52 Indian Hairstyles For Round Faces

Flatter your cute, round face effortlessly with these simple yet elegant hairstyles.

Reviewed by Jessica Noonan, Hairstylist
Written by Jyotsana Rao
Edited by Madhumati Chowdhury
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There is something about Indian hairstyles for round faces that makes you look like a goddess. Hairstyles are universal and not country-specific. However, some hairstyles speak of a particular geographical area. For example, even though braids, mohawks, and buns are well-accepted worldwide, there is enough cultural reference in literature and global entertainment for you to identify where these styles originate from.

Hairstyles can be influenced by geography and culture. For Indian girls and women, there are specific hairstyles that work particularly well with their features. Here are some hairstyles tailored for Indian girls with round faces. Scroll down to take your pick!

protip_icon Before You Get Started
  • Indians use center parting commonly in their hairstyles. This is advantageous for a round face as it creates the illusion of length.
  • The use of traditional head accessories and floral accents is a great way to balance, add dimension, or enhance facial features.
  • Loose, voluminous wavy hair in itself is a popular Indian hairstyle that frames round faces in quite a flattering manner.

52 Indian Hairstyles For Round Faces

1. Two Dutch Braids

Two Dutch Braids
Image: Shutterstock

Having two Dutch braids on either side of your face not only creates the illusion of volume but also makes your face look smaller.

2. Flower Embellished Bun

Flower Embellished Bun
Image: Shutterstock

This simple technique can upgrade any bun hairstyle that you want to do. Wrap some flowers around your bun updo, and you are ready for any occasion!

3. Ruffled Tie Up

Image: Getty

The tied back hairdo with a ruffled style is chic and edgy.

4. Half Up Style

Image: Getty

The hairdo is styled in the half up style. The hairdo can be decorated with a flower accessory.

5. Knotted Top

Image: Getty

The top knot in the half-up style is exquisite and elegant. This is an apt Indian hairstyle for round faces.

6. Blunt Bob

Image: Getty

7. Bouffant Effect

Image: Getty

This half up style is done with a double bouffant which just makes the hairdo very edgy. This style suits the round face too.

protip_icon Fun Fact
Bollywood celebrities like Sharmila Tagore, Saira Banu, and Waheeda Rahman sported the bouffant back in the 1960s.

8. Burgundy Pulled Back

Image: Getty

The pulled back style is elegant and chic. The hairdo with sheer burgundy touch is pretty and edgy.

9. Golden Volume

Image: Getty

The golden locks styles in the half up style present a thick and sensual image. The style is edgy and pretty displaying volume.

10. Bun Split

Image: Getty

The plait with the bun is chic and stylish. The braid is done on the top and merges with the bun which is split into two. The style is edgy and perky.

11. Headband Braid

Image: Getty

The headband braid is done all around the head; the braid is chic and gives a pleasant and elegant look.

12. Box Braid

Image: Getty

The box braids are chic and edgy. The style can be done on long tresses. The hairdo is simple and attractive for the round face.

13. Braid Precision

Image: Getty

The mini braids done on both sides with a mid-part are sexy and chic. The style is full of precision and sharp definition.

14. Short Edgy Fish Braid

Image: Getty

The edgy fish braid is done on short hair with a tousled essence. The short bangs at the front give a chic volume do the hairstyle.

15. Mohawk Braids

Image: Getty

The two thin braids done on each side gives a Mohawk like effect, the style is edgy and perky.

16. Embellished Bun

Image: Getty

The braided bun with voluminous essence is edgy with the long loose twirls contouring the face. The golden hairdo is elegant and since bun is worn by many Indian women, the style is bound to be popular.

17. Edgy Braid

Image: Getty

This messy light brown braid is done by weaving a ponytail. The ponytail braid has an edgy and chic finesse to it. The style is elegantly smart.

18. Fringed Bun

Image: Getty

The ombre fringe with the braided bun is chic and edgy. The fringes give a cuter appeal to the round-shaped face. Indian women of a younger age can adopt the bang with the bun.

