30 Stunning Hairstyles For Diamond Faces

Written by Anjali Sayee

Chiseled! Now that’s a word that describes a diamond-shaped face perfectly. If you have this face shape, you have something in common with gorgeous women like Tyra Banks, Megan Fox, Rosario Dawson, and the queen herself – Jennifer Lopez! These stunning women are known for their sharp jawlines, which is a key feature of the diamond face. Since it is a unique face shape, styling your hair for it might seem hard. But here are a few hairstyles worn by the stars themselves to help you.

But first, let’s me show you how to measure your facial dimensions to determine your face shape.

How To Measure Facial Dimensions


Face shapes are the reason certain hairstyles look good on some people but not on others. And it’s not just limited to hairstyles. It’s how you apply your makeup or pick your glasses too. Face shapes are everything! They’re also the reason you have to be very careful when you go for a haircut.

  • For measurements, you can use a regular scale or a curved scale. You can also use a rope or thread to measure your face and then place it on a scale to see the dimensions.
  • First, check the width of your forehead. Find the widest point of your forehead. For most people, it should be midway between the hairline and eyebrows.
  • Check the width of your cheeks. Measure just under the eyes from ear to ear.
  • Next, measure the widest points of your jaw.
  • Finally, take the longitudinal measurement of your face, beginning at your hairline and ending at the tip of your chin.

So, how do you know if your face is diamond-shaped?

Do You Have A Diamond Face?

You have a diamond face if:

  • Your cheekbones are the widest part of your face.
  • Your jawline is more pointed than angular. This is what sets a diamond face apart from an oval face.
  • You have a narrow jawline and forehead that are about the same width.
  • Your hairline is narrower and tapers just like your jawline. (The significant difference between a diamond face and a heart-shaped face is the hairline.)
  • Your cheekbones are high and pointed.
  • You have a long forehead and jawline.
  • The length of your face is longer than its width.

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when picking a hairstyle for your diamond-shaped face.

Focus Points

  • Take the attention off your cheekbones. Make sure the hair near your cheeks is flat and not voluminous. Focus on making your forehead and jawline seem a tad wider than they are.
  • Don’t add height to the hair at the top. This will make your face look longer than it is by making your jaw and forehead appear longer than they are. You can add a slight puff to the hair on top of your head, but make sure you have bangs to cover your forehead.
  • Add volume to the hair under the jawline to make it seem less pointed.
  • While the cheekbones are the fullest part of a diamond face, there are times when flaunting them works wonders. Show off your cheekbone structure by using hairstyles that tuck in behind the ears.
  • Consider blunt front bangs as they help shorten a long face.
  • Middle partings will help make a face appear longer than it is. Try side partings or a zig-zag middle parting.
  • Avoid one length or blunt bobs. They will amplify your angular features.
  • Curls add texture to the hair, which is what a diamond face needs. However, make sure that you don’t add curls near the cheeks as this will accentuate them. Instead, add volume near the forehead and under the chin. If you have full curly hair, your volume will get thicker as it grows and, in turn, soften the angular features of your face.

Choosing a hairstyle is tricky for this face shape since it’s quite unique. But, don’t worry! We’ve compiled a list of what you need to focus on to get a good hairstyle.

Hairstyle Pointers


Bangs are the trickiest to style compared to every other haircut. Take side swept bangs, for example. One day, they may look great on you, but the next day, you might hate the way they look. It’s all about how you style them.

  • Side swept bangs work well with diamond faces. Long and/or deep side swept bangs also work. They cover the forehead partially, so the length of the forehead is well hidden and its width increases. They also help frame the eyes by bringing lateral focus to the face.
  • Middle partings make a face look longer. So, avoid them. Also, don’t add height to the crown as it adds length to the face.
  • Don’t try thick blunt bangs. They tend to accentuate the cheekbones. Since the cheekbones are the widest in a diamond face, you don’t need them to look any more full.
  • You have to be careful with long straight bangs. They look good when they’re feathered at the center, but full long straight bangs are not a good option.
  • You need to be careful with wispy bangs too. Feathered wispy bangs that are slightly parted at the center work well, but thick ones are a no-no.
  • Fauxhawk bangs are great. You will need to experiment to see whether short or long ones suit you.
  • Try bangs that taper on the sides. They help cover a narrow forehead but not the entire forehead altogether.
  • Baby bangs tend to work the best with short hairstyles or braids.

