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5 Flattering Hairstyles For Oval Faces

5 Flattering Hairstyles For Oval Faces September 29, 2017

Is your face shape giving you a nightmare when picking a right hairstyle? Not to worry, you aren’t the only one facing this issue! There are a lot many who sail in the same boat!!!

Hairstyles are all about highlighting the best features of your face and hiding the bits that aren’t the best. The first step to deal with this problem is identifying exactly what you face shape is. You either can visit an experienced hairstylist to know it or you can do it at home itself.

First pull your hair back and look at your self in the mirror. Identify the extreme points and then join these dots. The resulting structure will resemble maybe a square or oval or circle. Whatever it is, that is your face shape.

If your face looks anything like this, then you have an oval face.

Now that you have this figured out know that whatever be the shape of your face or the length and texture of your hair, there always is a hairstyle/ haircut best suited to all your hair needs.

An oval face is one of those face shapes which can sport most of the flattering hairstyles with grace. So there are many different hairstyles for oval faces that will work wonders for your looks. But we have a few of the best suited here for you

Read below to find some of the recommended flattering hairstyles for oval face:

Style 1:

Image: Getty Pinit

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Short cropped hair, mostly placed around the crown of your head looks great on oval faces. Fringes around the forehead look best on such face-cuts too!!! This is of course an option only if your okay with short as in really short hair. This is one of the easy to manage yet flattering hairstyle for oval face.

Style 2:

Image: Getty Pinit

Image: Getty

Another great hairstyle, if you want to sport short hair, is like the one above. Short hair, rolled outwards along the level of the ear, with bangs around the forehead.

Style 3:

Image: Getty Pinit

Image: Getty

A bob cut looks very good on such face cuts too!!! Bangs on the front, covering the forehead, with layered hair upto the jaw-line. This is an easy to manage haircut for oval faces.

Don’t start worrying just if you have long hair! We have few suggestions for those girls too!

Style 4:

Image: Getty Pinit

Image: Getty

Girls with longer hair can keep their hair layered and straight, with side-swept bangs.

Style 5:

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Image: Getty

But straight isn’t your style then bouncy, curled hair with a side bang also looks great on oval faces.

The last two suggestions can be even with long hair so if you have long hair then feel free to try them out too. Just make sure that your hair doesn’t tapper down at the tip. A rat tail isn’t the most becoming of looks!

Remember :

  • The style that will most suit your oval face should only be decided after thorough consultation with your hair stylist.
  • The texture and length of your hair play a very important role in deciding the right hair style.
  • Your age and profession are also crucial determining factors in deciding the right hair style.
  • Take proper care of your hair. This will ensure sporting of all looks.

Hope this article helps you choose the right haircut for your oval face.


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