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5 Best Nivea Lip Balms Available In India

5 Best Nivea Lip Balms Available In India February 1, 2019

Nivea as a brand has been in India for ages. For all the dry skin beauties, Nivea cream is a staple. But some time back they also forayed into lip balms. Nivea lip balms are the most sought after and also one of the most affordable ones available in the market today. They not only provide nourishment but also provide sun protection, repair chapped damaged lips, and they come in a variety of tints. So what’s the best lip balm Nivea has to offer you?

Top 5 Nivea Lip Balms:

Here’s a list of the top 5 Nivea lip balms available.

1. Nivea Repair & Protection – Med Protection:


Enriched with the natural ingredients Bisabolol and Wheat Germ Oil Med Protect help prevent cracks, dryness & repairs sun damage. It supports the lips’ natural moisturization process and helps in protecting them.

Bisabolol is a naturally occurring active ingredient that accelerates the healing process of skin and protects it from the effects of daily stress. This lip balm does what it claims. It heals troubled lips and nourishes them deeply. The added advantage is the sun protection that comes with it.


  • Does what it claims. Heals and nourishes the lips.
  • Not at all sticky and doesn’t leave a white cast on the lips.
  • Very mild fragrance.
  • Contains SPF 15


  • There’s no major con for this lip balm.
This is counted by many as the best Nivea lip balm in India.

2. Nivea Pure & Natural – Olive and Lemon:


New range of NIVEA Lip Care Pure & Natural is inspired by nature. The smooth textured balms have natural ingredients and are free of preservatives. Intensively moisturize for long lasting soft and smooth lips that look and feel naturally beautiful.

Olive & Lemon provides long-lasting protection for dry lips. Its deep moisturizing properties leave your lips nourished and supple.


  • Excellent moisturizing properties.
  • Sheer and not tinted.
  • Moisturizing effect stays for 3 to 4 hours.
  • Very mild fragrance, not at all bothersome.
  • Claims to have natural ingredients and free of preservatives.
  • Non sticky


Pricy. It’s priced higher than other Nivea Lip balms.

3. Nivea Repair & Beauty:

Nivea Repair & Beauty is a perfect combination of a tinted lip balm and a nourishing lip balm. It comes in with a tinted balm outside and a moisturizing balm inside. The minty fragrance will leave you with a fresh feeling. It has a mild cooling effect during application which soothes irritated lips.


  • Makes the lips soft within seconds. A beautifully nourishing lip balm.
  • Stays for a good 4 hours.
  • Heals chapped lips and leaves them soft and supple.
  • Doesn’t leave a strong tint. Has a very mild pink tint, which is not at all visible.
  • Has a very mild cooling effect.


  • Priced higher than other Nivea lip balms.
  • No sun protection.

4. Nivea Fruity Shine – Pomegranate:


Delicious pomegranate scent and rich ingredients for extremely soft and glossy lips in a luscious deep red tone. The Fruity Shine lip balms come in beautiful colours and tempting fragrances. The Pomegranate lip balm comes in a pretty maroon tint. It leaves a pretty dark pink shiny tint on the lips. A beautiful colour for people who love deep tinted lip balms.


  • Beautiful colour. Gives a nice shiny colour to the lips.
  • Staying power is pretty good. Stays for 3 to 4 hours.
  • Leaves a mild tint of colour even after fading.
  • Delicious fragrance.


  • All Fruity Shine lip balms have the same kind of problem. They melt during summers.
  • The fragrance can be strong for some people.

5. Nivea Fruity Shine – Strawberry:

This is one of the most loved Nivea lip balm flavours ever!


Delicious strawberry flavor and rich ingredients for extremely soft glossy lips in a gorgeous subtle red tone.

The Fruity Shine lip balm in Strawberry has a very beautiful. The red colour is universally flattering and is suitable for all skin tones. As the name suggests, it smells of strawberries and leaves a shiny red tint on the lips, which makes the lips look fresh and pretty.


  • The red tint is very pretty. Suitable for all skin tones.
  • Delicious fragrance of strawberries.
  • Stays on the lips for 3 to four hours.


  • Melts in hot climate.

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