Full Hair

  • Add curls to add texture and volume to your hair. If you’re curling only parts of your hair, curl near the forehead and under the chin. This will make your chin and forehead appear less angular and a little broad.
  • Choppy ends add the much-needed volume to your hair and soften your face.
  • Shag cuts look amazing on diamond faces. Shaggy layers help make the jawline and forehead appear shorter and a bit wider. However, this is not to be confused with the layered cut. The layered haircut is layered on the sides of your face. The shag haircut is at levels all around your head.
  • Short hairdos like a textured bob, a lob, and a pixie cut look gorgeous on diamond faces as they soften the jawline. Try wispy ends or a textured cut instead of keeping the ends blunt.
  • Consider long layers that start at the jawline. The layers bring dimension to your face by adding texture to your hair.


Hair Colors

Darker roots with lighter tips tend to make a face appear longer, which is not what a diamond face requires. Instead, try highlights that are spread evenly all over your hair. These highlights need to be two shades lighter than your natural hair color. Thick highlights also work well for this face shape.

Hair Clips

Pick accessories that clip your hair near your ears or clip your hair up at the center. If you are using big clips, use them at the back and not on the sides of your head.


Since the diamond face shape is narrow at the eye line, you need to choose glasses that accentuate your eyes. Top-heavy frames, like semi-rimless frames or upswept frames that emphasize the eyebrows, are perfect for your face shape. Avoid small or narrow glasses that attract attention to the tight eye line. They will make your cheekbones appear wider than they are.

Now that you know what to look for and what to avoid when styling your hair for your diamond-shaped face, here are a few hairstyles that you can try out.

30 Stunning Hairstyles For Diamond Face Shape

1. Side Swept Hair


Luscious curly hair swept to one side looks gorgeous on a diamond face. Instead of pinning your hair down, pin it on one side near your ear. The curls add volume to your hair while also softening your features.

2. Slight Waves


Camila Alves looks stunning. Usually, a middle parting is a strict no-no for women with diamond faces. But here, Camila has waves right near her cheeks, so the middle parting helps. The wavy hair adds volume to the texture of your natural hair. The idea is to make your jawline look broader so that your cheekbones are highlighted.

3. One Side Pinned Up Hair


This hairstyle is an edgy alternative for women who don’t want to risk shaving one side of their hair. The side swept bangs help reduce the length of the forehead. The length of the bob is just under the jawline, which makes the jawline appear broader.

4. Feathered Bangs


Selma Blair sports bangs most of the time. And if you love front fringes, this is how you should sport them. Feather the bangs at the center to not conceal your forehead completely and avoid highlighting your cheeks. These bangs work well with a ponytail or a braid.

5. The Lob


The lob is perfect for diamond faces. Keep the length below the chin as it softens the jawline. Another key here is to tuck one side of your hair behind your ear. This creates an asymmetrical look, which is flattering on diamond faces. Also, notice how the middle parting is used when the length of hair is below the jawline.

6. Side Parting With Wavy Hair


Vanessa Hudgens is fantastic and so is her hairdo. The big waves of this short bob help soften her face and focus on her eyes. The highlights all across her hair help frame her face.

7. Deep Side Swept Bangs


Deep side swept bangs are the best for a diamond face. They make a face look soft instead of pointy. The side swept bangs cover the forehead, leaving only a little to be seen. This decreases the height of the forehead and draws attention to the eyes.

8. Low Bun With Deep Side Bangs


The key to perfect updos like the one sported by Rosario Dawson here is not to add too much height at the crown. Pair deep side swept bangs with a simple low bun. Keep this hairstyle a little loose to create a soft and romantic hair look.

9. Pinned Updo


If you are tired of flaunting bangs, this updo is for you. Twist your bangs in a slight puff and clip them back. Roll your hair into a bun and leave the ends to create this elegant look.

10. Pinned Bangs


Here’s a hairstyle that’s a brilliant alternative to the half ponytail. Take the front section of your hair and pin it at the back. Now, run your fingers through your hair to fluff it up and give it a voluminous look.

11. Scrunched Up Hair


Scrunched up hair looks excellent on diamond faces. You can take a leaf out of Tyra Bank’s book and accessorize it with a flower pinned on one side. This hairstyle is playful and full of life!

