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50 Gorgeous Prom Hairstyles For Long Hair

50 Gorgeous Prom Hairstyles For Long Hair Hyderabd040-395603080 May 8, 2018

The prom party is knocking at the door. Are you still wondering how to style up your hair for that special event? Well, your prom hairstyle should match very well with your outfit and makeup. You need to look elegant yet modish on the prom night and your hairstyle will play a very important role in it.

50 Prom Hairstyles For Long Hair:

So, here are some fresh prom hairstyles that will turn you into the star of the event:

1. Simple Layered Waves with Twisted Sides:

Simple-Layered-Waves-with-Twisted-Sides Pinit

Image: Getty

This is a very simple hairstyle that can be tried for a prom party without any hassle. Tease the top hair and leave the natural layered waves loose. Twist up two sections of hair from the front and secure them at the sides. The ends of the layers should be curled a little.

2. Straight and Smooth layers with Centre Part:

Straight-and-Smooth-layers-with-Centre-Part Pinit

Image: Getty

Get admired for your long straight and jet black hair by opting for this plain prom-night hairstyle. Just gather your middle-parted silky-smooth locks over one of your shoulders and enjoy the party!

3. Soft Curls with Layered Side-Swept Bang:

Soft-Curls-with-Layered-Side-Swept-Bang Pinit

Image: Getty

These soft golden brown curls will go excellent with your beautiful prom dress. Add a deep side part, a layered side-swept bang and a few highlights to it and you will be all set to dazzle the floor.

4. Highlighted Blonde Waves with Spiral Ends:

Highlighted-Blonde-Waves-with-Spiral-Ends Pinit

Image: Getty

If you are a blonde with highlights, here is the perfect style for you to make your hair look the best on the prom night. Simply, add texture to your waves and turn the ends spiral by using a large barrel curling iron.

5. Curly High Ponytail with Volumized Top and Side Bang:

Curly-High-Ponytail-with-Volumized-Top-and-Side-Bang Pinit

Image: Getty

This ‘oh-so-pretty’ hairstyle is just right for a dreamy prom look. Here, the curly high ponytail is combined with a puffy rolled back top and a delicate curly side bang. Giving texture to the hair and using a nice accessory will add a zing to the look. This is one of the best prom hairstyles for long curly hair!

6. Spiral Curls with Puffy Crown and Random Fringes:

Spiral-Curls-with-Puffy-Crown-and-Random-Fringes Pinit

Image: Getty

Section off the crown area from the front part of your head and add considerable volume to that. The long loose hair should be curled up for a nice spiral shape and spiced up with random front fringes.

7. Straight Pointy Layers with Mini Bouffant:

Straight-Pointy-Layers-with-Mini-Bouffant-Recovered Pinit

Image: Getty

Get your straight hair layered with defined pointy ends. Create a mini bouffant at your crown by teasing it nicely and allow the hair to rest on both of your shoulders by dividing it with a short centre part. A perfect match for your off-shoulder prom dress!

8. Layered and Textured Waves with Centre-Part:

Layered-and-Textured-Waves-with-Centre-Part Pinit

Image: Getty

Texture plays a key role in prom updos for long hair. Middle-part your soft black hair with dark brown highlights and add hairspray generously to keep those flowy waves intact for the whole night.

9. Thick Glossy Waves with Random Curls:

Thick-Glossy-Waves-with-Random-Curls Pinit

Image: Getty

Give your thick hair extra volume and shine by applying mousse. Now, part it to one side and curl it up randomly. You will definitely love your unpredictable curls for that romantic prom party.

10. Straight Side-Parted Layers with Highlighted Ends:

Straight-Side-Parted-Layers-with-Highlighted-Ends Pinit

Image: Getty

If you have thick long and super straight layered hair, skip fussy hairdos and show it off fully by wearing this classy loose hairstyle. A side part and highlighted ends are all you need to perk up the look.

11. Relaxed Hair with Rolled Front Pinned at Back:

Relaxed-Hair-with-Rolled-Front-Pinned-at-Back Pinit

Image: Getty

Puff up your top-front hair by teasing it up rightly. Now, roll up the whole section and pin it at the back, while leaving rest of the hair loose. Using hairspray will give the puffy top a great hold and you will look lovely for your prom night.

12. Centre-Parted Waves with Outward Curly Ends:

Centre-Parted-Waves-with-Outward-Curly-Ends Pinit

Image: Getty

Part your long naturally wavy layers in the middle and let them flow down your shoulders gracefully. Then, add soft large curls to the ends of the layers in an outward direction and complete your wonderful prom look.

