those wild 2B waves.

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The 2B hair type is straight at the roots, it gets wavier halfway down from the middle. This type of hair looks beautifully tousled and naturally styled but is prone to frizz.

Every hair type comes with specific hair issues. Having a handcrafted hair care routine improves your wavy hair texture and health. Your 2B hair can have a well-defined “S” shaped curl pattern with increased smoothness and reduced frizz with the right care. That is why you need a complete guide to 2B hair care. Scroll down to check out these hair care tips.

What Is 2B Hair Type?

Woman with 2B hair type
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Hair type is defined through a digit and an alphabet. Type 2 is wavy hair, type 3 is curly hair, and type 4 is coiled hair. The second part of the definition (the alphabet) is the sub-classification. A type means a large hair diameter, B type will have a moderate diameter, and C type will have a small diameter.

2B hair refers to wavy hair with a moderate curl diameter. The curl pattern is straight at the roots and wavy at the tips. From the center of the strand until its end, the S-shaped curl is evident.

This type of hair might develop frizz at the crown and get unmanageable, especially when exposed to humidity. Your natural hair can also get messy and dry when the climate is a little damp. 2B hair type is light and easily weighed down by hair products.

These are among the major challenges that can make 2B hair maintenance tricky. Here are a few hair tips to manage it effectively and improve your hair styling game.

How To Take Care Of 2B Hair

1. Shampooing And Washing

Woman shampooing and washing 2B hair type
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2B hair is more prone to greasiness than straight hair since it covers a larger surface area and makes it difficult for extraneous particles to leave. The flakes are stuck in your tresses for extended periods, and hence, it is essential to have a set hair wash and shampoo routine. The best way to ensure that your hair remains healthy is by co-washing it every alternate day. You can also shampoo your hair about twice or thrice a week. Indulge in a deep conditioning treatment once every two weeks. If you do not notice excess grease or oil in your hair, do not create a habit of over-washing your hair.

2. Plopping

Stylist plopping client's 2B hair type
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Plopping is useful for wavy and curly hair types to retain the shape of the curls. This technique involves wrapping your damp hair loosely with a cotton T-shirt or microfiber towel and placing it on your head like a mound to dry it after a wash. The curls get the scrunch naturally, which helps reduce frizz. Plopping also helps improve the definition and volume of your hair.

3. Managing Flat Roots

There are no curls at the roots in the 2B hair type. This comes in the way if you want your hair to have volume and definition. Style your hair upside down and opt for various clipping methods to make your hair appear voluminous from the roots.

4. Increasing Protein Intake

Protein is the building block of your hair, and its deficiency can often lead to weak hair or breakage. A protein-rich diet is crucial for healthy locks and hair growth. Up your protein intake to transform your damaged hair into healthy tresses within a few days.

5. Using A Diffuser

A diffuser is the best friend of the 2B hair type as it helps enhance the curls’ shape. It eliminates frizz and helps you achieve salon-like smooth and shiny hair.

Are you familiar with the curly girl method? Well, this technique specifically caters to treating and caring for 2B curly hair. It softens frizzy waves and curls, repairs damage, and makes them healthy. You can also customize this flexible hair care routine as per the state of your hair. Let’s explore the steps involved in washing and caring for your 2B curls using the curly girl method. Scroll down.

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Pick the right hair care products suitable for your 2B hair type. Using protein-based products will enhance waves.

The Curly Girl Method For 2B Hair

Step 1: Wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo or use a co-wash.

Note: Always use lightweight and chemical-free products during the curly girl method.

The following hair care routine is essential to keep your type 2B hair healthy.

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Brushed-out ringlets, messy beach waves, and round layers with graduation are some of the best hairstyles for 2B hair.

2B Hair Care Routine

2B Hair Wash Routine

Woman applying deep-conditioning hair mask on 2B hair type
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  • Pre-wash: Apply a deep conditioning mask and leave it on for about 20 minutes.
  • Shampoo: Wash your hair with a mild, sulfate-free shampoo or cleanser.
  • Condition: Apply a leave-in conditioner to your hair.
  • Detangling: Use your fingers or a paddled brush to detangle your wet hair.
  • Styling: Towel dry your waves or let them air dry naturally. Use a diffuser to heat style your hair for shiny, bouncy curls.

