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12 Skin Care Tips For Teenagers

12 Skin Care Tips For Teenagers September 20, 2017

Are those annoying little pimples playing hide and seek with you? But you don’t play with your skin. As your skin is soft and unexploited, it’s time you started! Start spending some time for your skin to keep your face glowing and radiant. This is going to help you in the long run.

Skin problems start mainly during the teenage period due to lack of proper knowledge about –

  • Skin type
  • Skin care routine
  • Hormonal changes accompanied by clogged pores due to dust grime, pollution and sweat due to long hours of outdoor playing or outing with friends or going to school and college
  • Lack of right amount of facial cleansing and face care routine.

Teenagers should be guided by an adult regarding the benefits of skin care and how to do this right at this stage itself.

How To Get A Flawless And Radiant Skin

1. Knowledge About Skincare Products

Teenagers easily get lured by amazing glitzy, glamorous celebs showing off new launches of products on the television, but they should be cautious as to which products suit their skin type and skin condition. Elders should guide them regarding this. Choice of a wrong product only makes the situation or a skin problem worse. They may even end up with an adverse skin reaction.

2. Having Healthy And Balanced Diet

Teenagers have the habit of grabbing and munching away on stuff like chips and rolls and sodas and aerated drinks, pizzas, burgers, and French fries. This they think is healthy since it’s all junk food and whatever is tasty to them is healthy to them. But good skin care comes with a good healthy and balanced diet combined with the right time for eating, and in right amounts is essential. The diet should include lots of leafy vegetables, proteins, eggs, fish, milk and milk products, along with fresh fruit juices.

3. Know Your Skin Type

Before you start finding ways to take care of your skin, you need to know your skin type, i.e, whether it is oily, dry, normal or combination skin. Once you know your skin type, use products accordingly. Also, try avoiding to use many products at one go. They can cause mix reactions to your skin, especially in those tender years of growing, where there are chances of changes in the body. This is one of the most basic of face skin care tips for girls ever.

4. Proper Usage Of Cleanser


Always wash your face with a mild cleanser every morning and night. Avoid using harsh scrubs that will only harm your skin and worsen any acne problems that you might be having. If dry skin, make sure that the cleanser you use has a moderate amount of moisturizing properties, while the oily skinned people can look for oil free cleansers.

5. Sunscreen Application


The sun can be very damaging and can cause premature aging. Hence, always make it a point to step out of the house only after wearing sunscreen. Re-apply it if you are going to stay outdoors for long. Make sure that the sunscreen you use if of good brand and high quality. Check with your dermatologist for the right SPF required by your skin. It is important to apply sunscreen at least 15-20 minutes before going out in the sun. Sunscreens will help you protect the skin from the damaging UVA and UVB rays, which are known to cause wrinkles, fine lines, and blemishes. This is a must for teenage skin care tips.

6. The CTM Routine


The skin should be cleansed twice a day and since just cleansing is not enough these days, so the process of cleansing, toning and moisturizing (CTM) should be introduced to them as early as possible. If pores are clogged, pimple breakouts may happen. Otherwise, if that pimple breakout is due to hormonal change, then that is different though.

  • Start pampering your skin by gently cleansing your skin of all the dirt and the impurities that get collected in the pores of your skin. These impurities clog the pores of your skin causing acne breakouts. Thus, cleansing is important. Use a good quality face wash according to your skin type. Cleansing your skin in the morning and before going to bed will give best results.

  • Next, use a toner. Toning will free your skin of all the dirt and oil in your pores that the cleanser didn’t remove. Dab toner on your skin with a cotton ball to get an instant perked up skin. Rose water is the best natural toner which you may use.
  • Finally, follow up with a moisturizer. Most of you suffer from this myth that as teenage skin is oily, there is no need to use a moisturizer. But sadly, this is not true. A moisturizer should be used by all, whether you have a dry or oily skin.
  • Use a sunscreen (SPF 30 or more) regularly. As you are active most of the day, and spend your time out in the sun, it is advisable to use a good sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays from penetrating. This will also help prevent pre-aging.

  • Exfoliate your skin at least once or twice a week. One should be gentle to their skin at this stage, whenever you are washing your skin, do with gentle hands, don’t rub skin with the towel or a rough cloth vigorously. Scrubbing your face and body will remove all the dead cells leaving it soft and supple. Homemade scrubs such as baking soda or olive oil and sea salt works great for your face and skin.
  • A natural face pack is the best choice. Use cucumber juice, carrot with honey, egg white and other ingredients like olive oil, aloe vera, peach, etc. This gives your skin a kind of natural glow. Apply face packs regularly every alternate day (if possible) or twice a week.

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7. Treat Acne At The Earliest


If you experience an onslaught of acne on your skin, never pick at them to get rid of them. Breaking them only aggravates the problem and leads to scarring. Do not pick, squeeze or pinch blemishes. You risk developing acne scars. Don’t rub or touch blemishes with your fingers, as they carry bacteria, that further could harm your skin.

8. Check With Dermatologist Before Buying Cosmetics

While choosing cosmetics, always ensure that they are oil-free, or it could lead to blocking of pores which results in acne. The market offers a variety of products to cater to each of your personal skin care needs. So check with your dermatologist as to which products could suit your skin, especially since your skin is tender.

 9. Moisturize Your Skin Everyday


Moisturizing your skin every day is very important. A moisturizer helps to increase the water content of the skin’s top layer. It helps to hydrate the skin. Always check what level of moisturizer is needed for your skin

10. Clean Off Makeup Before Bedtime

Never go to bed without washing off your makeup. Leaving it on will not allow your skin to breathe. When the makeup is not removed, it can also clog your facial pores, leaving them dirty. This is likely to react with the skin to cause rashes, acne, dark spots and other makeup reactions.

11. Drink Lots Of Water

Also, make it a point to drink lots of water each day. Drinking the right levels of water will help you keep your body and skin hydrated. It will also clean your body inside out, keep you free of acne, blemishes, and other skin issues. It also will help your skin glow, shine and be more soft and supple.

12. Rest And Exercise


A person of this age should invest time in enough rest, free hand exercises, waking up early in the morning, and going to sleep early as well as the proverb speaks that early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy and wise. There is always the stress of studies, no doubt, and that shows on the face. Like your brain needs rest, so does your skin and eyes. Teenagers should also avoid long hours in front of the computer or TV since it can harm your vision. The more the skin is relaxed, the more the eyes are relaxed, the lesser premature aging and the lesser the dark circles at an early age.

Drink lots of water and nourish your body with plenty of exercise and good, healthy food. Follow a simple but thorough skin care routine and your skin will look great forever!


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