13. Textured Curls on Highly Volumized Layered Hair:

Textured-Curls-on-Highly-Volumized-Layered-Hair Pinit

Image: Getty

Start with applying mousse to your hair focusing on the crown and the back for a highly volumized look. Now, spritz hairspray to the layers and curl them up. We can’t help but love this sexy prom look. Can you?

14. Messy Waves with Graduated Bang and Puffy Crown:

Messy-Waves-with-Graduated-Bang-and-Puffy-Crown Pinit

Image: Getty

This rich auburn blonde hair itself can make you the centre of attraction at the prom party. Let us jazz it up with a volumized crown, messy waves and a deep layered side sweep. Super cool!

15. Off-Centred Side Hairdo with Messy Waves:

Off-Centred-Side-Hairdo-with-Messy-Waves Pinit

Image: Getty

Create an off-centre part and pin the front section at the centre of the back of the head. Now, wave up the remaining hair, gather it to one side and give it a messy finish. Isn’t it a nice styling idea for the prom party?

16. Straight Centre-Parted Layers with Inward Feathers:

Straight-Centre-Parted-Layers-with-Inward-Feathers Pinit

Image: Getty

A feather cut looks amazing on straight layered hair with highlights. Here, the layers are parted in the middle and feathered in an inward direction for a chick and edgy prom look.

17. Ultimate Waves with Front Part Rolled Back to One Side:

Ultimate-Waves-with-Front-Part-Rolled-Back-to-One-Side Pinit

Image: Getty

Let these rippling waves be your prom style statement this year. Take your glossy beige blonde hair in very thin sections and wave them up intensely. Roll the front part to any one side and add a twist to the look.

18. Sleek Straight Layers with Puffy Top:

Sleek-Straight-Layers-with-Puffy-Top Pinit

Image: Getty

Here comes one of the easiest prom hairstyles for long hair. Straighten your long jet black layered hair and give it a smooth as well as shiny texture by applying serum or mousse. Now, roll up a certain section from the top-front and secure it at the back with bobby pins. Simple and adorable!

19. Messy Romantic Half Updo with Front Fringes:

Messy-Romantic-Half-Updo-with-Front-Fringes Pinit

Image: Getty

This romantic prom hairstyle will make you look and feel ultra-feminine for sure. Add volume to your crown and pin the hair at the middle-back by keeping it a bit loose. Now, curl up rest of the hair and let them cascade your shoulders. Thin fringes and a messy touch will make the entire look flawless.

20. Thick Wide Layers with Slightly Curly Ends:

Thick-Wide-Layers-with-Slightly-Curly-Ends Pinit

Image: Getty

In this prom hairstyle, the thick highlighted locks are layered and side-parted precisely, while the ends of the layers are curled to some extent. Apply some mousse beforehand to get a fluffy textured look.

21. Voluptuous Highlighted Curls with Pinned Front:

Voluptuous-Highlighted-Curls-with-Pinned-Front Pinit

Image: Getty

This unique hairstyle can make you the reason of envy to all other girls at the prom party. It basically features intense lustrous curls with a side part and the front section pinned at the side, while the dark ash brown highlights on the golden blonde makes it exclusive.

22. Half Up Bouffant with Curly Lower Section:

Half-Up-Bouffant-with-Curly-Lower-Section Pinit

Image: Getty

This half hairdo combines a mini bouffant at the crown with soft beautiful curls at the bottom. Centre-part the front section and secure it at both sides. Let the curly lower section rest on one of your shoulders and perk up the style for the prom night with a flowery hair brooch.

23. High Twisted Updo with Puffy Crown and Angular Fringes:

High-Twisted-Updo-with-Puffy-Crown-and-Angular-Fringes Pinit

Image: Getty

This hairstyle gives a perfect sweet and sexy look for a prom party. Section off the angular front fringes from ear to ear and volumize rest of the hair moderately. Now, twist it up and turn it into a nice updo positioned at your crown. Voila!

24. Flowy Side-Braided Curls with Volumized Crown:

Flowy-Side-Braided-Curls-with-Volumized-Crown Pinit

Image: Getty

Add texture to your middle-parted golden blonde hair and puff up the crown slightly. Braid up one side and secure it at the back. Now, start curling up the hair softly from the nape of your neck and intensify the effect as you go down. Ready to sizzle the prom party!

25. Centre-Parted Messy Waves with Double Braids:

Centre-Parted-Messy-Waves-with-Double-Braids Pinit

Image: Getty

This is another simple yet sensational look for a glamorous prom party. Part your natural waves in the centre, braid up two front sections and secure them at the sides with bobby pins. A slight messy touch to the waves will complete the look.