19. Mid-Part Style

Image: Getty

The hairdo consists of short tresses styled with a middle parting. The hairdo is edgy and chic. The sleek bangs give a sensual appeal to the hairdo.

20. Long Waves

Image: Getty

The long wavy tresses are ideal for a round face. Women in India love long tresses and the wavy style just add so much glamour to the persona.

21. Beachy Waves

Image: Getty

The medium bob is dressed with beachy waves and exudes an elegant and stylish appeal.

22. Round & Sleek

Image: Getty

The round bob is enhanced by the trimmed sleek bangs contouring the forehead on one side. The style looks super cool on round faces.

23. Fringed Contour

Image: Getty

The tousled hairdo with tender fringes contouring the forehead and the spiral curly edges complement each other. The hairdo has a ruffled essence but is pretty and edgy.

24. Ruffled Bounce

Image: Getty

The ombre ruffled hair seems to have a bouncy edgy texture. The style is super cool and causal; perfect for a beach party.

25. Slender Waves

Image: Getty

The slender wavy hairdo is hued brunette and is edgy and chic. The style is dressed for an elegant and high fashion style.

26. Brunette Short Bob

Image: Getty

The brunette short bob is edgy and has a wavy appeal to it. The style has a neat and soft texture and blends perfectly with a round face.

27. Sleek Behind

Image: Getty

The sleek hairdo is done by tucking the hair behind the ears; the style is edgy and chic. The hairdo is ombre hued from the roots and is styled with side part.

28. Finger Combed Flair

Image: Getty

The finger combed top gives a chic and edgy appeal teamed with a braid. The style is just perfect for a round face.

29. Hued Streaks

Image: Getty

The boring half up can have a chicer and edgy appeal with the colored streaks sewed in and sitting cool.

30. Braided Bun

Image: Getty

Here’s an amazing Indian bridal hairstyle for round face. The braided bun is accessorized with flowers and gives an edgy and elegant appeal.

31. Twin Braids

Image: Getty

The simple braid on both sides is simple and effortless to wear. Twin braids suit the round face completely.

32. Sleek Fish Braid

Image: Getty

The fish braid is done on the side with a sleek and tight texture. The hairdo has an elegant detail to it.

33. Short Funk

Image: Getty

The mini braids embellish one side of this flared bob cut. The bob is done with a wavy side part. The modern hairdo is funky and chic.

34. Threesome Merge

Image: Getty

The hairdo is done by doing a lean braid from the sides and the top and merging it within the bun.

35. Headband Braided Curls

Image: Getty

The headband braids embellish the medium shoulder-length bob. The hairdo consists of spiral curly edges and an embossed shine which enhances the style.

36. Funky Twirl

Image: Getty

The wavy golden hair is stylish and chic. The hairdo is pretty and neat with a French braid done on one side to add the element of funk to it.

37. Accessorize Regal

Image: Getty

A side braid is chic and elegant and a perfectly simple style for a round face. The hairdo is elegant and is accessorized by a hat which makes it look all regal.

38. Milkmaid Braid Bun

Image: Getty

The braids are done all around the head and resemble a milkmaid braid bun. The braids are intertwined to each other giving the hairdo enormous detail. The style is elegant and stylish.

protip_icon Quick Tip
You can add feathers, flowers, or colors with hair chalk to your hair to take your milkmaid braids up a notch.

39. Braid In Braid

Image: Getty

In this hairdo a lean braid is done underneath with a bigger braid over it. The lean braid acts as an embellishment to the overlapping bigger braid.

40. Coiled Bun

Image: Getty

The coiled bun is done on one side and gives chic and embossed look to the hairdo. The texture is shiny and pretty.

41. Messy Long Side Braid

Image: Getty

The fish braid is enhanced by the loose edgy bangs which mark the style in an elegant way. The hairdo is perfect for a round face.