2B Hair Refresh Routine

Woman spritzing curl-refreshing solution
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You can try this 2B hair routine to rejuvenate your curls the next day: 

  • Spritz your hair with a solution made of water and a leave-in conditioner.
  • If your hair still seems out of shape, apply some curl-enhancing gel and treat the waves that do not look fine.
  • Flip your hair forward and run your fingers through the curls. This is effective if you want to make your hair look bouncy and voluminous.

With the right hair care routine, you can style your hair the way you want. Check out the next section for some interesting styles to try with 2B hair.

How To Style 2B Hair

Here are a few hair styling ideas for your waves:

  • For A Natural Look: Loose and messy waves are the perfect way to rock your natural look.
  • For A Casual Look: Tie the hair on the top half of the head into a bun. Leave the hair on the bottom half loose.
  • For A Romantic Look: Do a French braid for long and wavy hair. If you have short hair, divide it in the middle and create small braids on each side.
  • For An Elegant Look: Gather the hair on one side and pin it back with a hairpin or clip.

Anjali Joshi, a blogger, shared the struggle of managing her naturally curly hair living in an area with hard water. As a more sustainable solution, she adopted curly hair care methods, ditched using a hairbrush in favor of a wide-toothed comb, and conditioned her hair more often. She wrote, “I stubbornly refused to let an iron do its thing on my hair for two years and I’ve realised that I like this better (i).”

Infographic: Methods To Take Care Of 2B Hair

2B hair is straight at the roots and gets wavy or curly from halfway down, so having a customized hair-care routine for 2B hair is best. In addition, this kind of hair is very prone to frizziness, especially in a humid environment. Check out the infographic below to learn how to take care of 2B hair.

methods to take care of 2b hair (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

The 2B hair type has waves and moderate curls. Since the 2B hair type is light, it gets weighed down easily, and the chances of developing frizz are also high. So, it is better to know the right 2B hair care routine to achieve luscious locks. Following the methods mentioned above can help you maintain healthy hair and keep the curls well-defined. With a proper hair care routine and following the curly girl method, it is easy to manage the 2B hair type. Also, consuming protein-rich foods will be beneficial in keeping your hair nourished and strong.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you sleep with type 2b hair?

2b hair is prone to frizz. Sleeping on a satin or silk pillowcase may help prevent the loss of moisture from the hair strands and reduce friction and breakage.

Is argan oil good for 2b hair?

Yes. Argan oil is lightweight and easily absorbable, and hence can moisturize and nourish 2b hair without weighing it down.

Can 2B hair be thick?

Yes, 2B hair has a fair amount of thickness and volume. These moderately thick strands give any style a pop of body and bounce.

How do I determine if I have 2B hair?

You can determine if you have 2B hair by washing and conditioning your hair as you normally would, allowing it to air dry without any product. Observe the natural wave pattern of your hair. If your hair has a slight S-shape and falls somewhere between straight and curly, you may have 2B hair.

Can 2B hair be straightened or curled?

Yes, 2B hair can be straightened or curled, although the results may vary depending on the thickness and density of the hair. Straightening 2B hair with a flat iron can help to smooth out the waves and create a sleek, straight look. Curling 2B hair with a curling iron can help to enhance the natural wave pattern and create more defined curls.

Key Takeaways

  • 2B hair has wavy curls of moderate diameter and a pronounced S-shaped curl pattern.
  • You can practice hair plopping on 2B hair to add definition to your curls and lift them up at the roots.
  • You can keep your 2B tresses healthy by following the curly girl hair method and increasing your protein intake.
2B Hair Care

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Start your wavy 2B hair care routine today! Watch this video for tips and tricks to keep your wavy hair looking healthy, strong, beautiful and full of life.

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