7 Amazing Beauty Facts About Flax Seeds

Written by Tanya Choudhary
ISSA Certified Specialist in Fitness & Nutrition

You know what could be better than a seed? A seed that gives birth to a new plant and then further serves the universe.

A seed that can gift you with a number of beauty and health benefits!

Welcome to the world of these micro-sized powerhouses that will make your skincare regime worth every effort. Wanna know how? Read on.

Flax Seed—A Brief

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Scientific Name—Linum usitatissimum
Origin—Egypt, and China
Other Names—Tisi or Alsi, Linseeds

Flax is a tiny power-packed seed that is full of goodness.

This seed has been used since ancient times, through ancient civilizations and cultures. Archaeological evidence suggests the use of flax seeds since the times of Nefertiti in Egypt.
Usually cultivated for the naturally strong fiber, flax or “Tisi” or “Alsi” as it was known in India, was used to augment the diet of the hard working villagers.

Flax seeds are available in two varieties—brown and golden, both of which contain almost similar nutritional characteristics and fatty acids. The only exception to this rule is one golden or yellow flax seed, Linola (Solin), that boasts of a completely different oil profile. This variety is exceptionally low in Omega-3 fatty acids.

Now that you know a bit about these wonder seeds, why not find out what’s wonderful about them? Scroll down to know the beauty benefits of flax seeds.

Did you Know? Beauty Facts About Flax Seeds

1. Are High On Nutritional Front

Flax is known for its cholesterol reducing properties which ensure your heart’s health. Also, if grounded and taken daily with water, flax seeds provide the necessary amounts of fiber to keep your digestive system working well. Just keep your fluid intake high.

Flax seeds are another way to get what nature gave pescatarians. They actually contain alpha lineoic acids, to be specific. This acid helps to reduce the inflammations that cause chronic heart ailments, arthritis, asthma, diabetes and it even helps guard your body against cancers—colon cancer to be more specific (1). Eaten in combination with walnuts and fish, flax seeds can be of real help.

How much you eat, depends on your reasons for eating flax seeds. On their own, the seeds are crunchy and tasty if they are toasted. However as ironic it sounds, what makes flax seeds more palatable, actually destroys the goodness. So, when the local bakeries that are promoting flax seed-topped bread as the best gift you can give to yourself, they are not truthful to you.

And as I said, healthy skin can be easily be achieved if your body is healthy!

2. Imparts A Glow To The Skin

Image: Shutterstock

The best gift that a few spoonfuls of ground flaxseed can give you, will be the short chain omega 3 fatty acids (2).

Whatever your area of interest, or your choice of food groups, omega 3 fatty acids spell good news. Omega 3 fatty acids are present in fish oil.

If you are like me and eat fish rarely and only if it is fried, you will certainly miss out the benefits of beautiful skin. But if you are regular, congratulations, you have found yourself an excellent source for your skin radiance without having to burn a hole in your pocket on expensive cosmetics.

3. Bid Farewell To Wrinkles And Fine Lines

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Antioxidants and phytochemicals remind me of an advertisement for an anti-aging cream (3). If all the benefits come from flax seeds at a fraction of the cost—bring it on!

Having a spoonful of grounded flax seeds can make you age gracefully.

4. Rashes No More

Every woman dreads inflammations and chub rub, especially if she’s on the chubbier side.

Being rich in omega-3 fatty acids, flaxseeds effectively speed up the healing process in our body (4, 5). This is further assisted by the strong anti-inflammatory properties of this seed.

Thus applying a paste of grounded flax seeds with coconut oil or olive oil on the affected area can bring down the skin irritation, inflammation, rashes, and redness within a few uses. If you want, you can also ingest it with water regularly, for a speedy recovery.

5. Treats Acne

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Breakouts or acne are synonymous with puberty and hormonal changes. There isn’t a single soul that hasn’t escaped the wrath of those ugly breakouts during their adolescent days. It was a signal from our body, saying—Hey dude! You are grown up now!

I would often find solace when people consoled me saying these ugly marks won’t follow me through my life. And I believed them, poor me!

Oh 17-year-old me, you had no idea.

I’m sure this has been your story too. Facing acne troubles in your 20s and spending thousands on cosmetics and medications to hide those ugly spots. Well, lemme give a natural solution. Flaxseed.