12. Silky Straight


This super straight hairdo with chunky highlights is terrific, to say the least. The lob is flat right near the cheeks, which highlights the cheekbones without focusing on the width. The length of the hair along with the deep side parting helps in making the forehead and jawline appear wider.

13. Slight Side Parting


This slight side parting is a great alternative to middle partings. The slightly off-center parting gives her face a soft look and decreases the sharpness of her jawline. The light hair coloring near the cheeks gives it a slim look. The soft curls below the chin help soften the jaw.

14. Tight French Twist


Megan Fox’s slick updo is impressive! Pull your hair back and tie a tight French twist to accentuate your cheekbones and show off your diamond-shaped face in all its glory.

15. The Mom Bun


Jennifer Lopez looks amazing in this neatly done mom bun! This lovely high bun pulls her cheekbones upwards and adds some impressive definition to them.

16. Ringlet Ponytail


Jennifer Lopez is a queen. She always looks phenomenal, and this hairstyle proves it. Style your hair in a retro side swept fringe with a deep side parting. Then, tie your hair in a loose low ponytail and curl it in perfect ringlets.

17. Retro Look


Kate Hudson’s retro look is stunning. The full curls at the end of her shoulder-length hair make her jawline look wide and give her face a more proportioned look.

18. Backcombed Bun


This is a creative way to bun your hair. Curl your hair to add some texture to it. Backcomb the hair on top and pin it back to create a slight puff. Now, tie your hair in a messy bun to finish off this chic look.

19. Middle Bun


Kate Hudson sure knows how to use her face shape to her advantage – because this updo looks incredible. Comb your hair back loosely with a round brush and tie it in a bun. Spritz some hairspray to keep it in place.

20. The Shag Hairdo


Meg Ryan, America’s sweetheart, sported a short shag haircut all through the 90s. This messy look takes attention away from her forehead and focuses it on the bottom half of her face. The side bangs frame her eyes well.

21. Wavy Lob


This wavy hairstyle looks youthful yet elegant. The waves and slightly darker roots add texture to her hair and make it look luscious. They also soften her features and make it look less sharper than it actually is.

22. Ferocious Curls


This fierce woman embraces her ethnicity, and she’s got the curls to prove it. Her full, tight curls accentuate her jawline and high cheekbones perfectly.

23. Jumbo Twists Updo


Braids look incredible on diamond faces, and I don’t just mean simple braids or French braids. African protective styles, like these jumbo twists, make a face appear small instead of long and wide.

24. Sleek Straight Hair


Keep it simple! Brandy Norwood is sporting quite a gorgeous hairstyle here that works wonders for her diamond face shape. While brushing your sleek straight hair, place the brush underneath your hair and comb it outward. This creates volume near your forehead.

25. Thick Colors


Adding lush colors to the hair near your face is a great way to frame it. The big curls also add volume and dimension to your tresses and soften your jawline.

26. Deep Side Bangs With A Lob

This hairstyle is simply stunning. The colors and the deep side bangs help soften the face and take the focus away from the forehead, making it look like a thin, heart-shaped face.

27. Afro Kinky Hair

Doctor Who’s Bill Potts made all us Whovians fall for her hair! This Afro hairdo looks stunning on diamond faces. Keep your bangs the same kinky texture as the rest of your hair and feather them slightly. Her half-hidden forehead prevents it from looking too broad.

28. Edgy Curls


This edgy hairstyle looks terrific on Jessica Szohr. The curly hair covers her forehead partially, making it appear shorter than it is. The curls also make the whole face appear smaller and more proportioned.

29. Puff Bun


Jessica Szohr wowed us with not just her simple style in Gossip Girl but also with her hairstyles. This chic yet straightforward hairstyle looks amazing. The bun with the loose hair strands looks lovely. Notice how the puff is at the top of her head instead of in the front. This is the best way to wear a puff for diamond face women.

30. Loose Braid

This is a great braid hairstyle for diamond faces. The deep side bangs conceal her broad forehead while the loose braid softens her face.

These are the 30 best hairstyles for diamond faces. Don’t be afraid to experiment with hairstyles and colors. That’s the best way to know which hairstyles suit you the best. Try them out and comment below to let us know how it went!

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