42. One Side Flair

Image: Getty

The flair is kept on one side while the other side is messily woven into a mini side braid. The windy messy feel makes the style sensual.

43. Causal Braid

Image: Getty

The messy long braid gives a casual and edgy feel to the hairdo. The ombre-hued braid is enhanced by the messy bangs lining the forehead.

44. Box Braid Ponytail

Image: Getty

Turn your long tresses into trendy box braids and then gather that box braid into a ponytail. The low ponytail will have an edgy detail and would help enhance your style.

45. Braided Bun

Image: Getty

The top knot bun is enhanced further with a braid wrapped around the bun. The style is chic and elegant. If you have highlights, this fashionable updo is perfect to show them off.

46. Chunky French Braid

Image: Getty

A hairdo with thick French braids done on both sides and then merged into a bigger side braid looks impressionable and smart. Style the thick medium-length hair in the way.

47. Bang Braid Bun

Image: Getty

The braided bun with loose twirls gives an elegant and demure impression. The style is done by braiding the bangs at the front and merging it with the bun.

48. Thick Ponytail Braid

Image: Getty

The thick ponytail braid done in a casual fashion with a thick side bang to complement it is so cool and perfect for the round face shape.

49. Symmetric Braid

Image: Getty

The two braids are merged into one and are done only halfway through. The style is done in a pulled-back way that is with no parts. This is a perfect hairstyle for round-faced Indian girls to try out.

50. Braid Lining

Image: Getty

The medium curly tresses are enhanced further by this mini braid which is tied behind. The mini braid is embellished with butterfly pins and makes the hairdo appear soft and delicate.

51. Bottom Braid Bun

Image: Getty

The mini braid is done from the bottom and merged with the bun on the top. The style is perky and smart. It has an unusual feel courtesy of the braid done from the base which gives it a funky appeal.

52. Intricate Braid

Image: Getty

The braided bun is chic and elegant. The style can be worn if you have long tresses. The bun gives a neat and tight appeal to the hairdo. The detail is enhanced by the exquisite braiding.

Licensed Hairstylist, Jessica Noonan says, “Hairstyles in Indian culture can be stunning, whether they are simple or intricate. Use your texture to your advantage, and play with accessories.”

Infographic: 5 Easy Indian Hairstyles For Round Faces

No hairstyle is off limits when it comes to round faces. Whether you have long or short hair, as long as you work with your hair texture and type, you can pull off any look. In the infographic below, we have shortlisted the best Indian hairstyles that work well with all hair textures and are perfect for round faces. Take a look!

5 easy indian hairstyles for round faces (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Save the high-quality PDF version on your device now.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

The Indian subcontinent is known for the plethora of varying and unique hair types and textures of its folk, which can be manipulated in multiple ways to create gorgeous hairstyles. Since most Indian hair, when taken good care of, has a thick and lush quality to it, it only makes sense that Indian women style their hair so perfectly. And even if they have fine hair, we have an impressive catalog of hairstyles that are meant to flatter Indian facial features. Experiment with the 52 hairstyles listed above, including options for long and short hairstyles, starting with a Zari French braid and ending with a pearl-entwined braid. You can amp up these hairstyles by playing with Indian hair accessories like traditional hair clips, beads, and more. No matter the occasion, you can find a flawless Indian hairstyle to flaunt!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is layered hair good for round faces?

Yes, the layers frame your rounded jawline, adding some angle to your face and texture to your hair, making your face look elongated and sculpted.

Do curtain bangs suit a round face?

Curtain bangs or the wispy layers that fall on both sides of the face complement a round face nicely as they draw attention to your cheekbones making your face look sleek and sculpted.

Is curly or straight hair better for round faces?

While both look nice, if you have curly hair, you should avoid short haircuts with a round face. Long curls or straight and wavy tresses would suit a round face pretty well.

Discover the perfect haircuts and hairstyles tailored for round faces in this video. From trendy bobs to face-framing layers, here’s your chance to unlock their secrets!

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