Don’t underestimate these tiny seeds—they are a powerhouse I tell you!They expertly handle the production of the sebum—the culprit. This oily substance is produced by the skin and is responsible for providing moisture to our skin. But when uncontrolled can attract dirt and other impurities, causing the formation of an acne (6).

You can simply avoid this condition by having one-two tablespoons of milled flax seeds daily.

6. Rejuvenates Skin

This seed also has skin rejuvenating properties.

Flaxseeds is touted to be one of the strongest exfoliants and using it topically can help get rid of the dead skin, leaving you with a flaunt-worthy skin.

7. Provides A Healthier Skin Tone

Does your skin look dull and lifeless? Flaxseeds might help brighten it.

This seed has moisturizing properties, all thanks to the omega-3 fatty acids, flax seeds prevent our skin from drying out (7). It also helps get rid of that unwanted tan and uneven skin tone.

5 Effective Flaxseed Face Packs

Other than consuming, flaxseeds can be used to make a number of face packs and scrubs to enhance the beauty of your skin. Have a look:

1. Flaxseeds And Water For A Firm Skin

You Will Need
  • 1 tablespoon flaxseeds
  • 1/3 cup water
  • A plastic bowl
What You Need To Do
  1. Bring the water to boil and add flax seeds to it.
  2. Stir it well. Cover the bowl with a clean cloth and let it rest for 3 to 4 hours.
  3. Apply the formed paste evenly on your freshly washed face and neck.
  4. Let the layer dry and apply the second layer.
  5. Repeat the process till your mask is 4 layers thick.
  6. Let the mask dry out completely.
  7. Wash it off using regular water. Pat dry.
  8. Repeat this process once a week for a firm and glowing skin.

2. Flaxseed And Blue Clay Mask For A Radiant Skin

Image: Shutterstock

You Will Need
  • 1 tablespoon flaxseeds
  • 1 teaspoon blue clay
  • 2-4 drops rose water
What You Need To Do
  1. Soak the flax seeds overnight and add the remaining ingredients to it in the morning.
  2. Mix well to form a paste.
  3. Apply this mask on your freshly washed face and neck and keep it on for a good 15 to 20 minutes.
  4. Wash it off using regular water. Pat dry.
  5. Repeat this process once a week for radiant skin.

3. Flaxseed And Egg Face Mask For Skin Cleansing

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You Will Need
  • 1 tablespoon grounded flaxseed
  • 1 egg
What You Need To Do
  1. Beat an egg and add flaxseed powder to form a smooth paste.
  2. Apply this clear mask on your face and neck.
  3. Leave it on for at least 15 minutes.
  4. Wash the mask off using regular water. Pat dry and apply a moisturizer to retain the moisture.
  5. Use this mask twice a month to get the best results.

4. Flaxseed, Lemon, And Honey Face Mask For Acne

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You Will Need
  • 1 tablespoon flaxseeds
  • 2 teaspoons lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoon organic honey
What You Need To Do
  1. Begin the process by soaking the flax seeds in water overnight.
  2. Mash it up the following morning and add lemon juice and honey to it.
  3. Apply this paste evenly on your face and massage it for a few minutes using your fingertips.
  4. Let it dry. It will take approximately half an hour to dry off completely.
  5. Wash it off as regular and pat dry.
  6. Repeat this process twice a week for an acne-free skin.

5. Flaxseed, Cinnamon Powder, And Yogurt Face Mask For Skin Rejuvenation

Image: Shutterstock

You Will Need
  • 1 tablespoon grounded flaxseeds
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder
  • 1 tablespoon yogurt
What You Need To Do
  1. Mix all the ingredients mentioned above to form a smooth paste.
  2. Apply this paste evenly on your freshly washed face and neck.
  3. Let the mask soak into your skin for a good 15 minutes.
  4. Wash it off using regular water. Pat dry.
  5. Use this technique once or twice a week for a younger looking skin.

Enjoy all these benefits without the help of a doctor or expensive medicines, but from a tiny seed. Try to locate flax seeds in the aisles of your local supermarket, or just call your roadside grocer.

Gift this wonderful seed to your body today and every day!

Stay fit, stay healthy!

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