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5 Simple Steps To Perfect Cheekbone Contouring

5 Simple Steps To Perfect Cheekbone Contouring Hyderabd040-395603080 July 2, 2019

How many times has it been that while trying to contour and blush your cheeks, you ended up with red, slapped-looking cheeks? Did you think that only professionals can contour the right way? Time to think again! Contouring is all about using the right mix of shades in the right portions of your face to get a more highlighted effect that adds some shape and dimension to your face. And yes, anyone can do it!

How To Contour Cheekbones

Here, we give you five simple steps to be followed by everyone, from beginners in the cheekbone contouring island to the experts.

You Will Need:

  1. Foundation
  2. Brushes
  3. Bronzer/Contour Powder
  4. Blush
  5. Highlighter

Step 1

  • First, you need to know where to contour your cheeks.
  • The best way to find that out is to suck your cheeks in. This will help you know where the hollows of your cheeks are. Tilt the brush at a 45-degree angle and place it on your cheekbone (just like shown in the picture).
  • You can also suck your cheeks in and locate your cheek bone by feeling it with your index finger.

Step 2

  • Placing it right is the key to a perfect contour technique.
  • Another way to know where to contour is to place the brush vertically exactly where your eyebrows end. That’s where your contouring should ideally end.

Step 3


  • Take an angled contour brush and load it with a contour powder or a bronzer that is two to three shades darker than your skin tone.
  • Place it at the point just below your hairline, or the point where the tip of your index finger was touching.
  • Swipe down to less than half the length of your cheekbones.
  • Use less pressure on the brush as you swipe down because you don’t want the contoured shadows to cross your cheekbone area.

Step 4

  • Take a blush that suits your skin tone, or you can choose shades in pinks, browns, mauve, or bronze. Use a fluffy powder brush to apply it and blend as shown in the picture.
  • Pat the brush slightly and blend the blush and bronzer. This will ensure that the makeup doesn’t end up looking patchy and uneven.

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Step 5

  • Contouring and highlighting complement each other.
  • Choose a cream base highlighter according to your skin tone and apply it with a small fluffy brush.
  • Apply it just above your cheekbones, the area where you have contoured (half an inch from your hairline).
  • You can also use a shimmer blush in peach or brown tones for this, in case you do not have a highlighter.
  • People who do not have prominent and subsidized cheek bones can use a shimmer blush or powder highlighter, and apply it with a blush brush on the apples of the cheek in a sweeping motion.

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Final Look

  • This method, if followed rightly, should give you naturally contoured and elevated cheek bones and the perfect shadow effect.
  • If you are looking for strong contours, darken by swiping the angled brush with a bronzer or a deeper shade of foundation/concealer.
  • And if you feel the contour has gone too dark, you can reduce it by using translucent powder over the contoured area. This reduces the intensity of the shade.

Now that you know how to contour cheekbones, what are you waiting for? The cheekbone reduction is simply marvelous with this technique! Do try it out and let us know.

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