26. Loose Side Braid with Straight Fringes and Curly Bangs:

Loose-Side-Braid-with-Straight-Fringes-and-Curly-Bangs Pinit

Image: Getty

Gather all your wavy locks to one side and braid them up slackly by keeping the base loose enough. Make the look even more subtle and exquisite for the prom night by adding rounded front fringes and a thick curly side bang.

27. Half Up Twisted Bun with Curly Ends and Rounded Fringes:

Half-Up-Twisted-Bun-with-Curly-Ends-and-Rounded-Fringes Pinit

Image: Getty

Here is a half-n-half hairstyle in which the puffy crown with high twisted bun is teamed with relaxed waves having curly ends. The long front fringes have made the style quite youthful, charming and refreshing.

28. Thick High and Messy Fishtail Braid with Semi-Circular Top:

Thick-High-and-Messy-Fishtail-Braid-with-Semi-Circular-Top Pinit

Image: Getty

Believe us; this awe-inspiring fishtail braid will leave everyone speechless at the prom party. Add texture to your hair and turn it into a high ponytail first. Give the base of the pony a semi-circular effect and secure it with bobby pins. Then, turn rest of the pony into a thick, wide fishtail braid. Amazing!

29. Shiny and Highly Textured Waves with Highlights:

Shiny-and-Highly-Textured-Waves-with-Highlights Pinit

Image: Getty

Add extra shine and texture to your long natural waves by applying mousse. Now, create a side part and gather them over one of your shoulders. Give them a well-defined shape and texture by spritzing lots of hairspray. An absolutely classy look for the prom night!

30. Regular Side Braid with Puffy Textured Top:

Regular-Side-Braid-with-Puffy-Textured-Top Pinit

Image: Getty

Puff up the top and give it texture. Then, roll it back to the crown and secure with bobby pins. After that, start braiding up rest of your hair and place it over one shoulder. Finish the styling by giving the ends of the braid a wavy and wispy effect.

31. Sleek Straight Low Ponytail with Hair Wrap:

Sleek-Straight-Low-Ponytail-with-Hair-Wrap Pinit

Image: Getty

If you want to keep your prom hairstyle smart and simple, go for this thick highlighted ponytail. To start with, apply mousse to your hair for extra shine and volume. Now, secure it into a tight pony at the nape of your neck and wrap it with a thin section of hair.

32. Subtle Curls with Straight Fringes and Braided Headband:

Subtle-Curls-with-Straight-Fringes-and-Braided-Headband Pinit

Image: Getty

Wear this lovable hairstyle and look differently beautiful on the prom night. Leave your shiny locks loose and curl up their ends softly. Then, complement those long straight front fringes with a nicely made braided headband.

33. Twisted and Textured Top with Relaxed Waves:

Twisted-and-Textured-Top-with-Relaxed-Waves Pinit

Image: Getty

Needless to say, it is one of the classiest as well as sexiest prom hairstyles that you can ever give a try. Texturize your front hair and twist it up intensely in order to form attractive shape. Pull both sides back and secure with pins. And then, let rest of the hair flow down your toned back.

34. Wavy Layers with One Side Tucked Behind Ear:

Wavy-Layers-with-One-Side-Tucked-Behind-Ear Pinit

Image: Getty

Smoothen up your long wavy layers and part it to one side. Curl up the ends of the larger section gently, while the smaller section should be tucked behind the ear neatly. Add a nice hair brooch to enhance your prom look.

35. Shiny Textured Side Ponytail with Hair Wrap:

Shiny-Textured-Side-Ponytail-with-Hair-Wrap Pinit

Image: Getty

Apply a decent amount of serum to your hair in order to make it tidy and glossy. Get the flat top hair side-parted and turn it into a low ponytail at one side of your head. Spice up the look by wrapping the base of the pony with hair and curling its ends up.

36. High Voluminous Half Up Ponytail with Waves:

High-Voluminous-Half-Up-Ponytail-with-Waves Pinit

Image: Getty

Look extremely sensational on the prom night with this awesome half up hairdo. Pull all your front hair back at the crown and make a hair-wrapped ponytail, while allowing the remaining hair rest on your back. Create subtle waves on your hair and add hairspray to give it a voluminous look.

37. Casual Wavy Locks with Sides Pinned at Back:

Casual-Wavy-Locks-with-Sides-Pinned-at-Back Pinit

Image: Getty

If you prefer a ‘girl-next-door’ look for the prom party, here is the best possible idea for you. Part the hair to one side and pin both sides together at the back. Let the rest part of your natural waves flow down your body casually.

38. Half Up Half Down Hair with Twisted Flowery Bun:

Half-Up-Half-Down-Hair-with-Twisted-Flowery-Bun Pinit

Image: Getty

Here, the front hair is twisted and combined with the neatly pulled side hair to form a flat flowery bun right at the crown area. Keep the hair present in the lower section loose and straight to set off your prom look perfectly.

