5 Simple And Essential Beginner’s Yoga Poses For Good Health

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Are you feeling great today?

If instead you are cranky, stressed out, and need more energy, just like our friendly Mouse here, you have a critical issue on your hands!

If you are wondering how to stay in control while relaxing and keeping your work-life balance intact, this article is just for you!

The secret to never-ending reserves of energy and to complete wellness of the body, mind, and soul, lies in the ancient practice of Yoga. Is yoga good for health? Definitely yes!

Wait, it gets better!

It only takes 10 minutes of your time every morning!

Here are 5 essential asanas in Yoga for healthy living that’ll keep you charged throughout the day (and help you sleep peacefully at night).

This Routine can be done by beginners and inexperienced Yoga individuals as well.

Top 5 Poses In Yoga For Good Health

A lifetime of health just in 10 minutes.

  1. Tadasana
  2. Adho Mukha Svanasana
  3. Setu Bandhasana
  4. Trikonasana
  5. Vrikshasana

1) Tadasana

Tadasana - Yoga Poses For Good Health
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Also called – Mountain Pose

Although it might be very simple, you should never underestimate the power of a good standing posture. The Tadasana or Mountain Pose is a very basic pose for all the other asanas.

Benefits of the Tadasana include improved posture and enhanced balance in the body.

When not to do: If you are suffering from a recent or chronic shoulder injury.

To learn how to do this pose, click here: Tadasana

2) Adho Mukha Svanasana

Adho Mukha Svanasana - Yoga Poses For Good Health
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Also called – Downward Facing Dog Pose

This asana stretches all tightened muscles and bolsters your strength.

Our upper body takes the brunt of all the stress we go through, and the Downward Facing Dog Pose is most crucial to relax this region. It rejuvenates your back, chest, and upper body and relieves any pain you might experience in the torso.

Benefits to the nervous system such as a boosted memory power and concentration and enhanced hearing and eyesight add to the list. A plus? We think so!

When not to do: If you are recovering from an injury to the back, hips, shoulders or arms or if you have high blood pressure.

To learn how to do this pose, click here: Adho Mukha Svanasana

3) Setu Bandhasana

Setu Bandhasana - Yoga Poses For Good Health
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Also called – Bridge Pose

Let’s not stop at the upper body, because it is the lower body and the lower spine that also helps support your entire frame.

The Bridge Pose or Setu Bandhasana is an excellent remedy for lower back pains and spinal stiffness. It elongates the spinal cord and makes you look taller and instills an air of self-confidence. The core body also gets an intense workout.

The core body and lower back muscles are given good exercise and endurance training to keep you upright and well-balanced. Extra perks include stimulated endocrine and nervous systems along with a surge of energy in the whole body.

When not to do: If your back, shoulders, or knees are injured.

To learn how to do this pose, click here: Setu Bandhasana

4) Trikonasana

Trikonasana - Yoga Poses For Good Health
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Also called – Triangle Pose

The Triangle Pose is suitable for a perfect morning routine as it gives importance to the entire body’s muscles and joints.

Apart from adding extra strength to the upper body and lower back, it also engages the hip region and reinforces the legs. This asana stretches and gives flexibility to the entire body.

When not to do: If you suffer from chronic or recent injury to the hips, back, and shoulders.

To learn how to do this pose, click here: Trikonasana

5) Vrikshasana

Vrikshasana - Yoga Poses For Good Health
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Also called – Tree Pose

A tree is full of life, and the Vrikshasana emulates this calm demeanour and hidden vitality of a tree.

Increasing the body’s balance is the main objective of the Tree Pose. It prevents us from toppling over and adds a certain grace and flow to all our movements.

Apart from these, it bolsters your mental fortitude and your mental focusing power, memory, and concentration gain huge bonuses. Ankles and knees, usually neglected in other exercises, are given great power in the Vrikshasana.

When not to do: If you are suffering from recent or chronic hip or knee injuries.

To learn how to do this pose, click here: Vrikshasana

Now that you know all about the yoga for good health, its time you start practicing it from today! Follow StyleCraze for more tips on how to do yoga asanas effectively and make them work for you.

Live healthy, live strong! Do share your experiences with us in the comments section below.

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