39. Layered Low Pony with Mini Bouffant and Sexy Bangs:

Layered-Low-Pony-with-Mini-Bouffant-and-Sexy-Bangs Pinit

Image: Getty

Puff up your crown to come up with a mini bouffant and turn rest of the straight smooth layered hair into a ponytail by securing it at the nape of the neck with an elastic band. Let those sexy side band frame your face and the pony embrace your shoulder elegantly.

40. Side-Braided Locks with Textured Curls:

Side-Braided-Locks-with-Textured-Curls Pinit

Image: Getty

A simple side braid can perk up the beauty and elegance of your loose soft curls to a great extent. Start with creating a side part and texturize your curls precisely. Now, braid up the hair at the other side and secure it into the loose hair.

41. Gorgeous Braid with High Braided Bun:

Gorgeous-Braid-with-High-Braided-Bun Pinit

Image: Getty

Apply serum to your long straight hair and smoothen it up. Create a high ponytail at your crown and turn it into a tight regular braid. Now, fold it around its base multiple times to create a gorgeous high braided bun. A stunning hair for an impressive prom look!

42. Fringed High Side Ponytail with Waves and Hair Wrap:

Fringed-High-Side-Ponytail-with-Waves-and-Hair-Wrap Pinit

Image: Getty

Do try this innovative hairstyle for the prom party this year and get appreciated. Just make a side ponytail at one side of your crown and create gentle waves on it. Brighten up the look by adding thick fringes and wrapping the pony with a thin segment of hair.

43. High Polished Bun Wrapped with Braid:

High-Polished-Bun-Wrapped-with-Braid Pinit

Image: Getty

When it comes to wearing a classic hairstyle for the prom party, consider this wonderful high braided bun. Smoothen up your hair and pull it back at the crown to form a huge bun. Then, surround it by a thick braid and spritz hairspray.

44. High Curly Ponytail with Unique Pouf:

High-Curly-Ponytail-with-Unique-Pouf Pinit

Image: Getty

Whether you are a natural blonde or have such copper-red hair, this style will always suit your prom dress up. Tease up the front hair extensively and pin it at the crown. Then, pull all hair at the back and make a high ponytail with thick random curls.

45. Half Highlighted Hairdo with Braided Ponytail:

Half-Highlighted-Hairdo-with-Braided-Ponytail Pinit

Image: Getty

Styling up your long highlighted wavy hair in this way will help you achieve a chic prom look. At first, part it to both sides and let the side hair flow down your body. Now, braid up the middle hair up to the crown and turn it into a high pony.

46. High Ponytail with Delicate Curls and Twisted Front:

High-Ponytail-with-Delicate-Curls-and-Twisted-Front Pinit

Image: Getty

Separate a certain part of your front hair and make a high ponytail right at the crown with rest of it. Curl up the pony softly and let it cascade your shoulders. At the same time, twist up the separated front and secure it into the hair at the side.

47. Messy Side Hairdo with Curls and Headband:

Messy-Side-Hairdo-with-Curls-and-Headband Pinit

Image: Getty

Pair your off-the-shoulder prom dress with this divine hairstyle and stand out from others. Rolled back top, side curls, messy finish and an eye-catching headband – what else do you need to look marvellous?

48. Huge Twisted Bun with Shine and Texture:

Huge-Twisted-Bun-with-Shine-and-Texture Pinit

Image: Getty

This gigantic high bun is enough to make you the centre of attraction at any party. Smoothen up your hair, twist it up into a thick braid and create a huge bun right at your crown. Classy and stylish! Don’t you feel this as one of the stylish prom hairdos for long hair to do with?

49. Messy Fringed High Bun with Twisted Wraparound:

Messy-Fringed-High-Bun-with-Twisted-Wraparound Pinit

Image: Getty

Imagine yourself in an attractive prom gown flaunting this distinct hairstyle. Incredible! Section off the long front fringes from ear to ear and put rest of the hair into a huge high bun. Wrap it with a twisted section of hair and give a slightly tangled finish.

50. Wavy Half Updo with Twisted Flowery Bun:

Wavy-Half-Updo-with-Twisted-Flowery-Bun Pinit

Image: Getty

Divide your long wavy hair into upper and lower sections. Create a loose twisted flowery bun at the centre of the back with the upper hair. The lower section should be allowed to flow down the back. You are ready to attend the prom party!

Hope you liked all these super easy prom hairstyles for long hair updos! Which one of these prom hairstyles impressed you the most? Do not forget to share your views with us in the following comment section.

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